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hypnosis for anxietyHypnosis for Panic Attacks & and Anxiety Works!

Using self hypnosis is very effective for anxiety, social phobia, shyness, boosting confidence, and more.  Hypnosis is all natural and safe. It puts you in a calm and relaxed state where your subconscious mind takes
in the suggestions and puts them to work in your life. I have been practicing and successfully using self hypnosis for panic attacks, and all aspects of social anxiety too. It feels great too 🙂

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Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack– Living with a constant sense of fear and anxiety nagging away at you really takes the joy out of life. Included are 5 carefully selected downloads to help you overcome excess fear and anxiety.

Stop Panic Attacks – Having one panic attack is bad enough, but for most people, it’s the fear of the next one that is the scariest thing. Learn how to be relaxed in everyday situations, quickly & naturally.

Generalized Anxiety Treatment – Use hypnosis as a generalized anxiety disorder treatment and you can feel calm today.

Be Comfortable with Silence – Learn to relax in conversations using this hypnosis audio download. Fill those uncomfortable silences with… comfortable silence.

7-11 Breathing Exercise – Beat anxiety and reduce stress quickly and naturally with this deep breathing exercise.

Being Yourself Socially
– Learn how to relax in company and enjoy yourself more. Be yourself and so attract others who like ‘the real you’

Stop Blushing – Does your face and neck turn beet red and embarrass you in public? Use hypnosis to relax and learn how to beat it.

Overcoming Shyness – Use self hypnosis to provide an invisible security blanket allowing you to develop social ease and overcome shyness

Self Consciousness – Learn how to relax and overcome self consciousness and enjoy socializing naturally as the real you.

Overcoming Social Phobia – retrain your unconscious mind to respond to other people with calmness rather than anxiety. You can overcome your social phobia.

Socializing Motivations– Anxiety, depression or loss of self-esteem can all lead to you neglecting your social life. Use hypnosis to boost your enthusiasm and excitement about socializing again.

Speaking in Groups – Do you get anxious and tongue- tied when you’re with more than one or two people? Use hypnosis to re-program your mind to feel completely at ease speaking in groups.

Overcome Shy Bladder – Is it hard or impossible for you to use public restrooms? Learn how to overcome shy bladder.

Overcome Fear of Sex– A hypnosis audio to help you quickly conquer sex-related anxiety. Learn to relax with your partner and feel good about yourself.

Building Self Esteem – Are you burdened with low self esteem? It doesn’t have to be that way. Increase your self esteem today – and improve your relationships socially & at work.

Stop Self Blame – Understand the difference between control and influence, and discover where the real limits for responsibility are.

Overcoming Insecurity – A deeply relaxing hypnosis audio to reduce anxiety and overcome feelings of insecurity.

Building Self Confidence – Does anxiety make you self conscious, stumble over words, or under perform? Learn to quickly build your self confidence to help you everyday and before stressful events.

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A note from Jill : I recommend & have successfully used self hypnosis- for panic attacks, to help me with my self confidence, for shy bladder, and with social anxiety too. These downloads are high quality and are great to listen to on your computer, as you drift off to sleep, or even on the go. I am grateful for these wonderful self help tools 🙂

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2 Responses to Hypnosis Downloads for Anxiety

  1. Pat says:

    I have avoidant personality disorder/social anxiety. I am extremely sensitive to criticism, have terrible performance anxiety, no confidence in myself & can’t bring myself to go to a job interview. I have low self esteem, am horribly ashamed of my disorders, humiliated that I can’t support myself & do not have any money for therapy or self help materials.

    I am 25 & do NOT want the stigma of mental illness to follow me my entire life. I am not unstable & I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, I would like to think that I might be able to work someday or get insurance so I can’t have mental illness on my record.

    Do you know of any free resources?

    Thank you.

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