Interview with Dr.Todd Snyder of Social Anxiety Secrets

I was pleased to interview Dr. Todd Snyder, creator of Social Anxiety Secrets. Dr. Snyder is a clinical psychologist with a full time private practice. He specializes in teaching how to overcome social anxiety.


Jill: Dr.Todd Snyder, it’s great to speak with you today.

Dr. Snyder: It’s my pleasure.  I am always eager to get the word out to fellow social anxiety sufferers regarding the methods that actually work.

Jill: What made you want to help people in overcoming social anxiety?

Dr. Snyder: When my parents came back to the US from Africa (where they worked to fight hunger as a part of their Christian outreach) ISocial Anxiety Secrets official website was thrown into mainstream high school as a freshmen.  I didn’t fit in very well after living that long in Rwanda, and I began to have very significant social anxiety symptoms that basically shut down my social life for a few years.

I was helped by self-help psychology literature that led to my interest in figuring out how someone’s book could have such a powerful impact on a person’s life.  I took that interest all the way, eventually completing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  Surprisingly, my social anxiety and shyness symptoms came back during graduate school under the pressure to perform at a high level.  I began really serious research and application of what I learned, with great results that I now try to share with as many people as possible.

Jill: This ebook is definitely more ‘scientific’ than some of the other programs out there –which makes perfect sense. After all you’re a clinical psychologist. But I like that you make the material easy to understand.

Dr. Snyder: Thank you.  I worked hard at that.  The point is rapid change, which requires a good deal of self-understanding and a good deal of direct advice.

Jill: You effectively teach us how to ‘re-train our brains’ when it comes to dealing with social anxiety. Why is this so important?

Dr. Snyder: You can’t just “try hard” to not by shy or anxious in social situations.  In fact, “trying to not be anxious” makes anxiety of all kinds worse.  Learning how to train the brain to form new neural ruts (habits of thought and automatic reaction) is the only way to bypass the powerful anxiety cycle.

Jill: There are so many different kinds of social anxiety, from fear of using public restrooms, to fear of meeting new people, to fear of giving a speech. How can Social Anxiety Secrets help ALL social anxiety sufferers?

Dr. Snyder: That’s a good question, and one that I asked myself as I began the process of creating the Social Anxiety Secrets System.  My methods are universal for social anxiety because after consuming my material, readers will be able to see the underlying active ingredients of change and apply them to their own particular brand of social anxiety symptoms.  Of course, I also go into quite a lot of detail on specific symptom patterns to help as many people as possible.

Jill: I LOVE the 40 minute motivational MP3 recording. Why did you include it in the program?

Dr. Snyder: I do this for a living.  I have found that 80% of my success with patients in my private clinic has to do with the development of the proper self-motivation abilities that allow change to really stick.  Information is great, but rather useless until you pair it with action.  The recording hits on the most powerful self-change methods known in order to harness powerful motivation for rapid change.  My goal is to help people to obliterate social anxiety symptoms instead of just manage them.

Jill: You charge your private clients $110 for a 45 minute session, and a lot more than that for your self-discipline coaching. Yet you practically give Social Anxiety Secrets away for $21.95. On behalf of sufferers everywhere, thank you for this! You put really effective help for social anxiety into the reach of everyone.

Dr. Snyder: Thanks.  You are helping as well, simply by spreading the word.  I would give away the system for free if I could.  The cost goes toward the effort I take to reach the next person.  Self-help products changed my life (really gave me back my life) so it’s a passion for me.  Thanks for helping me spread the word.


Dr. Snyder developed Social Anxiety Secrets from his personal struggles with social anxiety and backed it with findings from scientific research and evidence based practice.  It is an effective program for overcoming social anxiety that I have personally reviewed and used myself to help me with making eye contact with others and shy bladder. I give a full endorsement to this ebook.


I wish you peace,
Jill G.

p.s. Read my full review of the program here: Social Anxiety Secrets review.

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