I Got Through the Snowstorm Without Fighting With My Husband & Please Stop Holding Your Breath

Things have smoothed out around here since my parents’ quick visit and trip into NYC for my Dad’s annual cancer check up. I am sleeping better and doing better overall.

Then yesterday we had a massive snowstorm. We knew about it well in advance so thankfully all the OR cases were cancelled- so I got the day off. My husband’s job also closed so he was home all day here with me.

Being snowed in is never a pleasant situation for two people that are not in a great place in their relationship. Especially since we have had more than enough of winter and snow around here. Everyone is sick of winter.

And I am really thankful that I thought about it beforehand. I wanted to do my very best not to go into negativity, or get sucked into any negativity coming from my husband.

I used the day as an experiment, a spiritual practice— I did my best to practice mindfulness and stay in the present.

And I did something cool with my breathing that really helped me and I wanted to share with you today… Continue reading

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My Spiritual Awakening- And the Simple Way to Heal From Emotional Pain

Do you struggle from a painful past and wish to heal from it? Today I’ll share how I’m healing from my past, how I found inner peace, and also show you the simplest way to heal from emotional pain that anyone can do…my-spiritual-awakening-and-the-simple-way-to-heal-from-emotional-pain

The fact that I experience peace of mind regularly in my life today is truly miraculous to me.  This is not something that I take lightly, or for granted for that matter. What I consider my spiritual awakening started in the spring of 2014. It didn’t happen in a church or temple or some grand spiritual setting. It happened while I was alone painting my dining room on a sunny spring morning… Continue reading

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Anxiety and Sensitization- Easy Tips to Help When Everything Bothers You

Everyone experiences sensitization (when your nervous system is on high alert) from time to time, but feeling Anxiety and Sensitization puts you in a very frazzled and vulnerable state, and that is the subject of our discussion today.anxiety and sensitization

Sensitization is the state when nerves are conditioned to react to stress in exaggerated ways. The feelings can be intense and alarming. You notice every thought and feeling to the extreme.

An example of someone who is mildly sensitized is the irritated driver after a bad day at work- he is impatient with the other cars and people around him on his way home. A biker whizzes past out of nowhere and he blasts the horn, yelling out “Idiot!” He feels irritated but continues driving and makes it home safely. The feelings pass.

Contrast that with the anxious person who is sensitized after a bad day at work. Feelings and sensations are amplified and the results are alarming indeed… Continue reading

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How I Faced Anxiety at a Staff Meeting Today

We had a staff meeting at work today and I had to practice some of my anxiety self help skills to melt the fear and make it through. 

There has always been something-anxiety provoking to me about sitting in a room where everyone is quiet- in my life that has been church, classrooms and lecture halls when I was younger, and now workshops and staff meetings as an adult working person.

It is the same fear that becomes activated– I feel closed in, uncomfortable, agitated, and feel the urge to leave. Now when I was a teen and young person this happened daily whenever I had to sit in classes and lecture halls.

Back then of course I used all the wrong coping techniques. I took pills and distracted myself to the best of my ability. I drank seltzer water and chewed gum to calm my tummy. But it never made the anxiety go away. Sometimes when the fear would come and it would make make me have a panic attack. I bolted from many, many situations like this over the years.

How wonderful is the gift of learning to face fear and not resist! I first learned about facing anxiety and not resisting it years and years ago (in Peace From Nervous Suffering by Dr. Claire Weekes.).

Let me show you how I got through this meeting and how it was different than before my anxiety recovery. Continue reading

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What Over The Counter Sleeping Pills Do You Take?

I want to talk about sleeping pills today because sleep deprivation is what I’ve been dealing with lately. First things first though- my Dad’s appointment went well. There is no cancer in his bladder and we are all very happy and grateful for that! (and thank you for all the well wishes and support! xx)

The drive ended up being a non-issue, because my husband generously offered to take the day off to be the chauffeur. That was an unexpected surprise and I was happy to accept! I know he is making good efforts to show up and do the right thing. So yes I’ll take that.

But you know what really sucked? Remember I said there was no way in hell I was going to be sleep deprived for this stressful day? And that I was going to take my Valerian 2 nights in a row beforehand? Well Sunday night I slept well. But on Monday night I slept horribly. Continue reading

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Shitty Night

Pardon my French but I had a major shitty night last night. I couldn’t fall asleep till after midnight and woke up at the lovely hour of 3am. Guess what, I forgot everything. I forgot every anxiety self help tip I ever learned, and just tossed and turned and felt agitated like I was coming out of my own skin. Today I am exhausted. 

I have to drive my parents into Manhattan on Tuesday morning for my Dad’s yearly cystoscopy (it’s a camera the doctor puts in his bladder to see if any cancer has grown back).

We make the treck in yearly and it’s always stressful. To be fair, we have been nothing but completely blessed. It’s like we won the lottery because after having his very large tumor removed 5 years ago, my father hasn’t had one recurrence. And bladder cancer is one that grows back easily. Continue reading

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To Connect With Others You First Have to Connect With Yourself

I saw this comment in a Facebook group this morning:

I’ve always had trouble connecting with people, other people make it look so easy. I have a hard time being my authentic self with anyone, even with the people closest to me. I feel chronically isolated, unsure, and empty.When you face your fears even in baby steps you start to heal

And I thought it was worthy of discussion here today.

This was posted in a closed group for Social Anxiety, and there were a lot of people chiming in that they felt the same way.

I brought this topic up here a few years ago, when I shared about how I always felt I was afraid of people, and how I was learning to like them in my anxiety recovery. It’s a good read: http://panicfreeme.com/5829/afraid-of-people-learning-to-like-them-again-is-easy/

One of the hallmarks of social anxiety is that we feel judged, watched, and somehow criticized by others. This of course leads into issues with self confidence and self esteem.

But the person who is really judging us – harshly, mercilessly, and unfairly, is not our neighbor, coworker, or some random mean person. The person who is judging us unfairly is OURSELF.

Why does this happen? Continue reading

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Tart Cherry Juice for Arthritis & Joint Pain

I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and one of the joys of that is arthritis and joint pain. I get flare ups in my shoulders, toes, hips and fingers. I know a lot of readers also suffer from joint pain and arthritis, so I thought I would share my Tart Cherry Juice remedy today.

Tart Cherry Juice

For the past month or so, my right hip has been in a pretty nasty arthritic flare up. The joint pain has been almost alarming at times, it feels almost like a very bad tooth ache. Maybe 7 or 8 out of 10 on a 1-10 pain scale. And when it was at its worst, I was limping, and the aching was almost constant. Continue reading

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