Tart Cherry Juice for Arthritis & Joint Pain

I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and one of the joys of that is arthritis and joint pain. I get flare ups in my shoulders, toes, hips and fingers. I know a lot of readers also suffer from joint pain and arthritis, so I thought I would share my Tart Cherry Juice remedy today.

Tart Cherry Juice

For the past month or so, my right hip has been in a pretty nasty arthritic flare up. The joint pain has been almost alarming at times, it feels almost like a very bad tooth ache. Maybe 7 or 8 out of 10 on a 1-10 pain scale. And when it was at its worst, I was limping, and the aching was almost constant.

I’ve been doing stretches and keeping up with walking. And I’ve also been taking my Tart Cherry Juice daily. A friend at work recommended it to me over the summer, when I was having joint pain in my shoulders). She is a runner and has arthritis in her back and she swears by it. She learned about it from her college-age son, who plays hockey and does body building. I guess it is all the rage with the 20 somethings, who knows.

There are a lot of benefits of Tart Cherry Juice. It decreases swelling and arthritis pain, helps you sleep, aids digestion, boosts immunity, and more.

Research shows that the antioxidants in tart cherry juice can reduce pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis. A 2012 study showed that drinking cherry juice twice a day for 21 days reduced the pain felt by people with osteoarthritis. –Source

The directions are to dilute 2 Tablespoons in water. *You really have to dilute this, it is very tart.* I didn’t dilute it enough until recently. When you pour it into the tablespoon it looks very dark and thick, almost like cough syrup. Now I drink it in a full glass of cold water. It goes down smooth and it tastes refreshing. So make sure you dilute it in plenty of water, seltzer, or juice.

I can say for sure that my hip is about 70% better now. I do think the Tart Cherry Juice is helping, and here is why:  the last time I had a hip flare up, it lasted 9 months and that is no joke. It was horrible. This flare up felt identical, so when it first reared it’s ugly head, my heart sunk. I was like, “Oh shit not this again, I cannot deal with this for another 9 months!” And I am doing the same things as far as keeping up with stretching and mild exercise. The ONLY difference this time is I am taking the Tart Cherry Juice.

The friend who told me about the wonders of Tart Cherry Juice insisted that I get the brand shown here. It is Dynamic Health Organic Certified Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. I think because it is certified organic, I don’t remember. But for what it’s worth, my hip is feeling much better and I am now a fan. (And if you have Amazon Prime, you can get it with free shipping too).

She also says it helps her sleep! I noticed a lot of the customer reviews say that too. It has natural melatonin in it, which they say is much more effective than taking it in a pill form.

Some of the negative reviews say it’s not thick enough and that it used to come in a glass bottle. All I know is I’m not limping, my hip isn’t aching all day, I feel a lot better than a few weeks ago, and for that I am grateful.

If you suffer from joint pain, arthritis flare ups and inflammation like me, you should at give Tart Cherry Juice a look.

What helps you when you have joint pain? Please share so we all can benefit 🙂

Wishing you peace and good joints,

Jill G.

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12 Responses to Tart Cherry Juice for Arthritis & Joint Pain

  1. Kathleen F. says:

    Hi Jill, I take a daily fish oil as have had severe knee issues over the years w my Hashimoto’s. My biggest issue from this condition is severe edema! I am allergic to every diuretic and am looking for any ideas as the water retention is huge! Add that to everything else…… I have tried lemon water, ginger, (also good for joints) some are saying dandelion tea. Blessings today and thanks again for your posts!

    • JillG says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      I take Fish Oil too, also vitamin D3, Zinc, and Magnesium. That is supposedly a very good combination for all things inflammatory and anxiety too (and good for constipation, also a “gift” I get from the low thyroid).

      My sister (who also has Hashimoto’s) gets a lot of edema in both her ankles. I feel swollen a lot, especially in my hands and face, so I’m pretty sure I have it too.

      I know when I lay off processed foods and don’t snack at night I tend to feel better the next day. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of snacking at night and I also like my salt. Carbs, salt and sugar give me short term comfort when I’m stressed or bored, so I am trying to be more mindful of that. Maybe I will talk about mindful eating soon, it really helps with things.

