60 Second Panic Solution Review- The End of Anxious Suffering


Life is funny. I started this blog in earnest to document my recovery from anxiety and panic attacks. I have had ups and downs over the years.

And recently, the best solution I have ever experienced, literally fell right into my lap. I am so happy, I couldn’t wait to get this message out to you, my dear readers, who have stood by me through thick and thin.

A few days ago, I received a complementary copy of the 60 Second Panic Solution in my email. To be honest I usually don’t even open emails from people who have new products, as they are usually crap. But for some reason, maybe God felt it was time to answer my prayer for healing, open it I did.

Even the presentation on the opening page is helpful- it really helps you to understand how the master therapist Anna Gibson Steel will help you. She is this wonderful, soft-spoken Irish lady, I just loved her immediately.

Make sure you give yourself time to listen to it in its entirety. Click here to listen to it for yourself.

You know you can’t reason with panic. You can’t reason with anxiety. You guys know from reading this blog, I have pretty much mastered how to go into any situation and stay. I have the intellect over emotion part down pat. I have been at my job for almost 3 years now.

But I still get stupid panic attacks. And I still take medication. I actually just resigned myself that this would be the way I lived until I died. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it..

And now that I have tried this program, I finally feel better. It is sinking in more and more each day. 🙂

What this course gives you is called Neuro Activation Therapy- you learn to communicate with the simple power of your lizard brain – which actually causes your panic attack and anxiety. You learn to short circuit the anxiety and panic loop.

And this is something that is so important- yet no one- not you, not me has ever learned. If we did, we would not have suffered as we did!

This method works right away. It is so wonderful. It is something I would have given given my right arm to have discovered years ago.

That morning I opened the email, I quickly breezed through the program as I was rushing off to work as usual. Now you guys know how tongue tied and inferior I feel around what I call “authority figures” which unfortunately includes doctors, which I work with each and every day as a nurse.

Do you know, that day I had no fear or any weird negative emotion inside me? I was able to converse, work with, and even eat lunch with three physicians that very day. It wasn’t even hard. It was absolutely effortless! 🙂

In fact, this week, I have been able to work, grocery shop, go to the gym, and talk to my daughter’s boyfriend– all the things I usually do but always with the feeling that anxiety may strike. The difference is now I am using the “Triple A Technique” as taught by Anna and I have had absolutely no anxiety. The cloud of worry just isn’t there.

We are so so fortunate to have this wonderful lady Anna around.  With this wonderful wonderful program, now that I have these tools and feel so amazing, I can also help my daughter, who you all know also suffers with anxiety. She is now spared from a lifetime of suffering. This has always been my highest prayer for her- to spare her what I had to live through. My family is twice blessed. Thank you Lord!

I just know my hero Claire Weekes would be approve so highly of Anna Gibson Steel! This is the missing part from all her teachings.

I applaud this program and give it my highest endorsement.

The price for the 60 Second Panic Solution is $67.95. And while this might seem expensive, it is very economical compared to therapy, medications, and the time spend going to doctor appointments. This is a practical, all-in-one solution that can really help you move forward with your life and in the long run will save you money!

The program comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee as well.

What are the setbacks?

None. I can’t find any. If you listen to this program and apply it, you will get better. Like me. I do not understand how it couldn’t work.

You guys know I don’t pull any punches. I don’t deal with bullshit, and I respect fellow anxiety sufferers too much to ever recommend something that is doesn’t work. I am too emotionally invested in this blog and the friends I have met who read and comment here. Please know I have had other people send me their products and I have rejected them outright for such issues. This program is the real deal.

God bless this wonderful woman Anna- she is an angel on Earth. I hope with all my heart you will give yourself the gift of relief.

Please listen to the presentation here and let me know what you think. Once you use the program, please come back and also let me know what you think! I can’t wait to here about your success and happiness!

