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I Switched From Synthroid to Armour Thyroid and Feel Better :)

Tweet As many of you know I have hypothyroidism. My particular diagnosis is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I’ve often felt there was a correlation between hypothyroidism and anxiety, since I’ve seen literally hundreds of patients over the years who suffer from both. (of … Continue reading

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The Passionflower wasn’t great, but here’s something better

Tweet I received my Passionflower order from Amazon and wanted to give you an update on it. The directions say you can take 2-4 capsules daily, with or without food. The capsules are big, but not too big to swallow. Not … Continue reading

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Passionflower for Anxiety Relief

Tweet Today I came across this article on herbal remedies for anxiety on my Facebook news feed and I decided to read it.  (There was an article the other day on anxiety that sort of pissed me off and who knows, maybe that’s … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety stole my personality, or did it?

Tweet Katy asked on Facebook, “Does anyone with social anxiety feel like they have no personality? I feel like social anxiety and depression from an early age has taken my personality or it didn’t grow like other people’s.” This comment … Continue reading

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My first time out Grocery Shopping in a month…

Tweet  The respiratory thing I had since February is finally starting to lift and I am beginning to get my energy back- hurray! There is nothing like being sick for awhile to make you really, truly appreciate your health. Something about being down and … Continue reading

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The Anxiety Monster tried to ruin my spin class

Tweet A few weeks ago I had a nasty ear infection that turned into a sore throat and cough. It wasn’t anything serious but I missed 2 days of work and had to take antibiotics. The cough’s been lingering and … Continue reading

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Why Anxious People Use False Safety Behaviors & What You Can Do Instead

Tweet Today we’re going to talk about anxiety safety behaviors, how they make you feel better in the moment, why they really don’t help us in the long run. And finally what to do instead of relying on them to … Continue reading

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Stop Negative Thinking – When your mind is the enemy

Tweet My mind has been such an enemy to me lately. All week it seems I have been struggling with negative and anxious thoughts, particularly first thing in the morning, which is when I feel most vulnerable. The mind is very … Continue reading

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