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Lumpy twins

Tweet My dog and I have matching lumps. I ended up having 2 days off this week out of the blue. I have a bunch of appointments I’d been putting off, like the dog’s yearly check up at the vet, … Continue reading

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Living Through Change and Making Some Progress

Tweet This is definitely a new phase of life and I’m not comfortable with it yet. We got my daughter off to school last Saturday and it was a good day. She’s doing quite well, from what I can gather, … Continue reading

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My Baby is Leaving the Nest

Tweet My eldest child is leaving for college in 3 days.. Need to do something about how I’m feeling inside. I decided just this minute to do an exercise of Inquiry from Byron Katie, Loving What Is: I’m afraid that … Continue reading

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Surprisingly Wonderful Benefits of Inner Body Awareness

Tweet For the past 2 or so months, I have been learning about and practicing focusing on inner body awareness to achieve a state of stillness in the present moment. This is where you concentrate on feeling the energy or … Continue reading

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Learning to Say Yes to Life

Tweet Living with fear and being defined by what your anxiety tells you what you can and can’t do is a recipe for misery. It is frustrating, constricting, makes you lose your self esteem and takes the spontaneity and joy … Continue reading

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Anxiety Relief: Give Yourself Permission to Get Better

Tweet I received a comment from a reader in need in my last post and felt it would benefit all of us to share it here. It is so very important to remember that anxiety relief is available to all … Continue reading

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After a Panic Attack- Peace

Tweet My daughter is leaving for college in 6 weeks.   We went to a 2 day orientation at her college earlier this week. It was an informative, jam-packed, happy, emotional 2 days. The parents had 2 days of activities … Continue reading

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Working the Program Daily-One Month In

Tweet I need to start this post by saying that I never knew that life could be so kind and so beautiful to live. Daily life is no longer a struggle but an opportunity for more happiness. My daily practice … Continue reading

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