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How to End Constant Worrying

Tweet Do you ever suffer with constant worrying? When you go over something in your head that is bothering you and just can’t make it stop? Today we’ll talk about how to stop worrying. How to get out of that … Continue reading

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Making Good Choices With Your Mind

Tweet Our minds are wonderful tools. Remembering to use our minds wisely- especially when we don’t feel great- can be a challenge. Using our minds wisely means to make good choices with where we choose to focus our thoughts and … Continue reading

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Tackling Emotional Eating with Saffron

Tweet All spring and summer I found myself doing a lot of emotional eating. Thankfully I didn’t gain a lot of weight, but I ate late almost every night and too heavily and then went to bed feeling full and … Continue reading

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Tweet Yesterday I got the very good news that my lump is benign. So very grateful. Thank you Lord and thank you to everyone who sent a prayer or good wish. The procedure I had done is called a core … Continue reading

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I’m Throwing Out My Old Journals

Tweet I started keeping a diary at age 10. I got my first one as a Christmas present- it was a One Year Diary- with a fancy maroon cover and gold writing. It came with a tiny little lock and … Continue reading

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Working the Program 3 Months In

Tweet I’ve been working the 60 Second Panic Solution daily to the best of my ability for about three months now. Yesterday was an amazing day at work. It was one of those completely anxiety free days. I felt light … Continue reading

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Lumpy twins

Tweet My dog and I have matching lumps. I ended up having 2 days off this week out of the blue. I have a bunch of appointments I’d been putting off, like the dog’s yearly check up at the vet, … Continue reading

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Living Through Change and Making Some Progress

Tweet This is definitely a new phase of life and I’m not comfortable with it yet. We got my daughter off to school last Saturday and it was a good day. She’s doing quite well, from what I can gather, … Continue reading

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