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I Got Off the Worry Train & Had a Good Weekend

Tweet This past weekend we all went upstate for an overnight trip to visit my parents and for Easter Sunday dinner. My sister and her partner also live near my parents so we got to see them too. And it … Continue reading

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How to Gently Find Inner Peace

Tweet Have you ever just observed a little baby or small child? How – when their needs are met-  how peacefully and effortlessly they are just being in the world? You and I were once like that too. Before we formed … Continue reading

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Watching Thoughts as a Daily Practice

Tweet I’ve been enjoying the tremendous benefits of mindfulness since I first started meditating in summer 2014. We talk about it here and there on the blog and I wanted to bring it up again today, because I really think … Continue reading

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Eckhart Tolle on How to Stop Suffering from Anxiety

Tweet I listened to a bunch of Eckhart Tolle videos on YouTube yesterday. Specifically in regard to how to stop suffering from anxiety. Here is one about a man who was in a constant state of fear and anxiety. The … Continue reading

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My Spiritual Awakening- And the Simple Way to Heal From Emotional Pain

Tweet Do you struggle from a painful past and wish to heal from it? Today I’ll share how I’m healing from my past, how I found inner peace, and also show you the simplest way to heal from emotional pain … Continue reading

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