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Anxiety Help Between Friends – a balm that heals

Tweet Being able to relate to others who “get it” is one of the things that helps me deal so much. I don’t have anyone in my day to day life that understands or experiences what I go through, which … Continue reading

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My Baby is Leaving the Nest

Tweet My eldest child is leaving for college in 3 days.. Need to do something about how I’m feeling inside. I decided just this minute to do an exercise of Inquiry from Byron Katie, Loving What Is: I’m afraid that … Continue reading

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Almost Lost My Marbles This Weekend

Tweet I literally felt like I might lose my mind this past weekend. Oh the battles that wage inside this poor head of mine… I went to a beach in New Jersey this past weekend with my husband for a … Continue reading

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Psst…You Are Beautiful

Tweet I was so moved by this Dove commercial. Take 2 minutes and watch: Look in the mirror and learn to be kind to that person staring back at you. That person deserves to be treated well.

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Letting Go Of The Past & The Power of Choice

Tweet Every person that walks this earth has pain in their past of some sort. Letting go of the past and all that pain can be incredibly liberating, freeing, and life- affirming. Today we will talk about how to let … Continue reading

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How to Be Happy by Choosing Peace in Little Moments

Tweet Re-learning how to be happy is such an exciting journey for me. If you’ve been following along, I hope you are finding this for yourself too! Yesterday I had yet another lesson in happiness, namely: Do I want Peace … Continue reading

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How To Be Happy (Video)

Tweet I found this amazing how to be happy video recently and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Sit back, relax for 3 minutes, and give yourself a little break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Stopping Negative Thinking About Yourself

Tweet Today we will discuss stopping negative thinking about yourself. One of the most self defeating behaviors that goes along with anxiety is that often we turn inwards on ourselves and beat ourselves up mentally. Never Make the Person in … Continue reading

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