      Blessings right back at you and thank YOU for being wonderful and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Kathleen F. says:

    Thanks, Jill I take everything you do except zinc-does that help with joint pain? I will look into the Cherry juice. I had tried Cherbundi cherry juice. It tastes great, however, I believe it had apple juice and I only want pure cherry juice. If any of my searches prove positive on edema , I will certainly share and your sister can know about it. Often, with stress ( ha!) and hashi’s, adrenals can be an issue. We should all give ourselves credit for pushing through and not giving up. No one knows until they have it! Peace to all.

    • JillG says:

      Yes Kathleen, and Zinc can even help with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It also helps calm the nervous system and can help you sleep, so you can take it at night if you like. Yes, keep me informed if you have any success reducing your edema.

      Oh gosh I’d not even thought about adrenal function, but that makes sense, given that stress hormones come from your adrenal glands. Do you take anything for that? Yes, we sure do deserve big hugs and lots of compassion for dealing with our stuff instead of making ourselves into victims. Thanks for your comments today and peace to you as well! 🙂

  3. Kathy Martello says:

    Hi Jill,
    I’m so glad you wrote about this today. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s back in Dec, 2015. I went to my primary because I kept feeling like what felt like a panic attack, but it was in my throat. My doctor felt my throat and said “I think you have some nodules on your thyroid.” He then sent me to have an ultrasound and from there they found 3. I went to an endocrinologist who ended up doing a biopsy on all three and one was what they called “supspecious.” He worried it might be cancer, so I ended up having half of my thyroid removed and at that point they also confirmed I had Hashimoto’s disease. Thankfully no cancer was found.
    Just recently a joint bunion on my foot has been killing me and I too have noticed I have hip pain. I’ve been seeing a foot doctor for the bunion and it looks like I’ll be having that removed as soon as pay off my thyroid operation (LoL) Til then I’ve been looking for ways to manage the pain and your article has given me further knowledge as to why I’ve been feeling so bad and full of joint pain. I’m also on 50,000mg of Vitamin D once a week for ever. Thank you for recommending the cherry juice. I’m going to try it.

    • JillG says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I’m sorry you had to have surgery, and how scary that must have been wondering if you had thyroid cancer! Thank God your nodules were benign! Yes, Hashimoto’s comes with a wide array of not so fun symptoms as you are now learning. Wow that’s a large dose of Vitamin D, I don’t know that much about dosages of vitamins, I know it’s super good for you so maybe I can up my dose (I take 5,000 mg per day). The Tart Cherry Juice is new to me, but I guess it’s been around for awhile. I’m glad my co-worker told me about it.

      I used to take Glucosamine Chondroitin for joint pain but never felt anything from it. And I can’t live on Naproxen and Motrin so this is good to have on hand. I sure hope it works for you! And I hope it helps your bunion- I have one on my right foot that acts up occasionally too! Take care and thank you for the comment 🙂

      We should invent a secret Hashimoto’s handshake. Shout out to all with joint pain, palpitations, anxiety, constipation and migraines haha 🙂

  4. Kathleen F. says:

    Hi Jill, no I do not take anything for adrenal function. Anything I have researched has ingredients that can increase anxiety. If I find anything in my searching, I will let you know!
    Blessings to all here.

  5. Kathleen F. says:

    Jill, I meant to add that I take Selenium due to the Hashimoto’s. (200, some take 400) Per the endo. , it is supposed to help! Still waiting . I believe as long as we keep searching, and do not give up~even on the very hard days, it is in the right direction.

    • JillG says:

      Thanks for the tip, Kathleen. Yes, doing your best to stay positive and keep going in the right direction is super important. All bad days and bad times pass- eventually, thank God 🙂

  6. Loretta says:

    My husband likes cherry juice for flare-ups too. I’ve never seen it in a concentrate like this, I always buy him little shots (about the size of a 5-hour energy thing) but this seems like it would be so much better! I wonder how well it would mix into something like a breakfast smoothie or if it should be taken alone?

    • JillG says:

      Hi Loretta, no it doesn’t have to be taken alone. I never thought of a breakfast smoothie. Sure you could totally do that. What a great idea! I’ve only diluted mine in water, juice, or seltzer. Thank you for the comment 🙂

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