do nothing

You are already living in hell–what you are imagining–
The worst that can possibly happen is already happening–your thinking.

Anxiety is a thinking problem. Yesterday I went into a store, TJ Maxx, because I wanted to look for boots. I was very crowded in there. I don’t like crowds. Then out of the blue, I thought, what if I see Jen from work, or anyone from work, how will I make small talk? The next thing I know, I am scanning the store to see if anyone I know is there. I feel slightly queasy. All at once, I regret coming in the store. This sucks! I walked out…

And it’s over.

As soon as I leave the store, the feelings dissipate. The story is over.
It can never get any worse than your thinking.
No one can ever give you a greater hell than you. Continue reading

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Sacred Spinning

the world is what you believe it to be and it changes as you change

I stopped going to my Spinning class well over a year ago, telling myself that it was stupid and boring. It’s true I can get bored in any exercise class, and Spinning is no exception. But as the days turned to weeks turned to months, I found myself flat out avoiding going back into that class. I couldn’t deny it – it was because of those old thoughts leading to anxiety and panic attacks.

There are so many things that have made Spinning class a challenge for me, with all my quirks. First, the way the studio is positioned- it is a separate room off the main gym- about as far away from the Exit as you can possibly get. I have had numerous scares and panic attacks during spin class, as well as all kinds of irrational thoughts, especially if someone I knew was there.

What made it worse is I started to really miss that class. Spinning is such a terrific work out. It does wonders for me and makes me feel great emotionally. So believing that I was not able to go because of stupid thoughts and anxiety was really dragging me down. Continue reading

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Journey of Healing

Whenever I hit a wall in my life, my pledge to myself and to you my readers is to find a solution to get out of it. This builds up a practice of positivity and self care. And this momentum is what helps you heal.  When you have been dealing with anxiety and panic, I find this is the best way to help yourself. You have to DO something about how you feel, even if you don’t FEEL like it. Hell, especially if you don’t feel like it 😉

I read an article this morning and it resonated with me. Here is my take on it, in light of the massive setback I find myself in recently… Continue reading

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The Anxiety is Back, And Boy Does it Suck

wizard of oz tornado

The other morning I decided to treat myself to my favorite yoga class. I knew as soon as I sat on my mat I didn’t feel good. As people started to fill up the room, I could feel myself getting more and more anxious. Class started and we were doing a quiet mediation. Then it happened, a full on, massive full body panic attack. Followed by another wave, then another. All in a room of complete silence. It SUCKED so bad.

But I stayed glued to my mat. I wanted to leave the class, and it was very, very hard to stay. But I knew inside if I did leave I would only feel better for a moment, and I would beat myself up later.

The panic subsided, as it always does. I felt a few pangs of it during the class, but overall it was a great success. I finished the class feeling quite drained but glad that I had persisted despite the fear. Continue reading

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Doing Byon Katie’s The Work for Panic Attacks


The last 3 days at work were long and I had some intense periods of anxiety. I was well able to handle it though. Before I went into work, I examined my thoughts by writing them down. I did Byron Katie’s The Work.

A little background info- my husband is still going through a depression. His job is on the line and while he missed the first round of lay offs, he feels certain that it won’t be long before he is unemployed. Also, he has been battling Crohn’s disease for a few years and he still isn’t in remission. Last year involved 2 hospitalizations because he had bowel obstructions.

To put it mildly, life hasn’t been a bowl of cherries around here, lol. :)

I have been doing whatever I can to keep my mind healthy. When I noticed my mind was starting to go to that dark place and I knew I was prone to anxiety and panic I knew I had to take action.

Here is the exercise I did: Continue reading

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Anxiety Triggers- When They Change Over Time, What to do


As we make our way on our journey out of the hell that is living with frequent panic attacks and anxiety, we may find that our anxiety triggers change over time. What used to make you panic just doesn’t anymore. Of course that is such a huge relief!

But now that you’re getting better, you may find that new things pop up and they leave you feeling anxious again. Or you have a minor setback..Once more, anxiety seems to be rearing its ugly head, and it leaves you feeling unsettled.

So what can you do? A lot actually :) Continue reading

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Creating the Life You Want

via Jan Carruthers on Pinterest

Today we’re going to talk about taking positive action steps- to easily create the life you want and deserve!

Over the past Christmas I went to visit my brother in Chicago. I picked up a magazine at the airport to help pass the time. There was an article I read in it about writing down your 10 best life goals on paper day. You write them in the present tense, very simply stated, and as if the goal were already met.

The act of writing embeds the words and thoughts into your subconscious, which is where the magic happens. Your subconscious believes the words, and as you continue this exercise daily, you will see that the things you write about will come to pass.

Last night I wrote down 7 goals for my life, for this year 2015, that I want to make happen.

My goals are to be happy in my life emotionally, happy in my family, happy and successful at work, and healthy. I want a healthy marriage and for my husband and I to both have good jobs.

Tonight I will rewrite these goals, and continue each night.

This is taking positive action to create the life I want. I will turn 50 at the end of this year, and I intend to make 49 the very best year possible for me. Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday Holdiay Edition 2014

winter woodsMore and more I am learning that being in a state of gratitude is such an antidote to unhappiness, stress, anxiety, you name it. With that in mind, I think it’s high time for the 2015 Thankful Thursday Holiday Edition! :-)

Be grateful. Be grateful every day. Get still and cultivate a feeling of appreciation for yourself, your body, your mind, your life. Being alive feels so wonderful. Feel the rhythm of your breath, listen to your heartbeat as you sit quietly.

Just take a few minutes as you read this post and let yourself feel appreciative and happy. That is the feeling of being grateful. When you are grateful, you are in a very positive mindset. This is a powerful way to live, and it protects you from all unhappiness… Continue reading

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