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Anxiety Relief: Give Yourself Permission to Get Better

Tweet I received a comment from a reader in need in my last post and felt it would benefit all of us to share it here. It is so very important to remember that anxiety relief is available to all … Continue reading

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After a Panic Attack- Peace

Tweet My daughter is leaving for college in 6 weeks.   We went to a 2 day orientation at her college earlier this week. It was an informative, jam-packed, happy, emotional 2 days. The parents had 2 days of activities … Continue reading

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Working the Program Daily-One Month In

Tweet I need to start this post by saying that I never knew that life could be so kind and so beautiful to live. Daily life is no longer a struggle but an opportunity for more happiness. My daily practice … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday, June ’14

Tweet It’s been ages since we had a Thankful Thursday here at PanicFreeMe… it is high time to put on our gratitude boots and kick up some rainbows! If you need a pick-me up today, please take a few minutes … Continue reading

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Update on Using The 60 Second Panic Solution Program

Tweet The past 10 days or so have been a wondrous journey of healing for me. I have been using my new program, the 60 Second Panic Solution, non stop on my commute into work. After my near miss with … Continue reading

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Setback- And A Prayer

Tweet I have been feeling so so good all of last week. In the weeks leading up to this moment, I have been studying and listening to: Byron Katie- and “The Work”. I’ve been reading and and studied her book … Continue reading

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Anxiety Help: My Interview with Anna Gibson Steel

Tweet I was honored to be able to interview Anna Gibson Steel, the creator of the 60 Second Panic Solution. For anyone who is on the fence about trying her program, I think you will love what she has to … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

Tweet I have a 20-25 minute commute to work each day. I use that time to listen to CDs that help me with stress and anxiety. This practice has truly has helped me be more comfortable at work. Several years … Continue reading

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