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14 Responses to Products That Work

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  2. Jo says:

    Hi, I have hashimoto thyroid and for the first time it has started to swing both low to high leaving me in constant anxiety along with other icky symptoms. I am working on that, but I see you mentioned somewhere that you also have this condition…is it possible some of your anxiety has come from the hashimoto also? do you have any tips on controlling that which in turn would help the anxiety? thanks! 🙂 Jo

    • JillG says:

      Hi Jo, I’ve always felt there was a correlation between thyroid dysfunction and anxiety, but every doctor I’ve ever asked says no. Yes I have hashimotos too. I am assuming you’re on synthroid or generic synthroid? You have to replace the hormone thyroxine that your body doesn’t make, and you need to get blood tests periodically to make sure the dose you’re taking is correct amount. Your doctor should be doing all this for you. That’s the only thing I know of to do to for the hashimotos. As far as the constant anxiety, once your hormone levels are regular, see if it gets better. If you continue to be anxious, take action. Find an anxiety treatment program, any of the ones listed above are effective, and work it like the quality of your life depends on it.
      Best of luck to you and hope you feel better soon,
      Jill 🙂

  3. nina says:

    Hi, I am new here, but I too have Hashimotos…I was diagnosed around age 39…I am 59 now. I have a family history of anxiety, my mother, my sister, HER son and my son…my symptoms manifested around age 40…fear, panic and hypochondria. My doc said “depression” and I was on Paxil for 10 years…what a mistake! (am on synthroid too)
    Long road, but it is under control with Lexapro 20 mg. Would LOVE to be off it…like the Paxil, but I am afraid to stop taking it, and my husband doubly afraid, so I pay the 4 dollars a pill….thanks for being there! Nina

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  5. Mhacey says:

    Hi! Im very happy that I found a super helpful website like this. I have a panic attack and most of your description is like describing me as a whole. Im looking forward hearing more from you. You give me peace of mind. Thanks! oh btw, this is the first time that I have this type of issues. My family doesnt have any history of being anxious or deppressed, i dont understand why do I have to have this.. Its sad but im hoping i can overcome it!

  6. Diane says:

    I have struggled with anxiety/panic for many years. However, it used to be that I could go for months and months between bouts of anything severe or tormenting or life altering. Such is not the case lately… I feel I’m in an almost daily and constant mode of panic (or at least high anxiety). I get so angry and feel so inadequate… ugh… I HATE that “it” has taken over so much of my life and my mind! Honestly, it’s one of those I-can’t-take-this-anymore days… pure hopelessness and feelings of defeat. I truly believe this onset of almost continuous panic is hormone-related. I’m perimenopausal and just feel completely “nuts”, in general. Also going through the whole empty-nest thing, as the last of my four beautiful and adored children have flown the coop. I don’t even know who I am anymore, so much of my identity for the majority of my life was “Mom”. Anyway, though I’m not uneducated on anxiety or panic, I’ve found some useful information here and I thank you for sharing your story and your time in an effort to help others. We don’t wish this on anyone, do we? At 49, I’m beginning to think my life is doomed to this forever. sigh…

    • JillG says:

      Hi Diane,

      Well you certainly are going thru 2 huge life stressors at once my dear. No wonder you feel the way you do. Hell, I’m going thru perimenopause myself- it has brought me to new levels of weirdness with my anxiety, so I can attest that your hormones are wreaking havoc on you. If my kids were leaving home on top of that, I think that would put me over the edge too. Please take super good care of yourself. Since you mention feeling defeated & hopeless, perhaps you might try a few sessions with a female therapist- just to talk and get all your feelings out about what you’re going thru presently. If you have a regular doctor or obgyn who treats your anxiety, he/she should be made aware of your feelings as well.

      Since you have a history with anxiety, I’m sure you know that major changes can be tremendously difficult. Life changes are hard for everyone, but adding anxiety into the mix makes it harder. I wish you all the best Mommy! Take it one day at a time. Try to break it down into manageable chunks of time if it helps. Please take care.


  7. Tonya says:

    Just found your website, love it! I couldn’t have related more to your posts! I am also a Registered Nurse and suffer from anixety/panic attacks. I too wish at times for cancer instead of this horrible condition. It’s bad enough I have to deal with all of this but I am really concerned about my daughter. She is 9 and starting to show signs too. She had a panic attack the other night and tells me often she doesn’t feel real. Do you think I should get her into counseling? Her brain isn’t even fully developed at this young age. I am just heartbroken she is going through this and feel so guilt ridden she got this horrible condition from me! I am against meds. I too suffered from being on Lorazepam and the horrible results from withdrawal, I am 9 months off and still suffering, Linden Method and The Road Back has helped some with the panic aspect. I tried multiple SSRI’s and can’t tolerate any of them. My doc wants me to start prozac and I can’t get the nerve to take it. Any advice? Do your daughters have anxiety too?
    Thanks, Tonya

  8. Tim says:

    Great resource page. I have tried the linden method and panic away several years ago and both helped me with my battle with panic attacks. I think for people out there suffering it takes time to heal your body and everyone is different so you really have to identify the issues related to you. I would also recommend diet is key in getting better as well.

  9. With all the problems Hashimotos brings I think restlessness and anxiety are the worst. I was diagnosised in March of this year. Since then I have struggled daily with fatigue (we are talking bone weary) trying different thyroid meds etc. But the anxiety that has come to follow me day and night is torture!
    I am not an anxious person. I “was” a happy go lucky person. This is not me…no appetite, depressed, and anxious. My Doctor said this is part of the disease – have gone gluten free, low carb, taking vitamins, supplements and still see no progress. Actually, tried valium and xanax…they only made it worse. Like “panic” in slow motion! The only thing that has helped me at all is Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. Often the Adrenal glands become affected with Hashimotos. Difficult sleeping “well” and restful. I am crying out to God to please give me relief…and my prayers go out to all of you as well. I know we aren’t “dying” but this isn’t “living”.
    If anyone has any real helpful solutions besides “breathing” please pass them on. Breathing isn’t helping me…when hormones from thyroid/adrenal etc are broken

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