Passionflower for Anxiety Relief

Passionflower extractToday I came across this article on herbal remedies for anxiety on my Facebook news feed and I decided to read it.  (There was an article the other day on anxiety that sort of pissed me off and who knows, maybe that’s why I clicked in to read.)

Anyhow, the author who was diagnosed as bipolar at age 13 was put on lithium, and eventually was prescribed a whole slew of medications for anxiety, ADD, and more.

In the article she talks about how she got off the medications and now only uses natural supplements for anxiety and stress.

It is an interesting read and while I am not advocating anyone go off meds if they need them, I was curious about using Passionflower as an herbal remedy for anxiety, since I’ve never heard about it before.

I decided to give it a try and see if it works for me. Here is the link. I chose this brand because it has the highest amount of 5 star customer reviews.

Here is one review:

This stuff works better and has less side effects than any antidepressents I’ve taken. I would say it’s almost as effective as valium and has similar calming effects as xanax. It seems fairly harmless and it’s over the counter, so it’s my new best friend for anxiety 🙂

It sounds like most of the people in the reviews used it as a sleep aid.

I will be happy to use this as an occasional sleep aid, but more importantly- for something to help me naturally on days when I feel “off” and do not want to reach for a prescription medication.

Lord knows I felt “off” a lot recently over the past month. It’s not a good place to be, and having some help available on hand would have been nice. 😛

As an aside when I did some research on the anti anxiety benefits of passionflower, I came across this person’s experience on WebMD:

When I was turned away from my doctor appointment because I didn’t have the proper supplemental insurance, of course I could not get a refill of my meds. I turned to Passion Flower and found it relieved my severe anxiety to the point of some relief. And have found out I do not have to be a slave to drugs, insurance companies and doctors who are supposed to “do no harm.”

Wow- not being able to get a prescription refill is truly sad. In my long and sordid history of dealing with doctors and being at their mercy for getting prescriptions, this person’s experience is even more reason in my opinion to have natural supplements on hand to help when you truly need it!

I’ll let you know how it goes for me once I have the Passionflower and have tried it. 🙂

Have you ever tried using passionflower for anxiety? Did you find it helpful?

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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2 Responses to Passionflower for Anxiety Relief

  1. court says:

    I have found l-theanine to be the only supplement to actually help my anxiety. and there is only one brand of l-theanine that actually works for me. Ever since I went off Effexor 3 years ago, I have been looking for anything natural that can keep me from having panic attacks. I think a lot of these supplements that claim to help anxiety are really useful for people who have low grade anxiety or just stress but when it comes to people who are taking medications and actually are diagnosed with anxiety disorders and regularly having horrific panic attacks than the supplements don’t make a huge difference. That’s been my experience anyways.

    • JillG says:

      Hi Court,

      I agree with you that supplements are probably most helpful for low grade anxiety or general stress. I’ve been looking for natural remedies for years and most I have tried didn’t really do much. Valerian root is the best non prescription sleep aid I’ve used – it’s calming, and more effective than melatonin (for me at least) and there is no hangover. I will definitely look into l-theanine- I’ve never heard of this before. Thanks so much for the recommendation. What is the brand that works for you?

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