Mindfulness Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

mind full or mindfullI have a 20-25 minute commute to work each day. I use that time to listen to CDs that help me with stress and anxiety. This practice has truly has helped me be more comfortable at work.

Several years ago, my sister gave me a CD on mindfulness meditation by Pema Chodron. I think it was around the time I started this blog.

Back then when I listened to it, I admit it didn’t really do anything for me. I couldn’t really relate to it much. Sometimes I think you have to be in the right space to receive a message or to learn a new practice or technique for relieving stress and anxiety.

Recently I have been really keeping up with my discipline of anxiety self help and self improvement in general on my daily commute. Since I have to be in the car for that amount of time anyways I try to put the time to good use. Continue reading

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60 Second Panic Solution Review- The End of Anxious Suffering


Life is funny. I started this blog in earnest to document my recovery from anxiety and panic attacks. I have had ups and downs over the years.

And recently, the best solution I have ever experienced, literally fell right into my lap. I am so happy, I couldn’t wait to get this message out to you, my dear readers, who have stood by me through thick and thin.

A few days ago, I received a complementary copy of the 60 Second Panic Solution in my email. To be honest I usually don’t even open emails from people who have new products, as they are usually crap. But for some reason, maybe God felt it was time to answer my prayer for healing, open it I did. Continue reading

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Can People Tell When You’re Anxious?

don't judge meYesterday I was channel surfing and came across a documentary on MTV about 2 young people with social anxiety. It was very interesting to watch.

I’ve always wondered if people can tell when I feel anxious. In this documentary I was able to make some observations.

One person was a 21 year old girl named Nonie, and the other was a 26 year old guy named Scott. Both still lived at home with their respective parents as they were too anxious to be out on their own.

I really tuned in while watching the guy Scott. His goal was to be able to go out and meet a girl. Apparently he had never had a date and was worried that he would be alone forever.

He had been bullied at school as a young boy and never stood up for himself. This was the jist of what started his social anxiety… Continue reading

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Anxiety Setback: A Reader Asks for Help

trust me I can take care of youToday we are going to revisit the topic of anxiety setbacks. We all have them, and boy can they set us off big time. To put it mildly, they suck! Today’s post is inspired by a reader comment on a previous post.

I am breaking down what the reader Tonya said and looking at it piece by piece. Follow along, we are all in this together. All recovery from anxiety is basically the same, so see if you can relate to her feelings…. Continue reading

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Things Are Good, Why am I so Lonely?

ba314d05f3ef1f406f4a48a687535d88I haven’t posted here in months. Hoping you are all well- I miss my online friends! I’ve been working as much as I can since my daughter will be going away to college in the fall. Major bills coming my way Ugh!

Life has been pretty good recently. My anxiety has not been too much of a problem of late and for that I am grateful. I have had occasional panic attacks here and there and also the occasional escalation of annoying anxiety symptoms- namely the feeling that I am going to topple over and faint. The usual bs.

I am so grateful to have my job, I am there 2 1/2 years now. I am still not full time, so I work on different units to get extra hours. All good exposure therapy.

Keeping my thoughts positive and balanced is something I have to work on almost daily. On most days, I still listen to my favorite relaxation CDs in my car on the way in to work.

Getting out of the storm that is in my head is always a good thing :)

But what has been bothering me a lot over the past few weeks was this very deep, tremendous feelings of loneliness… Continue reading

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2 Panic Attacks in 2 Days…

I’ve had 2 panic attacks in the last 2 days. Nothing gut-wrenching. Both happened at work. I didn’t fall to pieces afterwards. That is progress.

But it’s bugging me. It did get me wondering what is going on with me lately. I know when anxiety and panic kick up, it’s a good time to brainstorm my coping skills and triggers and just where I am in general.

I am doing this just off the cuff here. Ok, let’s dig into this… Continue reading

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Classroom Anxiety: The Lecture Hall 20+ Years Later

 via Pinterest

via Pinterest

My elder daughter is a high school senior and we have been making visits to colleges that she is interested in attending next year. Two weeks ago we visited my Alma mater, SUNY Binghamton, in upstate New York.

I have not stepped foot on campus since I graduated over 20 years ago, and it had certainly changed a lot.

The way these college visits go is you check in and then the parents and students are given a presentation by a college admissions person. The presentation highlights the school and its outstanding features, and goes over things like the application and admissions process. After that you go on a campus tour. It’s a fun day.

What was weird was I felt like I was going back in time. I felt like I was 18 again, as we were being walked over to the lecture hall where the presentation was being given.

I told my family- “Wow! I remember this lecture hall! Honey, I took my first chemistry class here. This is just about where I sat every day for a year!”  She didn’t really care that much :) The lecture hall seated about 200 people.

What I DIDN’T tell her was that I had hundreds of panic attacks in that very class. I started out as an eager freshman, happy to learn and excited to be in college. Then the panic attacks started… Continue reading

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Afraid of People? Learning to Like Them Again is Easy

no one is judging youIt’s not easy to say out loud, but for the good part of the last 3 decades I have been afraid of people. In my recovery, I am making a concerted effort to learn to love to be around people, and to just love people in general.

If you suffer from social anxiety, you may not feel you are “afraid of people.” Maybe you don’t use those words. Maybe you feel threatened, intimidated, less than, or some other negative feeling… Continue reading

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