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Afraid of People? Learning to Like Them Again is Easy

Tweet It’s not easy to say out loud, but for the good part of the last 3 decades I have been afraid of people. In my recovery, I am making a concerted effort to learn to love to be around … Continue reading

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After a Panic Attack- What to do

Tweet After the horrific panic attack explosion at work the other night, I find that my thoughts are starting to get a little crazy. These thoughts have the potential to ruin this day. I can’t just hope everything will be … Continue reading

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How to Be Happy by Choosing Peace in Little Moments

Tweet Re-learning how to be happy is such an exciting journey for me. If you’ve been following along, I hope you are finding this for yourself too! Yesterday I had yet another lesson in happiness, namely: Do I want Peace … Continue reading

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Smile Your Way to Happiness (try it, it works!)

Tweet Starting your day with a smile sets you to receive happiness and peace. I have a half hour commute to work each way. Since it’s still winter, it’s dark of course. A great little way to jump start my … Continue reading

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Using the Power of The Mind for Anxiety

Tweet It really is amazing the things you can do if you have no choice. As a woman with a diagnosed panic disorder for over 20 years (and finally starting to take my life back, thank you!) I am only … Continue reading

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My Wish For You

Tweet I saw this beautiful image this morning and misted up. This really says it all. Source We’re all in this together people. Hugs to all. I wish you peace, Jill G.

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Anxiety Self Help Tip- This Too Shall Pass

Tweet I used to go to Al-Anon and they have so many wonderful slogans that can be applied to all aspects of daily living- including living with and recovering from anxiety and panic attacks. Today’s anxiety self help tip is … Continue reading

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Sleep Anxiety – A Surprisingly Simple Tip

Tweet Looking for something all natural to help with sleep anxiety? I was reading about sleep anxiety yesterday and came across a helpful article that was very comforting to me and that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

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