Learning to Say Yes to Life

65d99876b699d741e96d86aa81edc32aLiving with fear and being defined by what your anxiety tells you what you can and can’t do is a recipe for misery. It is frustrating, constricting, makes you lose your self esteem and takes the spontaneity and joy out of your life.

When anxiety is lurking in the background, you feel it and know it’s there. You live your days hoping and praying that it won’t strike and cause a panic attack. And you are never free.

As you know, these last 2 months I have been using the gifts of Present Moment Awareness as well as the 60 Second Panic Solution program.

Every day is a new opportunity to learn more about myself and learn more about living in a state of calm without projecting onto old mind patterns…

When I align myself in the present moment. I have learned that not only is this an antidote to fear and anxiety, it puts the body at a higher frequency and thus lower level emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, and depression cannot affect you.

I am learning to say Yes to Life.

Living in the present is a moment to moment choice. It is always preferable to being caught up in the thinking mind, which forms the ego. My ego has a big personality, is very judgmental and is also very afraid of people.

I am learning to say Yes more and more to the Present Moment.

The Essence of who I really am is nothing like that. My essence is kindness. I feel drawn to others and have sincere interest in them. It allows others to just be, and doesn’t impose judgment on them.

When I am in my Essence, I listen a lot more than I talk. I don’t feel the Egoic need to defend myself or to have to one up whoever I’m talking to.

My Essence, which is my true self without the mind identified Ego, is thoroughly enjoying this summer. 🙂

I LOVE saying Yes to my Essence…

The Ego tells me that the summer is to be feared. My mind has stored memories of feelings of angst involving my old desire to fit in with people who live near me. Those old stories are stored in my subconscious and i am learning to reprogram those old tired useless, self defeating mind patterns.

My Ego tells me that work is to be feared. My mind has stored memories, tracing back to early adulthood of feeling less than and powerless and out of control around workmates, peers and authority figures.

I have been working on using the tools of the 60 Second Panic Solution combined with staying in the Present moment to help me get rid of old patterns and behaviors.

Specifically, this is the Download New Software Programs video, under the Lasting Freedom tab. Such a joy to finally be getting freedom from old limiting thoughts that kept me feeling so bad about myself for so long!

The challenge of course is that I have 48 years of stored up negativity, and a huge ego that is heavily invested in keeping me in a constricted and fearful state.

My ego is very clever and cunning. It is easy to go back into old patterns. It is what I have always done.

Thankfully, today I have this wonderful program to help me. I say Yes every day to this program.

Every morning I make a healthy choice to start my day with the Alter Picture Audio. I love how so many times in the audio Anna tells us to smile. This puts me in such a nice state of mind. It makes doing the Triple A Technique for stopping panic attacks a cinch.

I have stopped many panic attacks with this method. I can tell you it truly amazes and delights me that altering what I think- from negative, to my favorite nature scene, and then applauding myself profusely-stops panic in its tracks every time.

So, so cool! The Rapid Relaxation is very good as well. I use it for not just anxiety, but for all kinds of bad feelings. It works!

I notice from reading the reader comments in the members area that some people doubt the program and the teachings or don’t even try them because they are too afraid. My suggestion would be to continue to listen to the Alter Picture Audio and make that your practice first.

Then as you start to learn to relax, you can work on using the other parts of the program.

Thankfully, I am longer over-thinking Anna’s program. I have been doing it long enough to trust that it works. It is such a great gift.

As Anna says, the subconscious responds to these simple techniques, because it runs the hard drive that is your mind.

I have a big, bad Ego. It is is my challenge to undo it and learn to align myself with my Essence.

And I say Yes to this challenge.

This past week I set prayers of healing for all people suffer from anxiety.

My fervent wish is that all who are using Anna’ program are using and benefiting from it and finding that life is indeed a blessing and that calmness and peace is everyone’s birthright.

Please let me know how you are doing, or if you have any questions!

I wish you peace,

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