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Anxiety Out Of The Blue

Tweet I had a little anxiety out of the blue at the grocery store the other day. It was not pleasant, but thankfully I chose to stay and not leave my cart full of groceries. From the minute I stepped … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Anxiety – Coping with the panic storm

Tweet I had a very intense panic attack on the day of Hurricane Sandy, and want to share the experience with you- and the outcome. My heart goes out to all who suffered losses in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. … Continue reading

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The Gift of Extreme Tiredness

Tweet I am extremely tired today- dragging in fact- but I wanted to briefly mention how anxiety sometimes takes a back seat when you are extremely tired. Last night while at work I called home to check on things and … Continue reading

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Breaking My Negative Communication Pattern With My Husband- Weekend Log

Tweet After my horrendous spat on Thursday with Bob, I decided to take action and help myself this weekend so as not to start a rumble with him yet again. I am determined to break our negative weekend communication pattern … Continue reading

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Anxiety Triggers- I’m in One :(

Tweet I pulled my back out at the gym almost a week ago and it’s really thrown me into a tizzy. I’ve had to rest and lay around the house and even had to call in sick to work earlier … Continue reading

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A Challenge: Let’s Try Not Adding Second Fear Today

Tweet In an earlier post, we talked about how anxious people torture themselves by experiencing first fear, which is the normal startle reaction that everyone gets, and then how we add a ton of second fear to it. We don’t … Continue reading

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What Triggers a Panic Attack?

Tweet What are anxiety attack triggers? Did you know what your triggers for anxiety are? Anxious people are highly sensitive.  Things that other, less sensitive people wouldn’t even notice can really set us off. Not that it’s bad to be … Continue reading

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