Making Good Choices With Your Mind

The-happiness-of-your-life-depends-upon-the-quality-of-your-thoughtsOur minds are wonderful tools. Remembering to use our minds wisely- especially when we don’t feel great- can be a challenge. Using our minds wisely means to make good choices with where we choose to focus our thoughts and attention. It’s easy to get sucked into negativity.

But remember that we always have the power to make good choices with our minds. We can always choose to change our focus from something negative to positive

Yesterday I was at the gym. I had one half hour to get in some exercise before I had to go in to work. So I just got on an elliptical machine and started going…

There is a row of wide screen televisions with various shows on  in front of the elliptical machines. Generally I try not to focus on them. But yesterday I couldn’t help myself and found myself literally drawn into this infomercial for a solution that all women my age have to contend with- the dreaded turkey neck!

For any younger readers out there, “turkey neck” is the term for what eventually happens to your neck as you age: crepey skin, sagging and lines that make you look, well like a turkey…

Well wouldn’t you know it, the solution to a dilemma I wasn’t even thinking about was right in front of me. And for only $49.95 I could look like any of the gorgeous professional models using the miracle cream right there for all the world to see.

I found that the more I watched this infomercial, the worse I felt. Look I certainly didn’t go into the gym with the intention of thinking about my neck and how bad it may look. Not at all. In fact my mind was being a bit wonky and I knew that exercise would be the balm I needed to get my mood and thinking back on track. Nevertheless there I was literally  sucked into that infomercial and looking at all the obviously Photoshopped before and after photos and not feeling happy at all.

And then something really wonderful happened…

My little eye traveled just 2 wide screen TVs to the left. And who should I see but the happy and beloved face of Joel Osteen, a man who I just adore! I have listened to him on YouTube more times than I can tell you. I even have some of his audio CDs that give me a lift when I need it.

The message in the sermon he was giving was just wonderful. I’m paraphrasing badly but this was the gist of it::

God has provided a garden of abundance for you. Every one of us is provided for, we only need to realize it.

You may not like your circumstances at any given time. But you must remember that you have been provided with faculties and the God-given intellect to find solutions to any problems or situations that make you feel bad.

Here is a snippets from his Facebook page yesterday that echo the sentiment of the sermon:







My takeaway from listening to him for 5 minutes was this- I have the Power to change my thinking in any situation and make it better. If what I am thinking and feeling is not good, I have the God given power to change it on the spot.

Even a teeny tiny problem- like feeling bad at the gym. I didn’t have to watch that stupid infomercial. I could choose to focus on something else. Something made me look away from that TV and there was a far better choice for me and my well being right in front of me.  All I had to do was look for it…

Thank you Lord! 🙂

“If you develop a positive mind-set, you’ll not only be happier, healthier and stronger, but you can and you will become everything you were created you to be.”  – Joel Osteen

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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4 Responses to Making Good Choices With Your Mind

  1. Marilyn says:

    Hi jilly

    Can you email me as I have lost all contacts on phone. Dropped it down the loo yuk


  2. Marilyn says:

    Whoops forgot to say love the post xxx

  3. Elvia says:

    I have had panic disorder followed by anxiety and depression for 3 yrs,I had another attack 2 weeks ago and before that it was almost eight months. Now I feel hopeless and scared to go to work or do anything alone again. After the attack I m left with anxiety through the the whole day with vertigo and I know doctor will insist on depression pills and the therapist that I have seemed for three years weekly can teach me no more nor help me anymore

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