How To Manifest Money When Your Bank Account Has Shrunk

I mentioned recently how my husband’s job has been sort of drying up. My work as a nurse helps, but it doesn’t cover our nut. Scarcity and money worries are something I’ve been dealing with a lot over the past year.I am abundant

To be honest, I’ve always had trouble in this area- trouble feeling safe and comfortable with money. I think that’s because growing up, my cousins used to tell me and my sister and brother that we were poor. It wasn’t true, but we believed them.

So when our bank account shows a lot less than usual, that is a real trigger for me to get anxious and feel out of control.

Today I wanted to share what has been helping me. Specifically I have been using the Law of Attraction, EFT Tapping, and Judge Your Neighbor Worksheets- to manifest money and wealth. So let’s dive right in- let this help you today!

1. The Law of Attraction

We have had discussions here about using the Law of Attraction, and how I’ve been using it to heal anxiety in my life.

Part of my spiritual practice is to sit in silence and think upon the things that I wish to manifest in my life. To see, feel, and really envision it.

I created this collage that covers all that areas that I am working on: Mental and Physical Health, Love of Family and Friends, and Material Comfort/ Wealth. I have it on my home computer and also on my phone so I can look at it whenever I need to.Law of Attraction for health, love, friendship, wealth and healing

As a reformed Catholic, formerly filled with guilt, let me just put it out there: It is OK to wish to attract material abundance and all good things in your life!

When you apply the Law of Attraction to your life, the energy you create is what you put out into the world. So what you put out comes back to you.

My practice with this collage is to pull it up on my desktop or on my phone when I have a minute or 2 and just focus on the images and what they represent for me.

I picture myself feeling abundantly healthy, with abundant ease of well-being, with abundant love of family and friends, and abundant wealth and money to make life comfortable and easy.

I do this in a meditative state, taking slow, mindful breaths. Relaxing into the sweetness of the feelings and images.

When you wish to attract abundance, you must learn to recognize the abundant universe all around you. And this simple practice helps.

2. EFT Tapping

This video is so helpful. It is uses EFT Tapping to shift your mindset from lack to prosperity. In this video Brad Yates (who is wonderful by the way, do check him out) explains how money is always flowing. It flows to us and away from us- much like the waves on the shore.

This exercise helps clear any blocks around the areas of receiving money. Give it a try!

Tapping for Wealth. I am a money magnet, I am a money magnet! Oh yes I am 🙂 I have been doing this EFT Tapping video daily and as often as needed.

For more intensive work on clearing money blocks, please check out the program Brad did with Dr. Joe Vitale of “The Secret” HERE.

3. Judge Your Neighbor Worksheets.

I have done numerous Judge Your Worksheets around money, since those stressful thoughts have been coming up again and again.

Here is an example of one:

Stressful thought: We don’t have enough money.

Is it true?


How do I react when I believe this thought that we don’t have enough money?

Watch Bob’s spending and judge him harshly in my head. Urges to yell out at him and make him send the letter to his client. Notice he spends money casually and frequently and that makes me feel contracted and scared. Nickel and dime my spending. Feel put out. Feel miserly, feel resentful of others who seem to be doing well, judge everyone. Judge Mom and Dad, my sister, girls at work with retired husbands who travel. Think it’s all Bob’s fault. Compare and think all are better off than me. Think of things I want to buy and don’t.

Who would you be without this thought?

I would be present and care free in this area. I would be calm. Peaceful.


We DO have enough money

Proof: The bills are paid. There is some money in the bank.

Proof: We still both work.

Proof: We made some money in the stock market this year. My parents gave us money for Christmas.

Money is not my business.
My THINKING is my business.

Yes! That feels much more true!

The universe is abundant. There is abundance all around me. I only have to open my eyes to see it all around.

I am provided for in this moment. I have enough money in this moment. What I have is enough.
I am grateful for all that I have.

Turnaround: My thinking doesn’t have enough money.

Yes, it’s my thinking that attaches to the story of dread and fear and lack of money. It separates me from Bob, from my family, from my friends, from humanity when I attach to the story of not having enough money.

Tip: To learn more about Judge Your Neighbor Worksheets, see this site (it is free):

Highly recommended reading (this book is on my nightstand) : Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Results of Doing These 3 Things: Money did show up!

I found someone’s wallet in my grocery cart the other week. It was a nice Tory Burch wristlet. I opened it to see if there was some way to contact the owner. And man, that wallet was FILLED with  a stack of cash- and they were big bills!

I had no thought to take it of course, but it made me laugh out loud. I am a money magnet! There was the proof! 🙂

When I gave the wallet over to the store manager, I was happy and lighthearted. I could just imagine how relieved the wallet’s owner would be when she got her stuff back!

The big bill that miraculously shrank in half

Feeling the immense weight of paying for my kids’ college tuition the other week, I went online to pay the bill for the semester. Before I sat down to do this, I did the tapping exercise and also had done a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet on my stressful thoughts.

So while I was scared, I was not in a horrible space emotionally when I sat down.

But Imagine my surprise and delight when the bill was less than half of what it usually is!

I could never make this up! I thought it was a mistake. How in hell could the bill be slashed in half for no apparent reason??

I called the school and spoke to someone who put me on hold to investigate. Seems my daughter dropped a class and they pro-rated this and credited something else. I couldn’t follow what the lady was saying. But the bill was absolutely correct.

I paid that bill with so much gratitude. Never have I been so happy to pay a college bill! 🙂

And the best part of all- the terror and fear around money went away

By using these little practices- that is by doing the EFT Tapping, calling up and focusing on the Law of Attraction, and by doing Judge Your Neighbor Worksheets on stressful thoughts around money, I put some space around the fear.

Quite literally, I can say the immense terror I had been plagued with has gone. Oh my goodness I am so grateful! It has been replaced with a knowing, a restful peace in the knowledge that I am abundantly provided for at all times.

Also, I was grateful to really investigate the concept of “Enough.” There is always “enough.” (MORE than enough, actually).

Enough air to breathe, enough food to eat, enough water to drink and bathe, enough light to see, enough heat and electricity to warm the house, enough clothes to wear… Enough love to go around…

And yes, enough money to live and be ok!

The universe (or life, or God, whatever you want to call it) is abundant. And I know that just because I haven’t always had the mindset to appreciate it, the universe is always providing for me. (And for you!)

One thing I know for sure- this is a MUCH healthier way to live life, even if there is little money coming in at the moment.

This energy of feeling good and cared for and at peace also helps my husband. He seems to be in a really good and creative space. He is thinking of all different things he will do if and when his present job goes.

With good energy in our house and hearts, we will go forward and succeed and continue to be ok.

A lack of money isn’t really the problem. It’s a symptom of a problem. We’ve forgotten who we are. We are connected to infinite source. And when you’re feeling that connection, you have plenty of abundance and money for what you want and need. And you know that it’s ok. -Brad Yates

And I know this – if the fear comes back again, I know I can continue to do these little practices to send it away! So grateful!

And you, do you feel safe and provided for in times of financial stress? If not, I know you can manifest money and wealth in your life using one of these simple but effective tools! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

For more intensive work on clearing money blocks, please check out the program Brad did with Dr. Joe Vitale of “The Secret” HERE.


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