I wish you peace,


Here is my update a few weeks into the program: http://panicfreeme.com/6228/update-on-using-the-60-second-panic-solution-program/

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26 Responses to 60 Second Panic Solution Review- The End of Anxious Suffering

  1. Kelly says:

    I would absolutely love to use this. But once again, you have to have money to get the help you need. I cannot justify spending this when I am only able to work part time and I have two small children. This seems to be the case every time. Glad to hear it worked for you though.

    • JillG says:

      Hi Kelly,

      The 60 Second Panic Solution comes with a money back guarantee, so if you tried it and didn’t benefit (which I doubt would happen), you could easily get your money back. It is a safe purchase in that sense. What you decide is in your budget is something only you could know. Good luck to you.

    • Anon says:


      When I read your comment I had this sudden urge to help you out. If you haven’t already, I could gift you the program. No strings attached. I had someone (a near stranger) do something very nice for me and I guess I’d like to pay it forward. Let me do this; all I ask is when you can..when the time is right.. pay it forward in your own way!

      Jill, it’s my first time on your blog and thank you for all the wonderful info…I’ll be stopping by often!

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi Jill, Does Anna comment on if this program is beneficial for a driving issue? Numerous panic attacks in the car over the years and now -avoidance. I have tried the Driving Program and others. Thank you! K

  3. Chris says:

    Hey! I’m also brand new to this site and am wondering if this program works for more of a social anxiety?

    • JillG says:

      Yes Chris,
      My main anxiety has always been social. I working the program successfully and I could not be more pleased. Best of luck to you!

  4. Zaid says:

    Hey I really want get rid of anxiety disorder the symptoms are scary dizziness shaking a lot more can you please tell me this 60 second solution can get rid of all the symptoms also I’ll be perfectly normal again ?? Can you please tell me

    • JillG says:

      As I said it really helped me. I think you have nothing to lose by giving it a try- nothing except stupid anxiety that is. Give it an honest try and I’m sure you will start feeling much better. Good luck 🙂

    • Eric says:

      Hello Zaid, did you happen to purchase the program? If so could you please share you perception of it?

  5. esea5@aol.com says:

    Struggling as usual with this condition but am continuously skeptical of course. I’ve been holding a new bottle of Lexapro for a week now reluctant to start taking them. The 60 day money back trial thing? You see and hear about them all the time and they are always a hassle and a risk.
    I have a proposal, send me the program and if it works I’ll give you my promise of double the price in return along with a testimonial that will be like no other. That’s the best I can do, a mutually beneficial proposal based on courage and integrity.
    Thank you,

    • JillG says:

      Hi Eric,
      I can’t send you the program, I am not the maker of it. I used it and it helped me immensely. I understand being reluctant to try it, though honestly there is nothing to lose but your anxiety. I wouldn’t recommend this program if it didn’t help me personally. Wishing you well.

  6. Eric says:

    Thanks for the reply Jill. This condition afflicts so many and in such severe ways that a remedy such as the one you are convinced is helpful should be shared with the world for the good of humanity not the good of profit and that is what fuels skepticism. If I were to discover a cure or a substantial relief of this debilitating disorder I would share it with the world from the top of the mountains because as a sufferer that wakes everyday with a turning mind and stomach I know how dark and private the ghost of anxiety haunts each sufferer. My sharing would not point the desperate sufferer to a money back guarantee program but instead perhaps ask for donation from those who found genuine relief. I’m convinced the relieved sufferer who writhes in silence would respond beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. There are so many desperate sufferes that will, out of desperation, throw money at anything and as many out there that will take advantage of those poor souls even if it’s their food money that they are taking.
    Could you not just explain the program to us here?

    • JillG says:

      Hi Eric,

      Talk to me, tell me about your situation. I’m sorry you don’t agree with how I run this blog, but it has saved my life and sanity and helped me to become a much more balanced person. It has also helped others who suffer. I do this for free, in my limited free time. I work full time and have my own family to support so you will have to find it in your heart to forgive me if I don’t purchase this program for all who come here. I am not a wealthy person. This blog has expenses as well, so it is not free for me to run. I did used to volunteer at my local food bank so I do know about giving and helping others.

