Using The Law of Attraction to Heal Anxiety

If you get quiet enough, sometimes you get certain insights that can only be described as grace. These insights can help to make life better for us. Today I want to talk about how I am using the Law of Attraction to heal myself of anxiety. My hope is this will inspire you to do the same! 🙂
Recently a dear friend went home to China for a 3 week visit. When she came back to work, she excitedly brought me into the locker room to give me a special gift- a little statue of a cabbage. She said, “This will bring you good luck with EVERYTHING.”

When I got home I researched this little cabbage statue, and indeed it is meant to bring 100 years of prosperity. I decided to take my friend’s word for it. She is just the kindest, nicest, and most well-meaning person I know. When I got home from work that evening, I placed the little cabbage statue near my computer so I could see it every day.

Not a few days later, my husband invited me to watch a free movie on Amazon Prime with him. My husband is not spiritual at all. This movie came out some years ago, and the book was a best seller. The movie was The Secret.
I was really impressed with it. It is basically about how to use the Law of Attraction to bring forth things in your life. Admittedly the movie focuses a lot on material things- harnessing the power of intention, and giving thanks in advance, to manifest things like cars and money and houses.

I’ve heard that there are no coincidences in life. On an interesting side note, I studied the Law of Attraction maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I learned how to make a vision board by cutting out pictures from magazines that represented things I wanted to bring forth in my life. I pasted the pictures on a poster board and kept it by my bed. I was a very good student it seems, because everything I put on the board came to fruition in my life.

I had completely forgotten about that old vision board, forgotten that I was “good” at this!

So you all know how I love Eckhart Tolle and use his teachings. I love to listen to his videos on YouTube and I listen to the audio CDs of his books The Power of Now and A New Earth just about every morning on my commute to work.

Well recently I listened to some videos of him where he talks about using the Law of Attraction. He says how it’s good to play in the world of form, but also cautions how material things can not bring you lasting happiness.

Within the body of the movie The Secret, they do say this also, and that was the message I received. The movie got me so excited and happy about what I could do for myself, I watched it 2 more times, just to make sure I understood it.

I decided to use the Law of Attraction to bring forth Health and Healing from Anxiety, as well as all things that would truly help me to be Happy and Peaceful.

I looked around on the internet and found beautiful images that represented the things I desire and intent to manifest.

Here is my Vision Board for Manifesting Ease of Well-Being, Happiness, Health, Perfect Healing, and Abundance:

The first image in the upper left corner represents abundant health, healing, being in nature, and serenity.

The image to the right of it – with the lady in the early morning light-  represents ease of well- being. Notice I don’t use the “a” word. When you want to bring something to life, you only use positive words.

The 3rd image represents the loving bonds of family.

In the next row, the 3rd image represents love, laughter, and the bonds of friendship.

In the bottom row, the first image represents communion, connection, and kinship with my friends and all people.

The kitchen and house images represent the the peaceful, beautiful house I love and will live in.

And the money picture represents the abundance of wealth, the ease of giving and receiving that makes life nice on this plane.

I have a copy of this vision board on my home computer, and I sit and look at it each and every morning. I also have a copy of it on my phone, so that I can look at it and focus on the pictures when I have down time at work.

I think about the images, and give thanks on my commute home from work for all these things.

So how is it working?

Well pretty nicely! 🙂

The Law of Attraction is working in your life all the time, whether you know about it, or believe in it or not. Because it is 100% accurate that what you think about and focus on is what you bring forth, or manifest in your life.

Now when someone is struggling with anxiety, thoughts tend to be very negative. And when you focus on negative, you get more negative.

If you look back on your life situation honestly, you will probably see that this is the case. I know for sure it was the case with me.

At the end of September I am going to have to fly alone to Aruba for vacation. My husband can’t go, and my kids will be at school. I will be meeting my parents and sister and her wife there.

Now I am not a frequent flyer by any means, but the last few times I have flown, it has gotten increasingly difficult. I have a lot of anxious thoughts leading up to the flight. It has been really miserable! And it double sucks because I used to really love to fly!

