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Jill, how to stop panic attacks, anxiety self helpWelcome to my anxiety self help blog! My name is Jill Green. I am “50 something” years old and have had anxiety and panic attacks since I was 7. I wasn’t officially diagnosed with panic disorder until 1989, when I was 24 years old. For years before my diagnosis, I tried desperately to find out what was “wrong” with me.  After the diagnosis, I was over medicated, under medicated, overwhelmed, and confused for many years. I did everything in my power to stop panic attacks, but they only got worse over time.

I have also struggled with social anxiety disorder since my early teens. I remember panicking in class in high school and college. As an adult, I would get anxious and panic at the sight of someone I knew in the grocery store, for fear of having to talk with them, or being hugely disturbed for a week at the prospect of attending a casual neighborhood gathering. Because I was unable to stop the panic attacks and control my anxiety, things like sitting in church or a movie or going to my daughter’s soccer game were unbearable.

I suffered greatly and for far too long from anxiety disorders and sometimes felt it would be better if I just ended it all. Life was just too hard.

Does any of this sound like you? Then you’re in the right place and this is an anxiety self help newsletter you’ll want to read. You don’t have to suffer for years like I did. Today I am able to control my anxiety, and even stop panic attacks. Today there are excellent resources and for people who suffer (and I do mean suffer) from panic and anxiety attacks, GAD, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. I share these anxiety self help resources with you freely, because they worked for me, and I know they can work for you too.

Today… my life is a joy. I consider myself a “recovering anxious person.” Despite my long history with anxiety, years of setbacks, my own personal hell with drugs and alcohol, and lots of bs from doctors and therapists, today I am living a wonderful life of quality. I no longer live in fear of the next panic attack. Today I have a handle on my anxiety. I have peace and happiness in my life and you can too!

I know how hard you are suffering with your anxiety disorder, and how hard it is to find relief. I know because I have been in your shoes.

Let me guess, you feel no one understands your pain or your suffering, not your family, not your friends, and certainly not your doctors. You have tried everything in your power to stop panic attacks but A) they just didn’t stop, or B) your anxiety actually got worse.

That is why I created this site. No hype. No bull. No confusing medical jargon. Just facts, methods & resources I have tested personally, anxiety relief strategies I use myself, and tips that I know for fact will help you stop panic attacks and get relief from your pain. Here we focus on permanent solutions and recovery from panic attacks and anxiety.

If you can relate to any of my story, then you are definitely in the right place. You are not alone in your suffering, and you can get better. I’d like to help you…

Sign up for my newsletter below and start your own recovery from anxiety and panic today.  Join me on my journey out of suffering and come out of YOUR suffering too!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

What Readers Have to Say:

“Dear Jill, what a relief to find your panicfreeme! I am already very grateful for all the information that is out there and that describes so well how and what a feel. Again, that you so much for caring about people like me.” – a reader

“thanks for all the help you are willing to give to people that you dont even know but you care and know what they are going through. thanks again.” – a reader

“Jill is GREAT!! She is a real lifesaver! Spend time on her web site and read and study all of her great articles. And try out and use what you learn and find what works for you! You can do this!! Hang in there! There is light at the end of the tunnel!” – Sylvia

“Jill thank you so much you many emails and advice. I know in Heaven there is special place for care givers like yourself who want to reach out and help other people who suffer from anxiety and fear issues.” -Cary

“Thank You so much for sharing your experience, it gives me alot of hope. Also, I am extremely proud of you for what you did and are doing.” Mary

“I super appreciate and love your website. Somehow I feel that at this point of time, I’m not alone! That I’m not the only person felt that “panic mode” and depression. I’m still looking forward for more more more more posts from you. Thanks and God Bless!” – a reader

“Jill, I so appreciate you posts and caring/sharing. I have said and will say again, I love what you write and share.” – Kay

“You are sure to learn self help for anxiety, how to stop panic attacks, and the best treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. She shares her personal experience, an honest opinion, and is a breath of fresh air for those who suffer from anxiety disorders…”

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24 Responses to Stop Panic Attacks

  1. Noelle says:

    I have socal anxiety and it has gotten worse through out the years. Why is this?

