Staying Well Requires Some Effort

What occurred to me recently about my mental health is that I must be proactive in order to stay healthy. As someone who did do battle for decades with daily anxiety and panic, it is not realistic to expect to never have to help myself in this area- just because I am well now. It is not reasonable to think I’ll never have panic attacks or phobias again.

you deserve to have peace in this life

I’m now 51 years old. I have to eat right and exercise to keep my body healthy. That is common knowledge. If I give in to my carb cravings and just lay on the couch, I will go soft and flabby. That is a no-brainer.

So why should it make me feel like I have some sort of shameful character flaw that I have to also do things to maintain my optimum level of mental health? There was mental illness on my mother’s side of the family and being secretive and not talking about it was passed down to me. For me it morphed into shame. I am trying to break out of that stigma when it comes to considering myself and what I need and deserve in this life…

My path requires validation from NOBODY. (…And neither does yours!) 🙂

I took stock recently of how I was doing, anxiety- wise, in my life. Since 2014, when I learned about mindfulness and then started using the 60 Second Panic Solution, my sense of well being has been pretty great.

I have learned that my mind tells stories, and that I don’t have to believe them. I have learned how to “watch the thinker” and let those negative thoughts go. For the most part. Of course when I am PMS things tend to kick up. But overall, I am doing much much better.

The grocery store is no longer an enemy. That has been a major source of stress in my life for years. I have blogged many grocery store horror stories here, from dreading the thought of going, to feeling trapped while in line, to my panic at the thought of seeing someone I know and having to make small talk.

Occasionally when I go in now, I may still feel tense. When I do, I remember to slow down and look around. Invariably I find to my delight that no one is focused on me. Everyone is there in their own little world and in their own head and that is the truth. 🙂

The fact that I can go to Shop Rite and be all chill and serene is not something I take for granted. I really relish the fact that I can go into this arena and be calm and at peace. It is like I have won the lottery!

I had some major stressors happen in my life last fall, and as a result I decided to go to a therapist to help me deal with things. And then a few weeks ago I noticed some old phobic tendencies creeping back into my behavioral repertoire.

Probably as a fallout from the trauma I went through, I noticed I am having avoidance and feeling fearful of being in closed in rooms, like lecture halls and classrooms again. This made me feel bad.

But thankfully, because I have been in a dialogue with a reader who is having a lot of anxiety relief using the 60 Second Panic Solution, I remembered there is a wonderful section in there called The Fear and Phobia Cure. I had forgotten all about it! It helped me so much before, it was like a miracle! I remember back in 2014 going from being all tongue tied and nervous to speak to perceived authority figures, and after doing the videos a few times, having the phobic fears completely removed!

So this morning I logged back into the members area and went over the videos again.  Thank you Lord!

My subconscious was using phobic behavior to keep me safe. Rebooting my brain just took a bit of Neuro Activation Therapy. Her techniques work instantly. What a relief and a blessing to have these tools at my disposal.

I am so grateful I have this program! If you are struggling with panic attacks and anxiety or phobias, please read my review of it here.

I am so grateful that I am learning at the ripe age of 51, not to be ashamed of my need to help myself stay well mentally. I am a work in progress as they say…

I disabled my mailing list a few weeks ago, so this post probably won’t reach anyone, but I’m putting it out there nonetheless. I hope it gets to someone who needs to hear it.

Mental health and wellness is our birthright. If your family taught you to be ashamed of helping yourself, that is wrong thinking. If your best friend or child were struggling, you would help them, right? Be at least as kind to yourself.

I wish you peace,




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2 Responses to Staying Well Requires Some Effort

  1. Kathleen F. says:

    I am so glad to see your post , Jill. I understand more than you know. I had (still do) some major stressors that have been like a match to gasoline! It starts it all up again and so important to remember the tools in our tool box. God bless you, no you are not alone. Kathleen

    • JillG says:

      Hi Kathleen! Yes, why do we forget so easily that we can help ourselves? At least I do. I was going around feeling antsy for weeks before I remembered I have my trusty program to help me. It’s *so important* to have resources and tools to help ourselves, whether that be a book at the bedside, a program, or whatever. And then remember to USE those tools when needed, like a first aid kit. Thank you so much for the comment, I do hope you are feeling well. God bless. xx

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