Quick Anxiety Self Help Tip – To use when things are good

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This morning I was in the grocery store and I was absolutely present and calm. It was so nice 🙂 Grocery shopping has been a challenge for me as an adult with anxious tendencies as there are so many triggers for my social anxiety and ways to get trapped– whether it be in line, or in a crowded aisle or trapped in small talk.

Today I have quick Anxiety Help Tip about How to Overcome Fear of a situation that has triggered anxiety for you in the past. This works especially if the situation is unavoidable, and you occasionally or frequently experience fear or anxiety when you think about it or do it.

This could include things such as sitting in class, driving, shopping, being at work, elevators, bridges, waiting in lines and so on. For me today it is grocery shopping…

When you are in that triggering situation – and doing well- I want you to notice all the details about it. Look around you. Notice all the sights and the sounds and what it feels like to be there in that situation doing well, being calm and happy.

For example: Hey, I’m driving on this highway and everything is A-ok. Woo-hoo, win!

You know how that feels so wonderful when you are “winning” at something you used to fear so much? Well, those times don’t have to be random or fleeting. When you use this tip, you will set the stage for future successes at facing your anxiety triggers. 🙂

One thing that I learned that is so beneficial and healing is to be in the happy “winning” situation and picture yourself comforting your scared inner child that lives in you and brings up the fear again and again. Now’s the time to talk directly to that inner child who lives in your subconscious:

Little Jill, here you are, doing what you are always so worried about. We are in the grocery store little girl and I want you to see through my eyes that You are FINE! You are safe, everything is ok. 🙂 The next time you are worried about grocery shopping, I want you to remember this – that we can do it and be fine inside and out! 🙂

I was so happy and grateful to be in the grocery store in that calm state, and I thought, wow atta girl. You go Jill! This is not only NOT scary, it is absolutely pleasant! I am so grateful for this! What a great thing to be enjoying grocery shopping today 🙂

I do the same thing in my other anxiety trigger situations- at work, at the hairdressers, at the gym, and in social situations.

This anxiety help tip is something to practice actively when things are going good. Comfort your frightened inner child in that moment of your success. Show yourself that you are fine and can totally do the thing that you so fear. This ensures that you will have future successes being in your anxiety trigger situation.

Remember – *Success Builds on Success*, and this is a way to keep yourself feeling well 🙂

I hope you will put this anxiety self help tip in your toolbox and use it 🙂

I wish you peace,


PS. If you are not at the point where you have any success with your anxiety triggers and feel stuck, please don’t despair 🙂 You can start feeling well & triumphant over your anxiety with a carefully crafted hypnosis program to break the vicious cycle of fear and anxiety created by an ethical team of hypnotherapists. You can check that out here.

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5 Responses to Quick Anxiety Self Help Tip – To use when things are good

  1. Phil says:

    I have a fear of driving highways. I feel trapped and get so scared that I may pass out. I would do anything to have this go away. Please help

  2. Phil says:

    Driving on highways brings on panic and I feel that I might pass out.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for sharing this tip. I have been doing something similar recently and I love how you have explained it, the ‘little Jill’ analogy. I’ve subscribed to the rss feed and I’ll start reading back through previous posts. I think this site will be a useful aid for me.

    • JillG says:

      Glad you liked the tip Chris. Anytime you re-parent your inner child, you are helping yourself tremendously. You are actually strengthening yourself on the subconscious level, where it really counts. Let me know if you have any questions, and take care 🙂


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