    • JillG says:

      Hi Noelle,

      Well social anxiety does tend to build on itself. I started out as a really outgoing kid, then I had trauma in school. Once I was in 8th and 9th grade, my social anxiety got worse. Sometimes we start having anxiety in social situations, it scares the crap out of us, and next thing we know, we’re avoiding situations that put us “at risk” for feeling embarrassed or having a panic attack. So it is a vicious cycle, and it feeds on itself. The good news is you can get better 🙂 I notice you just signed up for my list. Good for you! My report will help you 🙂 But you have to decide that you want to take action- slow, consistent action. Here are some tips that can help you too:

      Take care and ((hugs)),

  2. darlene jackson says:

    Please help I’m going crazy! Some days I’m feeling great and the next moment I need help going to bus stop from a coworker. My heart pounding chest tight dizzy so scared I can’t move I want my life back

  3. darlene says:

    I would like to sign up for your newsletter.thanks much and God bless

  4. Katelyn says:

    My panic attacks have gotten worse and worse, and I am only 15 years old. I just started having class anxiety my sophmore year, and I’m so scared. My dad had serious panic attacks through his college years, and he’s done his best to help me. But they just keep getting worse and worse! I feel like I’m stressing everyone in my family out and I feel 100% helpless. I’ve had a therapist but obviously that’s not working. I feel trapped in my own mind. What advice do you have for me?

    • JillG says:

      Hi Katelyn,

      Anxiety can make us feel hopeless, but I want you to know there is a lot you can do. Get a good book about anxiety for reference, continue with counseling- ask for specific strategies to help you face the situations that bother you most.

      Practice anxiety self help strategies: do yoga, meditation, self hypnosis, or something to ground you before you leave the house and at night. Learn to do diaphragmatic breathing, pray, journal about your progress & setbacks, and keep at it.

      The more you do for yourself the better you will feel. It’s hard but you can do it. Here are more free anxiety tips & help. Good luck!

  5. Tonya says:

    How do I send you a question?

    • JillG says:

      You just did :). What is your question?

      • Tonya says:

        Hi Jill, I have been suffering with anxiety and panic for about 4 years now. I am 10 months benzo free. Have tried multiple SSRI’s no relief. I have been really struggling with anxiety lately, palpatations, and can’t breathe. I am thinking about starting back my lorazepam. My doc wants me to try prozac but I am scared too. I went through hell and back with withdrawal and feel so alone and isolated, no one understands, and I hide it from everyone. My 9 yr old daughter is showing symptoms and I am just devastated. Did you take your daughter anywhere when she started with school phobias? My daughter is 9 and complains often of stomachaches and tells my she doesn’t feel real, lot’s of nightmares. She had her 1st panic attack after getting stuck on a roller coaster ride. I can’t bear the thought of her suffering with this horrible condition at 9yrs old. It’s bad enough I have to go through it. I read your blog and we have similar lifestyles, I too am a RN. How the hell can we be strong enough to take care of other people but can’t handle anxiety! I too have for cancer at times over this. I have tried a psychologist, psychiatrist, Linden Method, Road back and still can’t beat this. I’m getting really angry and frustrated with it. Any advice? Thanks for your website!

        • JillG says:

          Hi Tonya,

          I’m sorry you are struggling and I hear you about the anger. If you haven’t already, please sign up for my newsletter, you will get my free report with 7 tips to prevent panic attacks. I suggest you read it and follow along, it really will help you hon. Channel some of that angry energy into determination to do whatever it takes to start feeling better. Seriously, that’s what I do.

          Yeah the nurse thing, I’ve often pondered that too. But as you and I both know, anxiety is anything but rational so of course it makes no sense. Put me in a code and I’m all systems go, put me in a crowded church where people are praying and I’m panicking.

          I really hope you will get help for your daughter and don’t delay. Having been through this with my daughter and also having worked as a public school teacher, anxiety is not uncommon at this age. She may be a little more prone to it because of her genes and what not, but stop beating yourself up. No good can come from that.

          You need to reach out to her school and pediatrician for help. You can also use the Anxiety Free Child program, it is wonderful. Anxiety in children responds very well to treatment. You just have to be there for her, she will get through it.

