How the Mind Twists Reality into Hell- And The Way Back to Peace

Eckhart Tolle teaches that the thinking mind is very dysfunctional and most humans live in a state of deep seated lack. This sense of lack manifests differently for different people. For me it has always been anxiety.

That my mind is still dysfunctional was abundantly clear to me last Sunday morning. I am completely off all anxiety and depression medication (except on an as needed basis) And it’s easy to remember why I went on it them in the first place, all those years ago, in my teens. I still live with such a negative mind.

It feels like the goal of my mind is to keep me in fear and anxiety, to keep me guarded and cut off. It’s awful when it kicks up.

Take last Sunday. It was a perfectly glorious June morning. The sun was out, birds were singing, you couldn’t ask for more. And almost as soon as I woke up from my restful sleep, the thoughts started: Continue reading

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Panic Attacks Info Tip #2: When Fear Comes, Wait

In a recent post we looked at an important Panic Attacks Info Tip #1: to Expect, Allow, and Accept – not fight, resist or deny- when your anxiety does come.

Today we will expand a little more on our 10 Rules for Coping with Panic Attacks, specifically Rules #5: Wait for the Fear to Pass, and #6: Notice When it Fades. We can encompass both these rules into this one helpful tip:

Today’s Panic Attacks Info Tip is: When Fear Comes, Wait.

Let it be.

When you experience fear and anxiety or an impending panic attack, your natural impulse is to flee and run rather than to stay and feel the fear. But this is the exact opposite of what you need to do in order to get better. Continue reading

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Enjoying Spring- and Spring Cleaning My Mind :)

What a nice spring we are having. I just came in from taking Buddy around the block and down to the little lake we have near our house. All the little buds and leaves are coming out. The forsythia are just past their prime, as well as the daffodils and early spring flowers. And the birds are all around singing and happy. The grass is really green, it’s been raining a lot.

all healing is essentially the release from fear

Walking, I felt such gratitude for this mild afternoon. I’d woken up with some anxiety, but worked on getting my head straightened out.

I listened to some spiritual things that really brought me a lot of comfort today. There was a prayer I read from A Course in Miracles that I just loved. I shared it on Facebook earlier. Here it is: Continue reading

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I Got Off the Worry Train & Had a Good Weekend

This past weekend we all went upstate for an overnight trip to visit my parents and for Easter Sunday dinner. My sister and her partner also live near my parents so we got to see them too.

And it went fine. It was really nice. And I am so grateful I went. But as usual my mind was all over the place in the days leading up to the trip. My mind tried to make the trip into a big deal – something that would be very hard to bear.

This was the first time our whole family has made the trip since before the mess of last summer.

The mind stuff went something like this: This trip is going to suck big time. What if Bob will behave rudely and who knows what my family even thinks of him now. I know they tolerate him, but I also know how pissed off they were at him last summer for what went down. And the car ride up- I hate how he drives. He speeds and tailgates. What if I can’t hold it together in front of the girls and start screaming at him and ruin the whole trip?

For me, thinking about something significant before it actually happens in real life is ALWAYS worse than doing it. Continue reading

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How to Gently Find Inner Peace

Have you ever just observed a little baby or small child? How – when their needs are met-  how peacefully and effortlessly they are just being in the world?

You and I were once like that too. Before we formed our identities and then became immersed and overcome with the world and our wants, needs and desires. And before anxiety reared its ugly head.

On the journey of finding inner peace and healing, as you learn to quiet the mind little by little and become peaceful with the present moment, you notice little things along the way.

Recently I was in a Body Pump class at my gym. The instructor is a nice woman, I’ve taken classes with her for years. And I know she only meant it in a helpful way when the shoulder work was getting hard and she shouted out to all of us: “Don’t be easy on yourself!”

That remark really resonated with me – but not in a good way… Continue reading

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Panic Attacks Info Tip: Expect, Allow, and Accept Your Fear

Searching for panic attacks info can sometimes be anything but easy. You may Google your symptoms, read a good article, or be lead to an anxiety forum where you hear conflicting advice. And sometimes the stuff we read on the internet can be downright scary. As if we’re already not scared enough!

One of the goals of writing is to help demystify some of the confusing information floating around out there. Someone asked me recently how I know so much about panic attacks and anxiety. The answer is just this- I’ve lived it.

In our last post we looked at an outline of 10 Rules for Coping with Panic Attacks. We used positive coping statements throughout. The positive self talk statements were simple, concise and to the point. Today we will delve a little deeper into some basic, but important panic attacks info. Continue reading

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Coping With Panic Attacks: 10 Rules

Using positive coping statements helps in coping with panic attacks. It is widely used in cognitive therapy to correct the distorted way an anxious person looks at things.

Coping with Panic Attacks

Before we look at the 10 rules for coping with panic attacks, know that talking to yourself in a calming way will make you feel more in control. Here are some examples of positive self talk:

  • I can do it
  • I can handle it
  • I can cope
  • Easy does it

Notice that the statements are simple, brief and positive. Easy to say and easy to remember in a pinch. And we will use positive self talk statements in this exercise. Continue reading

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Watching Thoughts as a Daily Practice

I’ve been enjoying the tremendous benefits of mindfulness since I first started meditating in summer 2014. We talk about it here and there on the blog and I wanted to bring it up again today, because I really think it helps so much with life!

thoughts arent facts

First of all, if you are reading this and you suffer from anxiety, you should give meditation a try. It is proven by solid scientific research to alleviate anxiety and depression- in addition to tons of other benefits. Honestly the only benefit I ever cared about was alleviating my anxiety 🙂

I have decades of fearful reactions and negative thought patterns to undo, so I never run out of things to work on! Learning to dis-identify from all these old thoughts is what I am doing in my life every day! And sitting in meditation for a few minutes slows you down and helps you get in touch with your real self, so that you can start to do this:) Continue reading

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