2 Minutes to Stop Anxiety Fast – LOVING this! :)

Yesterday at work we had an impromptu meeting and while I didn’t have a panic attack, I definitely could have. I had a level of agitation and social anxiety that was uncomfortable. So I just sat there all miserable waiting for it to end.

I didn’t like how I felt afterwards. I could tell during the meeting that I was in a contracted, fearful state. That if I was called on to speak, it would have been a real challenge. And when others were speaking, I was sad and envious of their ease of expressing themselves. 🙁

When I woke up this morning I vowed I would find something to help me. Something quick and effective. This morning I was looking at NLP videos on YouTube. I came upon this one that helped a lot:

Here are some notes taken from the video:

Think of your life as a timeline. Float out and above the event about which you were anxious. Look down as an observer.

Here’s the key:
Go 15 minutes out furhter. Turn and look back down onto your timeline. Turn and look back and see the event turn out better than you could have possibly imagined.
Now- now, where’s the anxiety?
If you’ve done this correctly, it’s either greatly reduced, or completely gone.

Yay! 🙂

I did this exercise using yesterday’s staff meeting as the anxious event, and wow. Almost as if by magic, the feelings and anxiety I had about it completely evaporated.

I could totally picture myself sitting in the next meeting ROCKING it with calmness and happy confidence. Thank you Lord!

I really LOVE this technique! 🙂

Remember last fall when I had that episode of being paralyzed with anxiety over my upcoming flight? Well, the therapist I worked with Christopher Paul Jones, included this NLP timeline technique as one of the ways to help me regain my confidence and emotional balance.

And in the Overcome Fear of Flying hypnosis download I purchased, they also effectively used this timeline technique as well.

Give it a whirl and let me know how you like it!

I love finding fast, effective ways for us anxious folk to get back to our calm selves! NLP rocks!

TIP: If this works great for you, bookmark it so you can have it on hand to refer to as needed!

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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2 Responses to 2 Minutes to Stop Anxiety Fast – LOVING this! :)

  1. Terra says:

    Hey Jill! So nice to read this post. I appreciate the way you look at healing from anxiety as a journey. There is no magic instant fix. It really comes down to getting to know & love yourself! To all the sufferers, I have nothing but love & respect for each of you. I truly understand.

    • JillG says:

      Hi Terra!

      There are those people who are wired to be sensitive and anxiety/nervousness is often part of that package. So yes, for me at least, healing has definitely been a journey. There will be times in my life where I feel amazing and give no thought to anxiety. And then something will happen and boom, it’s there again.

      And as you correctly point out, it is so important to know yourself. When you are aware of your triggers and sensitivities, you can prepare yourself before you have to face them. Or look back after a setback and learn about it so you are better going forward.

      Which is why it’s also so important for anxious people to have a toolbox that works for them. When anxiety strikes, you can use your trusted resources and quickly right yourself.

      Which is what I practice. I know my triggers, I prepare, I face my fears. And when I have a setback, I look back and learn.

      I had one of those amazing days at work yesterday. I was absolutely completely fine, confident and happy. I was in a happy state of gratitude on my drive home, it felt wonderful. And to all sufferers, know that when you face your fears and use your trusted toolbox, you will have more and more days like that too. Days of calm confidence… which is pure heaven!

      Thank you Terra for your comment and wishing you well in the New Year! 🙂

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