Thankful Thursday, June ’14

gratitudeIt’s been ages since we had a Thankful Thursday here at PanicFreeMe… it is high time to put on our gratitude boots and kick up some rainbows!

If you need a pick-me up today, please take a few minutes and get into a state of gratitude. Get out a paper and pen and make a list of all the things you can be grateful for today. It will be the most constructive 5 minutes of your day, I guarantee! (And feel free to share your list below in the comments!) 🙂

Here are some things that I am Very Thankful for today:

Thank you Lord for blessing me with healing.

Thank you Lord for showing me that I can be well and happy.

Thank you Lord for showing me that even though I have suffered with anxiety for decades, that true healing and living a normal life is available to me.

Thank you Lord for showing me that I was wrong. That I am not destined to live out my life with debilitating fear and at the mercy of panic attacks and prescriptions.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to have been in the right place and the right time to receive the messages of help and healing.

Thank you Lord for work. Such a joy to be at work and not have to worry about when anxiety and panic will strike. Such a joy to just be there and do my job and be a part of the day fully.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be able to sit in the lunchroom and be present and enjoy sitting and eating with my friends and peers. I no longer feel frightened to sit there and scared that someone will ask me to talk. Now I can talk.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to work in the different departments at work and not fret and worry and lose sleep and have to take pills just to be able to show up.

Thank you Lord for I no longer feel frightened when I drive into work. My commute is something I look forward to and cherish daily as I practice my life affirming skills.

Thank you Lord for the angels and messengers and teachers you have sent to me in my life to help- Anna Gibson Steele, Byron Katie, Pema Chodron, Claire Weekes, and Eckhart Tolle.

Thank you Lord for the wonder of the grocery store. To be there and shop without the burden of my anxious thoughts is truly truly amazing and I just love being there.

Thank you Lord for showing me that I can enjoy my wonderful gym without the burden of my incessant negative thoughts too. Such a joy to be present and calm while I take care of my body.

Thank you Lord for showing me that I can go to the hairdresser and get my hair cut and colored and be there and watch the activity around me and not get carried away with anxiety and panic. Such a joy to sit there and feel… bored!

Thank you Lord for soothing my restless mind. Thank you for the Alter Picture Audio that I use every day to reboot my mind and body. Thank you for this gift.

Thank you Lord for this time in my life. My daughter is graduating from high school in just over a week. I have dreaded and worried about this for years- every aspect and detail of it because of my social anxiety. Those feelings have melted away. Thank you for allowing me to be present and happy for my precious child and not making it all about my anxiety.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a healthier happier mother, wife, and person. I am thoroughly enjoying being alive and becoming the person I always dreamed I could.

Thank you Lord for my life that is a work in progress. I know I have made progress and I am excited to move forward and continue to learn and grow and become a better person.

Thank you Lord for showing me that the Universe is kind and that people are kind and that I am now kind to myself.

Thank you Lord for the people who have cared for me and sent me prayers.

Thank you Lord for the prayers of healing and health that I send out to all who still suffer and yearn to find peace in their lives.

Thank you Lord for Maz and Kelly and for the peace they are experiencing.

Thank you Lord for showing me that by helping myself I help others too.

I hope this latest Thankful Thursday has inspired you to think about things to be grateful for in your life.

Thank you for sharing a part of your day with me. 🙂

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

ps. This is the program that has changed everything for me.

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4 Responses to Thankful Thursday, June ’14

  1. maz says:

    Thank you lord I found you jilly. Such a lovely post I’m in tears. The tears are of joy for you you deserve it. Have a great weekend

    Luv Maz xxx

    • JillG says:

      I am so thankful for you Maz. You have been a part of my journey for the last few years and your friendship and support mean a lot. I’m so happy you are using Anna’s program and I pray you are finding the peace you so deserve. xxx

  2. Terra says:

    Love this! Healing is never easy, but so worth it. I have enjoyed your posts for a long time. They aren’t poor me, they are lets not tolerate anything but being the best we can be. Thank you & congrats to your graduate!

    • JillG says:

      Thank you so much Terra! Both for the kind words and for the well wished for my daughter. I always enjoy hearing from you and wish you well! xx

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