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Teenage Panic Attacks, Help and Hope

Tweet Teenage panic attacks are terrifying and bewildering for the teen, often leaving them feeling embarrassed and at the mercy of their anxiety. Here is a conversation I had via email with a young reader where she shares about her … Continue reading

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Anxiety in Teens, I’m Worried About My Daughter

Tweet My daughter will be starting high school come September. And while I am so proud of her for her excellent grades and a million other reasons, I am also worried too. My bout with social anxiety started in my … Continue reading

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Guest Post About Panic Attacks, Teenager Viewpoint

Tweet Today’s guest post is from Tyler, age 18. This is his brilliant take on Panic Attacks. Teenager viewpoints are amazingly insightful. Too, what a wonderful attitude Tyler has about his agoraphobia and panic attacks. He has me completely inspired. … Continue reading

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Teenage Panic Attacks- What I think looking back

Tweet I suffered so much with teenage panic attacks. ‘Look back but don’t stare’ is a wonderful saying I learned in Al-Anon. It means that while it’s good to examine the past, it’s important not to get stuck there. For … Continue reading

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A Panic Attack, Part 1: Teenage Panic Attacks

Tweet I have described the initial trauma in my life that caused me to have anxiety attacks starting at age seven. Without any professional help or support from my family, my panic attacks plagued me almost daily in my teenage … Continue reading

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