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Anxiety and Sensitization- Easy Tips to Help When Everything Bothers You

Tweet Everyone experiences sensitization (when your nervous system is on high alert) from time to time, but feeling Anxiety and Sensitization puts you in a very frazzled and vulnerable state, and that is the subject of our discussion today. Sensitization is … Continue reading

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How I Faced Anxiety at a Staff Meeting Today

Tweet We had a staff meeting at work today and I had to practice some of my anxiety self help skills to melt the fear and make it through.  There has always been something-anxiety provoking to me about sitting in … Continue reading

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What Over The Counter Sleeping Pills Do You Take?

Tweet I want to talk about sleeping pills today because sleep deprivation is what I’ve been dealing with lately. First things first though- my Dad’s appointment went well. There is no cancer in his bladder and we are all very happy … Continue reading

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Shitty Night

Tweet Pardon my French but I had a major shitty night last night. I couldn’t fall asleep till after midnight and woke up at the lovely hour of 3am. Guess what, I forgot everything. I forgot every anxiety self help … Continue reading

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To Connect With Others You First Have to Connect With Yourself

Tweet I saw this comment in a Facebook group this morning: I’ve always had trouble connecting with people, other people make it look so easy. I have a hard time being my authentic self with anyone, even with the people closest … Continue reading

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Tart Cherry Juice for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Tweet I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and one of the joys of that is arthritis and joint pain. I get flare ups in my shoulders, toes, hips and fingers. I know a lot of readers also suffer from joint pain and arthritis, … Continue reading

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How to Beat Morning Anxiety So You Can Have a Good Day

Tweet Today’s topic is Morning Anxiety: why it happens, what it feels like, and some practical solutions to help you feel better FAST so you can get on with your day. Kay said: “I found myself waking up today edgy and … Continue reading

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Our Hot Water Heater is Broken- and Why That’s a Good Thing

Tweet Last night as I was getting up from the couch and going to bed, my husband announced that that hot water heater was broken. I was too tired to even think about it. While I was lying in bed … Continue reading

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