FAST Anxiety Relief With EFT Tapping

Did you like the EFT Tapping video in my recent post? EFT is very useful for general anxiety and social anxiety. It’s very easy to do and very effective!

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a form of energy healing that combines Neuro Linguistic Programming with acupressure. It works by tapping on acupressure points that release feel-good hormones (including dopamine and oxytocin).

While you tap on the acupressure points, you talk your way out of a stressful situation. So as you do a few rounds of tapping, you start to feel better and better.

Tip: Like any good anxiety busing tool, the more you use it, the better you get at it. So do it at least daily, and whenever you feel anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.

I’ve been doing so well with my tapping that I use it “one the spot” and just free form my words. I’ve used it in my anxiety trigger times: in the morning, on weekends when I feel stressed, before work and in the bathroom when I’m having a hard day. I’ve even used tapping to help soothe my anxiey when I wake up in the middle of the night.

The great thing is, it only takes maybe 3 – 5 minutes to go from feeling anxious to feeling better!

Remember: When your mind believes that you are safe, there is no longer a fight/flight/freeze response. So do the tapping for a few minutes, until your mind feels safe.

Here are the EFT tapping points: 

EFT Tapping Points

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Next is an EFT Tapping for Anxiety script that you can use. Go through the tapping points in order while you repeat the script out loud.

Note, you only have to do the karate chop once, in the very beginning)

EFT Tapping Script for Anxiety

(Karate chop) Even though I feel anxious, I love, honor, and accept myself.

(Eyebrow) Even though I feel anxious, and I don’t like feeling this way, I love, honor, and forgive myself.

(Side of Eye) I forgive myself, and I forgive anyone else who may have contributed to me having these feelings.

(Under Eye) I don’t like feeling this way, and I know that I am ready and fully able to heal.

(Under Nose) I am ready to heal, and feel the peace and calm that comes naturally and abundantly to me.

(Chin) I was born feeling safe and complete.

(Collarbone) And even if I don’t feel it very much right now, the truth is, I am always safe and complete.

(Under Arm) Take a deep breath.

(Top of Head) I am always safe and complete.

(Eyebrow) More and more I feel and know that I am always safe and ok.

(Side of Eye) And I feel the energy of those who love me.

(Under Eye) This energy goes through my being, and heals me.

(Under Nose) I am healing on a cellular level, from all feelings of overwhelm and feeling anxious and unsafe.

(Chin) Thank you Lord, for the abundance of healing in my life.

(Collarbone) The abundance of safety and warmth and love..

(Under Arm) The abundant ease of well-being.

(Top of Head) I see myself happy and at ease with others.

(Eyebrow) And I feels the bonds of family and friends.

(Side of Eye) And when I remember and feel that connection to others, I know that I’m ok.

(Under Eye) Fear just melts away, and I feel even more connected.

(Under Nose) It feels so good.

(Chin) I am a precious child of the universe, and connected to all life forms.

(Collarbone) I am grateful to remember this connection.

(Under Arm) For it is only because I forgot that I became anxious in the first place.

(Top of Head) I forgot that I was safe and that I was ok.

(Eye brow) Thank you Lord, for helping me remember.

(Side of Eye) I am supported and fully open to all the healing energy of the universe.

(Under Eye) Flowing though me, and healing me completely on a cellular level.

(Under nose) I feel so good and so relaxed.

(Chin) My life is rich and prosperous in health and well-being.

(Collarbone) Thank you for the peace, the stillness, and the joy that I feel right now.

(Under Arm) This peace resides in me forever.

Take a deep breath.


Here’s to your Tapping Success! 🙂

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

PS. If you struggle with social anxiety, here is an effective program that harnesses the power of EFT: Check out the Social Confidence System.

Social Confidence System

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