So with my new found enthusiasm for intending my Ease of Well-being, I researched and found a really good book on how to deal with the anxiety. The book is called Soar: The Breakthrough Treatment For Fear Of Flying.

Now I am not afraid of flying/crashing/ turbulence. I am afraid of my fearful thoughts while on the plane! Terrified in fact!

So this book is really, really helpful! It gave some really practical and useful tips to use when having anxious thoughts. One of the methods is called the 5-4-3-2-, which I will explain in a minute. Most of my angst about the upcoming flight is already melted away!

The morning after I purchased and started reading the book, we had an impromptu meeting at work. We were all required to attend. Over the years, meetings and sitting in rooms with people like lecture halls and churches have always been big triggers for me to have panic attacks.

So I went to the meeting and fully intended to use the 5-4-3-2-1, along with the a few other things taught in the book, as well things I learned from the 60 Second Panic Solution course.

So get this, the room was PACKED. it was standing room only, and the Director of Nursing who was giving the meeting, was standing directly in front of me– meaning, ALL eyes were focused in my direction. About 40 sets of eyes.

This was the PERFECT storm for one or multiple panic attacks. I was recently in a work meeting and the person sitting next to me kept asking questions. Every time she spoke and all the people turned around to look, I had a panic attack. I just sat there all passive and contracted and helpless. It was awful! I left that meeting feeling exhausted and really down on myself.

So naturally, in this meeting, I immediately felt like I wanted to leave.

And so I immediately reined it in and focused my attention on doing the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise:

I looked around and named 5 things I saw, one by one (the tree outside the window to my left, the white board to my right, etc), then I listened and silently named 5 things I could hear (the person in the chair to my left adjusting her seat, the bell going off in the hallway, etc). Then I silently named 5 things I could feel ( my hand on my scrubs, my back to the counter, etc.) Then I imagined a sparkling shower of love and healing washing over me like, bathing me in love.

A few times I felt nervous again, so again I looked around for 5 things I could see, 5 things I could hear, and 5 things I could feel. Then I imagined the healing shower of sparkling love again washing over me and cleansing me of all stress and negativity.

My fear was transformed! I was then able to look around and see that everyone in the room was kind, that the meeting was not a big deal, that I was safe and good.

I was fine! I was peaceful! and not only that, I was happy and filled with love! 😀

(Note: the healing shower meditation is from the 60 Second Panic Solution, it is called the Triple A Technique).

It was wonderful!!

That is abundant and glorious Ease of Well Being. Thank you Lord! I am so so grateful to have this wonderful tool!

I am going to keep studying my SOAR book at night. And I just know my flight will be a breeze!!

Gratitude and Meditation as a Daily Practice

I have found that there are 3 things that keep me well and balanced- gratitude, kindness, and stillness.

Everyday I take a few minutes in the morning to sit in silence and just focus on stillness and my breathing. Throughout the day, I try to remember to take slow mindful breaths.

Connecting to the breath is a great way to access the stillness and peace that always resides within us.

And being in a purposeful state of gratitude- especially when things don’t feel right, or when you are challenged- is a powerful way to transform negative into positive.

On my way into work, I can replace feeling of angst with peace by focusing on all I have to be grateful for. Here is an example of a prayer I might say in the car on the way in to work:

“Thank you Lord for this beautiful day. Thank you for the trees and the birds and the early morning light. Thank you for the cleansing shower and how nice it feels to be clean and smell good. Thank you for my car that gets me safely to work every day. Thank you for the ease of well being that I feel all the time. Thank you for my wonderful job that I love so much. Thank you for all my wonderful coworkers. Thank you for friendship and cooperation and kindness at work. Thank you for my family, and for the strong bonds of love and harmony that we share. Thank you for my breathing, and that I can always take nice cleansing breaths to bring peace, etc, etc.”

On the way home from work I again put myself in a deliberate state of gratitude by going over the things of the day I have to be grateful for.

There is so much goodness all around, if we just choose to see it!

Wishing you well, I hope this post serves you! I hope it inspires you to use the Law of Attraction to bring health, ease of well being, and healing from anxiety into your life as well!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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