Eckhart Tolle on How to Stop Suffering from Anxiety

I listened to a bunch of Eckhart Tolle videos on YouTube yesterday. Specifically in regard to how to stop suffering from anxiety. Here is one about a man who was in a constant state of fear and anxiety.

The man’s parents were Holocaust survivors and passed down their fears to him. Eckhart explains what he can do to help stop the suffering:

This video is wonderful. So much of what he says is worthy of contemplation. I find that the more I listen to Eckhart Tolle the better I understand how to apply these concepts in my daily life. I use Eckhart’s teachings to help me understand and transmute the negative things in my life (like fear and anxiety) into peace. Here are some of my notes- direct quotes from Eckhart– on this and other videos I watched:

The suffering self isn’t ultimately real. It is possible to live free of suffering.

Thought cannot tolerate the state of presence. It wants to control it by understanding what it all means.

You can watch a thought arising in your mind.

You can observe the inner world the world of emotions and thought.

There’s no need to follow every thought.

You are bigger than your thoughts. You don’t have to be dominated by your thoughts.

They can obscure the aliveness of your life.

The human condition is to be lost in thought. Most humans are lost in it.

Most of human pain is psychologically created.

Suffering implies a story. A me that is unhappy. An unhappy story that is its identity.

You cannot leave the space of now.

Inner transformation is not really about finding lots of answers to your questions, but finding a new relationship to thought.

The basic condition of the egoic self is a very deep seated state of lack. 

In the office one day apparently A New Earth arrived in a package and somebody had put it through a shredder and returned it to the office…(laughing) So this person was not ready.

You cannot force it on people.

All a spiritual teaching does is it saves time.

In the absence of a spiritual teacher you still have your suffering. Everybody has that. That’s the main teaching and the main teacher.

Your spiritual teaching is your suffering. And eventually it will wake you up. Eventually.

Instead of going through life and reacting to the content, the content is allowed to be. And then you’re aware of the Now itself beyond the phenomena that arise in it. That is the miracle of transformation of consciousness.

You become aware of an undercurrent of stillness in which everything happens. You sense it. You realize that you ARE it.

And then it’s so easy. Once you realize you are that deep undercurrent of stillness, the world is no longer problematic.

Its simply the story of me. But you don’t get your identity from it anymore. What’s left are simply photo albums in the head.

You’re no longer in a reactive relationship to those events that took place in the past and are remembered in field of now. You’re not seeking yourself in reactions to those stories. Its simply things that happened in the past. Its not me. You don’t need it anymore for your identity.

When you no longer look for yourself in the future, it’s no longer threatening.

Notes to take away:

The discomfort you feel is created in your mind.

Turn towards the feeling to dissolve it.

Know that the majority of thoughts are useless and are only there to pull you in.

Watch the thought but don’t let it pull you in and take you over.

The “Story of Me” is the suffering.

The goal is to get rid of the egoic self.

Many people go through their life and function with a level of fear and anxiety within. Eckhart Tolle shows how, through acceptance of what is, and by not being taken over by thought, you can go beyond the fear, stop this needless suffering and find inner peace.

Make your dream a happy one 🙂
Jill G.

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11 Responses to Eckhart Tolle on How to Stop Suffering from Anxiety

  1. Maz says:

    Wow. Very thought provoking in a very good way

    Thank you jilly will have to look on YouTube

    Maz xxx

    • JillG says:

      When I first started studying Eckhart Tolle I couldn’t always understand or process what he was saying. But I knew he spoke the truth because I felt so calm and peaceful listening to him. I do hope this was helpful to you Maz, thank you for the comment xx

  2. Terra says:

    Very interesting! God knows we over thinkers love lots of information. Thank you for the post! 🙂

  3. Veronica says:

    Makes so much sense but seems so difficult to implement on a daily basis. Thinking always gets in the way along with all the ‘what ifs’.

    • JillG says:

      It hasn’t really been that hard for me to implement Veronica. I make my day into a spiritual practice of watching my thoughts. Of course I get lost in thought a lot, but when I feel anxious, I have learned to watch the discomfort, instead of letting the discomfort take me over and become me. That is the key. The really cool thing is by witnessing the icky feelings without making a story out of them, they quickly dissipate. I hope you will give it a try, it’s so worth it! 🙂

      • Veronica says:

        Yes I know. My CB therapist tells me that I’m an expert at ‘time travelling’ and that I overthink everything. Will get Tolle’s on audio. It’s letting go of old patterns in our hard wiring that requires great cognitive effort. Old habits die hard…as the saying goes

        • JillG says:

          Yes, old it’s all the hard wiring we must undo. Listening to Eckhart Tolle’s audios help me every day. Please let me know how they work for you! 🙂

  4. Veronica says:

    Strange how programmed our mind is to want to hold on tightly to the past and how much of a grip the anxious thoughts have on all our past ‘baggage’ and future concerns. It is a very slow process trying to be here now with the demons sitting on one’s shoulder trying to pull one back to old thinking. I’m writing in my bedroom and the breeze is sending the amazing scent from the gardenia bushes straight through my window. Very much a NOW moment!

    • JillG says:

      The programmed mind is just that- programmed by us. The demons on my shoulders were created by me and my unhealthy reactions to things. It is a slow process, but just in noticing it, that starts to let the light of consciousness in. I love how present you are as you commented, and love that you are using your senses to enjoy the gardenia-scented breeze. Now that is a little piece of heaven on earth! 🙂

  5. Veronica says:

    Yes…the recognition is such an important first step towards effecting positive changes and although relaxation is often strangely difficult I can feel the difference when I allow myself to let go. It’s funny you know….how difficult it is to relax when it’s such a pleasant state of being. I mean hanging on to ‘fight or flight’ mode when one could be peacefully relaxed seems absurd but if one’s been doing it for so long it’s a very bad habit which takes strength and self discipline to kick.

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