Hope and Help for Your Nerves Review

Hope and Help for Your Nerves, by Dr. Claire WeekesHope and Help for Your Nerves was copyrighted in 1990.  The author, Claire Weekes, is a noted Australian physician. She is known as one of the self help pioneers of the world and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in medicine twice, in 1983 and in 1990.

This is a fairly old, but still very significant resource book for those who are suffering from panic attacks or agoraphobia.  My book is in the picture above.

Dr. Weekes uses the broad term “nervous illness” to describe the syndromes now more commonly referred to as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.

Having grappled with — and overcome –nervous illness herself, the author writes with amazing compassion– as if she is right there with you.

Here is just a snippet of one of the 373 + five star reviews given for the book at Amazon. (source: Amazon.com) :

I’ve never read a book so fast in my life. I started to read it on the way home from the meeting I attended for people with anxiety. I was happy to get home as home was my “safe place” and the breeding grounds for my agoraphobia. By the end of that night I had read the book 2 times. I connected with absolutely everything in the book. Medicine hadn’t worked. Psychotherapy didn’t help me. Religion wasn’t paying off. Meditation couldn’t touch my severe panic states.

Claire Weekes is to be commended for many things. I wish, deep down in my heart, that there was a way for me to contact her to let her know that she saved my sanity and probably my life too. The book was filled with information that made total sense to me. She described what was causing the anxiety states and precisely what was happening in my body. She also repeated that I’d never die from a panic attack. Actually, not a soul has ever died from a panic attack. It sure feels like you’re about to die or lose your mind. But have faith as help is around the corner.

I would never suggest a book to help cure an illness unless I knew 100% that the information was true and helpful. I’m telling you that this book saved my life, saved my relationships and kept me from even thinking I was crazy. Less than one week after reading the book, I realized I had not had any panic attacks. I feared that they would sort of pop out of the blue and grab me when I wasn’t watching out. But Claire Weekes even described this type of pre-panic anxiety states. Months later I had mastered how to deal with anxious situations and how to breathe through and accept my panic-should it happen again.

Would you benefit from Hope and Help for Your Nerves?

Are anxiety and panic attacks ruining your life? Are your symptoms bizarre and terrifying? Scared to leave the house – or scared that you’re going crazy? Then this book IS a solution to your plight.

I bought this Hope and Help for Your Nerves on my psychiatrist’s recommendation a few years into my treatment for panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.  At the time I had just given birth to my first child and was off all anti anxiety meds. My panic disorder, which was surprisingly (and thankfully) inactive during my pregnancy, returned full force, seemingly overnight.  Again I felt baffled, alone, afraid for my life, overwhelmed, and completely panic stricken.

I began to fear leaving the house, which was a new low for me.  I had always prided myself in being able to go out into the public. But now my world was closing in on me. With a small baby to protect and care for, I felt completely inadequate and overwhelmed. It was one of the lowest points in my life.

I begged Dr.Lewis to admit me to a mental hospital.  That’s how desperate I was.  I really thought that my panic with the new baby was just too much to bear. I thought of suicide and was hugely ashamed.

My psychiatrist immediately put me back on medication, and had me read this book.  I believe this book is what saved my life at that time.

Hope and Help for Your Nerves explained the signs and symptoms of panic attacks I was experiencing multiple times daily, very accurately, and in depth, which I needed to hear. Specifically, the book addresses:

•    Depersonalization, called “A Feeling of Unreality” on page 120 – 126.
•    The constant feeling that I was going to fall down in public, called “jelly legs” on page 61 – 62
•    The fear of panic attacks at night and sleeplessness, on page 150 – 156
•    Clammy, shaky hands, page 29
•    Churning stomach, page 26
•    Palpitations, or racing heart, page 30
•    Inability to take a deep breath, page 51
•    Missed or “skipped” heart beats, page 50
•    Lightheadedness, unsteadiness, called “giddiness” on page 53
•    Nausea, page 54
•    Difficulty in swallowing, page 54
•    Fear of vomiting, page 55
•    Being anxious at the movies, page 138
•    Anxiety first thing in the morning, page 145 – 149

Dr. Weekes explains how these very disturbing symptoms are not going to kill you, even though they feel like they will at the time.

Moreover, she explains what it is that you are really afraid of. What you are afraid of is the feelings that arise in you when you are out of the house, at the moves, in the grocery store, etc.  These feelings are overwhelming and you don’t trust yourself or your body when you are like this.  It is your hormones, mainly adrenalin, that cause all of these horrible signs and symptoms of panic and anxiety.

Coping with panic attacks as they are happening is covered very well on page 63.

Overcoming panic attacks is taught by using the four step pattern of recovery:
1.    FaceHope and Help for Your Nerves, by Dr. Claire Weekes
2.    Accept
3.     Float
4.     Let time pass

Calm acceptance is the goal, and by using the Face Accept, Float, Let time pass pattern of recovery over and over again, it will happen for you.  It takes effort and some determination, but it works.  Plain and simple.

Here is the promise, and it is real, “You will find peace in the middle of Times Square, because you will take your cure with you wherever you might be.” –Dr. Claire Weekes.

I also recommend Hope and Help for Your Nerves for new mothers with panic disorder or anxiety attacks.  This book will be a true source of comfort

But is this book for everyone with anxiety and panic attacks?

The short answer is YES.  The language of the book is what I call “old fashioned,” and some of the treatments mentioned are clearly outdated.  Looking beyond these minor inconveniences, the rest of the book is invaluable.

