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What Over The Counter Sleeping Pills Do You Take?

Tweet I want to talk about sleeping pills¬†today because sleep deprivation is what I’ve been dealing with lately. First things first though- my Dad’s appointment went well. There is no cancer in his bladder and we are all very happy … Continue reading

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Shitty Night

Tweet Pardon my French but I had a major shitty night last night. I couldn’t fall asleep till after midnight and woke up at the lovely hour of 3am. Guess what, I forgot everything. I forgot every anxiety self help … Continue reading

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Night Terrors, When Panic Attacks at Night: What To Do

Tweet A¬†friend who is going through a hard time asked me how to best deal with panic attacks following traumatic events, and when having night terrors. The following is a discussion, Q and A, and advice for dealing with night … Continue reading

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Lack of Sleep- Why It’s Sometimes A Good Thing

Tweet I often have sleep anxiety on nights before I have to work, tossing and turning complete with all the racing thoughts. Sleep anxiety used to really plague me at my last hospital job a few years back. I remember … Continue reading

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How to Drink Tea to Help You Sleep

Tweet Those of us with anxiety disorders know a thing or two about sleep deprivation. The anxiety itself can keep us awake, with thoughts racing out of control. Or, we may fear the dreaded night panic attack. I recently went … Continue reading

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