Social Anxiety Secrets Review

Social Anxiety SecretsSocial Anxiety Secrets is an anxiety self help program developed by Dr. Todd Snyder that helps people in coping with and overcoming social anxiety.

Dr. Snyder is a psychologist who overcame his own social anxiety and now specializes in the treatment of social anxiety and excessive shyness in his full-time private clinic. Social Anxiety Secrets is the exact methods he teaches his patients who are dealing with social anxiety.

Social Anxiety Secrets Format

Social Anxiety Secrets is a 77 page ebook, and is delivered in PDF format via instant download for $21.95. When I get an ebook this large, I like to print it out and assemble the book in a binder to have for ready reference (see my image above). This is a good option for taking notes in the margins,  highlighting, etc.

Dr. Snyder starts at the very beginning by explaining the underlying psychological causes of social anxiety, that is: what creates and perpetuates it in people.

Topics for overcoming social anxiety include:

  • Developing the right attitude to reduce your anxiety
  • How to control blushing in social situations
  • How to connect confidently with others instead of withdrawing into yourself
  • Building conversational skills
  • Small talk skills
  • Learning to make eye contact
  • How to survive confrontation in your life
  • What to do about excessive sweating
  • How to beat shy bladder (Thank you! 🙂 )
  • How to eliminate the feeling of being embarrassed
  • How to meet new friends and dating partners
  • Dealing with public speaking and other ‘in the spotlight’ situations

People have social anxiety in a wide variety of situations. In Chapter 7 you develop your personal Action Plan for overcoming your own specific brand of social anxiety, with small action steps that you will follow in order to achieve your goal.

Throughout the ebook, you are learned about the ‘oscillation technique’- a skill successfully used in both military endurance training as well as in training for a marathon (powerful stuff!)

The Social Anxiety Secrets package also includes a 42 minute MP3 recording of Dr. Snyder walking you through a series of motivational techniques that will help make the program most effective.


I wish the user was directed to the MP3 recording FIRST. I have to say, I recommend listening to the MP3 recording BEFORE you dive into the ebook.

So once you get the course, glance over the ebook and then listen to the MP3 in its entirety. It will get you pumped up to work this program to the fullest, so you won’t procrastinate, get frustrated with, or lose interest in the program. THEN go back and thoroughly dive into the ebook.

But will it work for me?

Dr. Snyder does a great job of getting the reader in the right mindset about overcoming social anxiety. What he does not teach are quick fix solutions what won’t help in the long run. This is a systematic, scientific approach to dealing with and ultimately overcoming social anxiety that takes commitment and time to work.

You will start to improve immediately by practicing many of the exercises he prescribes, but you must stay with the system for a good 2 weeks or so to see lasting results. As Dr. Snyder points out, overcoming social anxiety takes a bit of unlearning old behaviors while re-learning new ones. If you aren’t able to commit time and energy into this, you won’t get permanent elimination of your social anxiety symptoms.

This ebook is a great value at $21.95, and backed with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Download Social Anxiety Secrets & Get Started!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

p.s. The principles in Social Anxiety Secrets are beneficial to you in a variety of areas of your life, for the rest of your life. That’s pretty awesome stuff for the price of a large pizza if you ask me! 🙂

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