Here is another 5 star review (source: Amazon.com) :

I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and agrophobia for over 6 years. I thought I was alone until I found Dr. Claire Weekes book. Her advice and explainations and my hard work led to recovery. I since helped start up and lead a self-help group based on her teachings. I’ve read many books on this topic and I have found Dr. Claire Weekes to be the absolute BEST. Any question you have, any symptom you experience, she explains. There is a pattern to this illness and she helps you understand this, there is a path into this illness and there is a path out. Many could be spared much suffering if we had been educated along the way about our natural responses to prolonged stress. Dr.Weekes has since passed on but she has left a wonderful gift of freedom to those who follow her advice.

If you’re ready to put this highly effective method of curing anxiety and panic to work for you, click here to order your book.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

p.s. The anxiety self help program that I use myself is called Panic Away. It is by far the best anxiety elimination program I have used- and it is based on the teachings of Claire Weekes, the author of Hope and Help for Your Nerves.  Read my Panic Away review to find out more.  Even if you are undiagnosed or newly suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and have no clue what to do, you’ll quickly be able to reassure yourself and start feeling better in a matter of weeks!  You are not alone!

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21 Responses to Hope and Help for Your Nerves Review

  1. liz says:

    After suffering for years with anxiety, panic attacks and what if thinking, accupunture, tape programs and feeling sorry for myself, I reached for Hope and help for your nerves and I think i will beon my way to freedom of this awful way of living!! What a genius

  2. Lisa says:

    I try to accept my simptoms and follow the pattern i am ok but when the simptoms appear again and when i pass another night without sleep i am nervous again. that mesans that i havent accepted my simptoms. I dont know what to do, how can i learn to really accep this thing???

    • JillG says:

      It sounds like you have to practice the steps more. For me, I had to keep facing, accepting, floating, and letting time pass. Over and over again. In fact, I found I could “float” through a lot of my days when I was highly anxious. How do you really accept? Like the author says, you have to get to the point where you are no longer baffled and freaked out by the symptoms. Is it easy? No. It takes practice, but it works and you are worth it. And in any case it is much easier than living a life defeated and crippled with anxiety.

      Good luck!

  3. Lisa says:

    I have to practice more 😀 Iam happy that i can talk about this thing with someone and after reading your story I realized that the things can go better. I think that the fears that i have hold me in place and stop me from getting better. I am very young and afraid about the future. i will have to start working and have my own family. i dont want this thing anymore. The things will go better. Thank you very much :DDD

    • JillG says:

      Yes, things can get better for you honey, you have to believe in yourself and push through. You have your whole wonderful life ahead of you and you don’t need to be afraid of the future. That is just anxiety screwing with your mind. When I was your age I was afraid too. But even with basically no help, I graduated college, help a good job, got engaged, married, and had a family. If I can do it, anyone can. You know how I know you will get better? Because you said so– you said “i dont want this thing anymore. The things will go better.” So honey, do everything in your power to get better, and you surely will 🙂

      Many blessings,

      In case you didn’t already see this, this page can help you a lot: http://panicfreeme.com/tips-help/

  4. Lisa says:

    Thank you very much :DDD

  5. Jbee says:

    I read this book in the late 70’s or maybe early 80’s. At the time, I was the only one that ever had these feelings and wondered if I was “losing it”. This book is the one that made me feel as though I wasn’t alone. “Passing through” the attacks work wonders and “positive thinking”, such as replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. She was definitely a pioneer in her field. I gave my copy to someone else that was experiencing some anxiety and never got it back. I believe I will have to get a new copy. Sometimes, I need reminders..

  6. Jeannine B says:

    After reading countless self-help books, Christian and secular, and not getting anywhere, I went to our local library and found this book on the shelf many years ago. I kind of skimmed over it quickly and thought to myself, “This is just going to be another self-help book and started to put it back on the shelf. The “still small voice” urged me to check it out and just try it. I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord lead me to this book and that it saved my life. It was like Dr. Weekes knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling–especially the being afraid of being afraid part. It takes time to learn to use the tools of “facing, accepting, floating and letting time pass” and at first you may feel you might not be getting anywhere (there may be setbacks, but that is also a part of life). I highly recommend this book and have given copies to relatives and friends. Whether it helped them, I do not know. I could only “plant the seed.” I still use the tools on a regular basis and in a variety of situations/circumstances (also need to buy another copy for myself :). Thank you Lord and Thank You Dr. Weekes!!

  7. mahdi says:

    Hi jill, i am living in iran and i am suffering from panic, many times i have tried to bought these books and downloaded them but that was unsuccessful, do you know how can i do?

  8. mahdi says:

    thanks, i will do that

  9. Afzal says:

    Dear Jiig,
    I have been suffering from severe health anxiety since 12 years and especially heart attack. Somewhere i read anxiety can cause vaso spasm, which can give heart attack. since then i am worrying too much. As i did not much about that, i did not research it, what age group, risk factor, causes. please you might have researched many things related to anxiety. I am obsessing about it day & night. please help me to remove my fear. God bless you.

  10. Leti says:

    Dear Gill, thank you for writing about this book that also saved my life. I have been symptom free for 3 years until recently, and it has hit like a ton of bricks.

    I know Dr. Weekes said it could return, especially if it is triggered, and at least I can identify with it. But for some reason it is still persistent. I have to give it time I guess, but it is so difficult because my son who is very depressed is home right now, and I have to be strong for him. This is another up hill battle that I am up against. So while I am trying to heal, by thoughts are like a turbulent sea.

    Thank you, it is nice to know there are people out their like me.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I suffer from anxiety and i have a two year old and i just had second baby one month ago .I live in sacramento California and I’m very intrestead on purchasing the book.where can I buy it ?i also have panic away and I can say its been working me a lot I just feel like this book would be very good for me …

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