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39f6872e92832eb6f2c7fd4584461fc7I need to start this post by saying that I never knew that life could be so kind and so beautiful to live. Daily life is no longer a struggle but an opportunity for more happiness.

My daily practice now is to start my day with the Alter Picture Audio CD from the 60 Second Panic Solution Program. I know that practicing mindfulness or meditation for even a few minutes a day has healing and sustained benefits throughout the day. The audio is 11 minutes long. The effects are cumulative so I am giving myself this gift every day.

In addition to the audio, I use the early morning to go over different parts of the program as needed to get me ready to face my day in a calm and confident state.

If I have a super early shift at work, I just get up accordingly… I had to get up at 5am two times this week to be able to meditate with the audio and prepare, but it was so worth it! Driving into work relaxed and confident is what I have always dreamed of, and it is now a reality for me. 😀 Thank you Lord!

It’s been over a month since I started using this wonderful program and I can say with certainty that my life has improved tremendously! Every day is a new opportunity to practice my skills going into all my old trigger situations. Knowing I have the ability to be calm and confident and happy is just miraculous. I can say with certainty that I am finally finally overcoming my social anxiety- and man does it feel good!

While I have no way to know this, I am sure my anxiety recovery is much slower than the average anxious person– simply because at age 48, I have identified myself as anxious for most of my life. My subconscious has clung to the sad story of what anxiety did to me and made it into my very identity.

In learning about the Ego and the Pain Body from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I can see that this is true.

So while the shift from being a highly anxious, unconscious person, sleepwalking anxiously through life while living fully in the past and future in my head to present and calm is but one step, it is a step I have to take numerous times in any given day. My ego wants to hold onto the old identity, and so I have to watch my thoughts.

Yesterday I had a slightly unpleasant couple of hours at work, but with the tools of the program, I did bounce back. I could feel the old thoughts coming back — and in the moment, they felt so convincing that I was completely believing and identifying with them. Old self esteem issues like “I’m so weird, I’m left out, No one likes me, Poor me, etc. etc.” – the old broken record.

What’s more, once I identified with those old thought patterns, it took me over completely and made me feel sad. In those 2 hours, I didn’t do the Triple A Technique because I didn’t think about it- my mind was aligned with the negativity. I just felt sad and skittish and irritable.

Once I realized this, I collected myself and became the watcher of my thoughts. I could then watch how I was making myself suffer, and how that suffering took on a life of its own. After I was conscious of how I was identified with the negativity, I broke my identification with it. I could then choose to be light and happy again. The rest of the work day was fine after that! 🙂

I am not exaggerating when I say that this past month has been the most restorative, wonderful month of my life. I am so very blessed to have this wonderful program.

Someone commented to me on Facebook that they had read several books on Anxiety and Panic Attacks and even had one coming in the mail. She asked if she should try the 60 Second program too.

My answer to her- and to others who might be wondering is this:
If you are still suffering from anxiety, then YES by all means you simply must give this program a try.

Unlike other programs I have used in the past- this one in my opinion is “complete”. I say this for these reasons:

First, it teaches you to stop panic attacks- the Neuro-Activation Therapy works immediately and without side effects.

Next, you learn how to stop being all inside your head by learning to get rid of old thought patterns. This takes practice but I am here to say it gets easier and easier with practice. 🙂

It also helps with self confidence and learning to live your dreams. In short, it has everything an anxious person could ever need to fully take control of their situation and get back to living life without the tremendous burden of anxiety.

Another nice thing about 60 Second is that you can email Anna Gibson-Steel with questions and concerns. She is kind and supportive, I have to say!

As Anna said when I interviewed her, anxiety is a worldwide epidemic. This program breaks the cycle, plain and simple.

I’m happy to be alive and finally enjoying summer fully and work and the day to day that is my little life. It is a wonderful thing. I hope this finds you well and happy too!

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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