On Choosing Kindness & Why I Had To Pick Up The Dog Poop

Today we’re talking about choosing kindness & doing the right thing, even when it doesn’t necessarily get noticed. And how by doing this, it puts YOU in a better mood, a higher vibrational field (where negativity doesn’t affect you), and can be a bright spot in your day.

I have a 9 year old German Shepard named Buddy who loves to go for walks.

This morning I took Buddy for a walk at a nearby elementary school, where he can run off leash. It’s a few miles from the house so we have to drive there.  I parked the car and let him out so he could go do his business, while I got the car locked. He immediately ran over to the school and made a poop.

I went over to pick it up, but for whatever reason I couldn’t find it. Buddy was all excited for his walk, jumping up and down and crying and carrying on. Since the dirty deed was done was right by the car and no one comes to the school yard this early, I figured we could go for our walk and I’d look later.

So that’s was we did. We had a nice time walking and jogging around. The school is adjacent to some beautiful grounds that are owned by the Catholic church and also some woods. It was a beautiful early quiet February morning. Buddy was so happy, he got to explore and smell all the smells and run on the trail, and I felt great to be out first thing too.

About a half hour later we headed back to the car and I remembered the poop. I went over to the snow where he did it and looked and looked and looked. I could not find that stupid poop!

I ended up walking around the parking lot and snow like four times. It was ridiculous! I felt like CSI. And then I ended up finding 2 loads of dog crap. It’s like they were camouflaged in the morning light-so gross! One was old, definitely not Buddy’s.

Regardless, I picked them both up with my doggie poo bags and threw them in the trash.

I spent way too much time looking for the poop. At one point I had the thought to just leave it. Nobody saw me after all. But of course I would never do that.

You know what though? As gross as it was, I’m glad I picked it up. It was in a school yard.  I thought, maybe it will save some mother from their kid coming home with a dirty sneaker in the spring once the snow is all gone. (Been there, done that)

As silly as this incident sounds, it made me feel good.

Always Be Kind… Always Do the Right Thing…

When you do something nice it comes back to you. Maybe not right away, but it always does. And not only that, it feels good to be kind in the moment. The feeling of being kind is its own reward in a way.

When you are kind, you are connecting to the humanity of others. Connecting is crucial for anxious people. We tend to live inside our heads, and isolate in our thoughts. Be kind. Put goodness out towards others. This is the opposite of what anxious thinking tells you to do. With anxiety, it’s all about me me me. Kindness is it’s own kind of altruism, and is a wonderful balm to get out of nervous energy!

Also, being kind raises your vibrational energy. This is not woo-woo stuff, believe me. When you are in a good state, negativity and bad things (including anxiety) cannot affect you. Not nearly as much as other times.

Try this out for yourself and you will see that it is true! 🙂

Lately I have been doing little acts of kindness just for the heck of it. I will fix my husband a cup of coffee first thing on weekends. Weekends are big triggers for me to be negative and judgmental towards him. But I can choose not to focus on negativity. I can fix him a nice cup of coffee. Even if I don’t love how he acts sometimes, I can still be loving and kind towards him.

This makes everything a little better! 🙂

In the house I can clean up the kitchen in the morning and do the dishes without bitching mentally or saying anything sarcastic and making it into a big deal.

I notice when I drive, there are always  opportunities to be kind to people. If someone’s in a hurry and starts tailgating me, I can pull over and let them pass -and just let it be. I don’t have to call them an asshole as they rush past me. I can let someone have the right of way. Little things like that.

At work this week, when I had downtime, I helped the housekeepers clean the operating rooms after cases were done. I also helped other nurses transport their patients back to their rooms after surgery. I did it without being asked and I did it quietly.

It really made for good feelings all around. 🙂

When you Exercise your Kindness Muscle and Make it a Habit, it makes it easier to to the right thing in harder situations.And it does ease the burden of anxiety.

So whether it’s picking up after your dog when no one’s looking, dealing with your in-laws, helping out when it’s not asked,  or even when there is a road-rager behind you, choosing kindness raises your vibration, puts you in a good mood, and makes for a better world, no matter how small the deed.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Tell me:  How can you be kind today and make your world a little Kindness Boomerangbrighter for yourself and everyone in it? Is something challenging you today? Can you do a kind thing to just make it a little lighter all around? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

I wish you peace,

Jill G

Recommended Reading: Kindness Boomerang: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts by Orly Wahba contains 365 daily acts, one for each day of the year, accompanied by inspirational quotes, personal stories on the power of paying it forward, and tangible steps to change your outlook on life. This book empowers you to bring positivity into your everyday life and the lives of those around you. Check it out here.

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2 Responses to On Choosing Kindness & Why I Had To Pick Up The Dog Poop

  1. Kathleen F. says:

    As is often the case, Jill, you post something REAL and something I need to see! Being in a “mood” today , for reasons that are relevant I had to say are these things controlling me? How about I control my mood over these things? I love to do an act of kindness and in reading your post felt like the kindness muscle needs some work today. So, I have a chance to do just that in the next half hour and then again later. My issues have not changed but as I read once”Change you thoughts on the situation and the situation may change.” As always, thank you for your posts and honesty.!
    Hugs k

    • JillG says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      I’m glad this is helping you today. Keep putting kindness out there, I promise you won’t regret it. I was not a “naturally kind” person when I first started my healing process. Not that I was unkind, but I had a mean streak and identified very much as a victim (of anxiety, my past, you name it). So for me I had to start very small, and take it from there. Baby steps as they say. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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