          • Tonya says:

            Thank you Jill for the reply! You are the first person to ever really understand all of this, guess because you have lived it unfortunately! I am truly so so sorry for the hell you have gone through, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! I really wish you lived by so we could meet! I would love to talk more and share methods with each other that have worked! Today I prayed and told God I “surrender”! I am done fighting and trying to find answers when there are none. As a nurse this is very hard for me to too, I am wired to find answers and search until I find them. But at this point, I am just physically and emotional exhausted! I don’t understand it and I don’t think I ever will. I have no choice but to accept it and move on. My daughter seems to be improving, she is so resilient as you know kids are! She is one tough kid! Keeping her active and busy helps and the bedtime distractions are a god send! I know I need let go of the anger, in time, maybe it will get easier, but right now I am just mad. I’m mad that other people have it together and I ask “WHY ME!!” all the time. Why couldn’t I have something else, something I could at least understand? The church thing for me was hard too with the panic attacks and I was really angry with God for a long time for not healing me and I couldn’t understand how I could function at work and not melt down or panic but put me in a restaurant with my own family and I feel the room spinning! It’s so hard to trust anyone and find someone that truly listens and understands. Thanks for all your help and hopefully we both heal soon! Take care!

            • JillG says:

              You sound like you’re in a better space. I’m glad your daughter is improving, you’re right- kids are very resilient. Stay engaged with her and keep her busy and distracted, reassure her she’s safe when you need to. Love her up and keep living. You will get through this hard time.

              And Tonya you can beat this too. Please read this post, I think you will relate to it big time:


              • Tonya says:

                Thanks Jill for all the encouragement and support! I loved the article, really related to it. Have you read anything from the website Hope for the Broken Hearted? It really inspires me on days I feel down, there is also a new book out called “The Anxious Christian” I was going to look into. Hope you have a great week and thanks again for all the tips! Do you have a personal email account we can keep in touch with? Tonya

                • JillG says:

                  Hi Tonya, You’re welcome, glad you liked the article. Thank you for the book and website recommendation. I’m not a good email person, but you can always connect with me on my facebook page– this is a caring community to share anxiety tips, struggles, as well as successes. Please join us!

  6. Tonya says:

    I had another question for you. Did the prozac help you at all and do you regret ever taking it? I am considering but can’t get the nerve to take it. I have tried SSRI’s in the past and felt panic attacks the first couple of days starting them then I quit. Let me know.



  7. Tonya says:

    Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes. Do you sometimes feel anxiety has stolen all your joy in your life? I feel like I have almost forgotten how to have fun and relax because I am focusing on “these feelings” so much, I’m so worried about having a panic attack at a function, I can’t even enjoy it. What has helped you to “relearn” how to enjoy life again and have fun. I have pushed so many people away and feel I don’t have many true friends anymore to do anything with. Even my husband said I’m not fun anymore, and so uptight all the time. Thanks!

    • JillG says:

      Tonya that is such an excellent quesiton, and I think so many people can relate. Since my answer was too long, put it in a blog post – please see here: Let me know what you think in the comments. 🙂

      • Tonya says:

        Loved the article! When I try new activities I still have anxiety even with cooking, painting, anything really, so it is hard to enjoy when I feel so bad but I still try, guess that is the important part! Still haven’t got up the nerve to try the prozac. Here is a prayer I found today, maybe it will help some of your readers in their time of need, it helped me today: The Lord is my peace. I shall not live in anxiety. He puts me under his wing of comfort and calms my spirit within me. He takes all my anxieties on Himself and helps me to focus on Him. Yes, though I walk through a time of grave uncertainties and fierce anxieties, I will not fret-for You are my peace. Your Word and Your presence calm me now. You hold my uncertainties in the palm of Your hand. You soothe my anxious mind-You smooth my wrinkled brow. Surely serenity and trust in You shall fill me all the days of my life. And I shall keep my mind stayed on You forever.–Judy Booth

        • JillG says:

          Hi Tonya,

          Keep on trying and doing your activities hon, it does get better. And thank you for sharing the prayer, it’s lovely.

  8. Tonya says:

    Hey Jill,

    Really struggling lately with “air hunger”, hate it, feels like I am suffocating and then I panic. Any tips?

  9. christie says:

    I am suffering from severe anxiety and I am on benzo’s have been on them for 11 years now went from xanax to klonopin which I am in need of more now to help but want to go the other direction and wean myself off…my dr. has given me so many anti-depressants and each time I take them I get more anxious and quit taking them..I have recently started having what I say are dizzy/unsteadiness while I am laying down…so scary!!!! I am being told that these may be some more form of anxiety? Does anyone else have these? My daughter and husband do not understand at all!!!!!!

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