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EasyCalmEasy Calm is an anxiety treatment program for anyone suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, agoraphobia, or anxiety symptoms. It teaches how to stop anxiety and panic attacks for good, without medication.

Easy Calm is a video coaching program brought to you by Jon Mercer, a Personal Development Coach who holds a Masters degree in Administration and is a former anxiety sufferer himself.

After my purchase I received immediate access to the Easy Calm Video Coaching Series, 10 individual downloadable videos.  This is almost 3 ½ hours of video. The video files are quite large, so it does take a few minutes to download. There is also an option to download smaller files if you have a slower internet connection.

The videos are good quality, making them easy to watch and listen to. I have reviewed anxiety products that were hard to listen to or poorly written, and I think this can make it harder to want to sit and learn.

Easy Calm Review: How Does this Program Work?

You start with Session One and work your way through each video.  The videos are meant to be learned and applied in the order they are presented. You are given easy to do written and behavioral assignments to complete along the way, starting with the 3 Small Changes exercise.

The Easy Calm method is not a quick fix, but a method to help understand how EXACTLY to start recovering from panic attacks and anxiety today, regardless of where you are with your ‘disease.’ The goal is permanent recovery from debilitating anxiety.

And speaking of the word disease, Jon doesn’t care for how the medical community deals with anxiety disorders.  He maintains that anxiety and panic are not medical conditions or diseases needing medical solutions. In fact, if you see your anxiety this way, you remain a victim and you never get better.  I like this thinking very much and agree with it wholeheartedly, by the way 🙂

Jon teaches that Anxiety is nothing more than a mental habit that we develop in ourselves. The Easy Calm videos teach you (very gently, there are no scary surprises here) HOW to reprogram your old thinking and develop tolerance for anxiety symptoms and anxiety provoking situations. He teaches you how to effectively expand your comfort zone.  This works for agoraphobia, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder.

He gives a variety of exercises that help stop anxiety on the spot and prevent panic attacks too. You can use what works for you and discard the ones you don’t like. These exercises help to switch off anxiety thinking by using a different part of the brain. It’s all very scientific stuff, but it’s presented in a very easy to understand, conversational way.

Jon presents all the information himself, straight from his own office, in a very friendly, matter of fact manner. It feels like he is literally sitting across the table from you, guiding you along the way, and I like this a lot. Of note, he personally corresponded with me on more than one occasion when I was getting ready to review Easy Calm, so I can attest that he is a real person with a genuinely nice personality.

Jon has personally battled with severe panic attacks, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and generalized anxiety himself for over 25 years.  Before his cure, he admits he made every mistake along the way. But because of his experience, he knows and teaches EXACTLY what to do and exactly EasyCalm official websitewhat NOT to do in overcoming anxiety permanently.


I’m a big reader and I would have liked a ebook to go along with the videos. That said, Jon does encourage you to take notes throughout the videos, and of course I did. Now I have a legal pad chock full of all the main points and information I need to use the EasyCalm anxiety treatment program successfully.

Will EasyCalm work for you?

That depends on you. If you learn it, you WILL succeed and get blessed and permanent relief from anxiety and panic. If you fail to watch the videos and apply what you’ve learned, you won’t succeed. Simple as that.

EasyCalm is a simple program and it works. This is definitely one of the best panic attack treatment programs I have found.

The price for the entire EasyCalm Anxiety Video Series is only $97. This comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You also receive $137 worth of FREE bonus materials, including guided meditations, visualizations, hypnosis, and the entire Easy Calm system on mp3 format <=very nice!

If you are struggling with anxiety in any of its forms and are willing to make changes in your life for effective and long term relief, get Easy Calm today.


I wish you peace,
Jill G.

With Easy Calm, anxiety will no longer control and dominate your life. Improve your situation and start living your best life today.

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