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How to Notice When Your Thinking is Distorted

Tweet Today we are going to talk about negative thinking, how it leads to anxiety, and a super simple tip to stop it in its tracks. One of the hallmarks of being an anxious person is that we are highly tuned … Continue reading

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Stop Negative Thinking – When your mind is the enemy

Tweet My mind has been such an enemy to me lately. All week it seems I have been struggling with negative and anxious thoughts, particularly first thing in the morning, which is when I feel most vulnerable. The mind is very … Continue reading

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How to End Constant Worrying

Tweet Do you ever suffer with constant worrying? When you go over something in your head that is bothering you and just can’t make it stop? Today we’ll talk about how to stop worrying. How to get out of that … Continue reading

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Making Good Choices With Your Mind

Tweet Our minds are wonderful tools. Remembering to use our minds wisely- especially when we don’t feel great- can be a challenge. Using our minds wisely means to make good choices with where we choose to focus our thoughts and … Continue reading

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My Baby is Leaving the Nest

Tweet My eldest child is leaving for college in 3 days.. Need to do something about how I’m feeling inside. I decided just this minute to do an exercise of Inquiry from Byron Katie, Loving What Is: I’m afraid that … Continue reading

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Update on Using The 60 Second Panic Solution Program

Tweet The past 10 days or so have been a wondrous journey of healing for me. I have been using my new program, the 60 Second Panic Solution, non stop on my commute into work. After my near miss with … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

Tweet I have a 20-25 minute commute to work each day. I use that time to listen to CDs that help me with stress and anxiety. This practice has truly has helped me be more comfortable at work. Several years … Continue reading

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Anxiety Setback: A Reader Asks for Help

Tweet Today we are going to revisit the topic of anxiety setbacks. We all have them, and boy can they set us off big time. To put it mildly, they suck! Today’s post is inspired by a reader comment on … Continue reading

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