      So you don’t have money for food? Is that what you are saying?

      If you are desperate for anxiety help, sit back spend some quality time and read every post on this blog, it is years and years of good, free, and helpful advice. Everything that can be said to empower you to feel better you will find here. Please see here for specific posts: http://panicfreeme.com/tips-help/ Bookmark, take notes and help YOU. YOU are responsible for helping Eric. Eric deserves a full life of quality, whatever that means to you. You deserve to be free of anxiety, and you can certainly find help here as well as elsewhere online. Your recovery is up to you.

      I wish you every good thing and much peace.

      • Eric says:

        Hi Jill,
        Please forgive me if my post sounded as if it were directed at you or the blog. That was not my intent at all and it was a misguided perspective towards the 60 Second Panic Solution and I should have written them instead of trying voicing my thoughts on it here.
        In researching the program one discovers that all inquiries, including this blog point the searcher to the same thing and that is a very well done sales pitch for a product with an unusual price of $67.95. Even searches for legitimate reviews end up in the same location. I’m somewhat convinced the program works from the pitch but there has to be at least one negative review out there, just one, but there isn’t as far as I can find, maybe because there really isn’t one but we all know that there is at least one malcontent out there. The title and the name of the program is heavily controlled “on line” and that is what seems to make the intent of the creator less than genuine in concern for those suffering. The ultimate offering of money back guarantee is a tried and true sales technique and I expect they do give some money back but a 60 day trial on a program that takes about 21 days plays on attrition as the majority after 3 weeks just move on. They are playing the numbers in that yes some will ask for money back but others, especially those suffering with anxiety will not bother with the stress and move on for better or worse.
        I’m in sales and the presentation is textbook. That doesn’t mean the program doesn’t work but if part of the pitch is how much they know you are suffering and how much they care because they too have suffered then it would be genuine, and truly altruistic to give the program away with an, if it works pay for it, if not, shut down the access after the 60 days. The online access to the program is well monitored and it would be simple to do. My example of money for food was more for the many out there struggling financially and emotionally with this condition being lured into purchasing the program thus compounding both financial and emotional stresses. It is for those that I make the observations that I do as to the approach of this plan getting genuine relief to those in need.
        All that said, I’m by no means tagging you as the arbiter of the whole thing, for that I truly apologize. Stumbling on your blog has been helpful indeed in the long compulsory evolution of this anxiety ride.
        My story in enormously ordinary, a 51 year old middle aged fully functioning anxiety suffering man for some 35 years. I suppose I’m here now because it’s starting to wear more than in the past. It’s harder to contain. Perhaps I’m getting weaker and the ancillary working parts of the body are breaking down and compounding things, I don’t know, but I can see how this blog helps you and others and I didn’t mean to disparage that so please accept my apology on that front.

        • JillG says:

          Hi Eric,

          Of course I fully accept your apology. Thank you for that. 🙂

          You are not ordinary. Your life is yours and I know seeing it through the lens of anxiety, it may seem bad. But it is not all bad, is it? Be that as it may, suffering for 35 years is more than enough, imo.

          Anxiety is treatable as you must know and you can certainly get better. You sound very intelligent.

          Here is a suggestion- Get Hope and Help for your Nerves, by the late, great Dr. Claire Weekes. Everything you need is in that book. It is an old book, you probably borrow it for free at your local public library. If not, you can buy it used on Ebay or Amazon for pennies. The book is worth its weight in gold. Dr. Weekes’ prescription to Face Accept, Float, and Let Time Pass is what every anxiety course teaches, it is the solution to overcoming panic. Get it. Learn it. Practice it. Take baby steps, expect setbacks, and keep going. You tube and do Google research on what you don’t understand. But keep at it. You will get better, as long as you stick with it and be kind and gentle to yourself.

  7. Alberto says:

    Hello Jill,

    I was convinced to buy this program after reading your review and interview with Anna. I felt desperate after trying so many other methods. I must say that for the first time, finally, someone tells us how to STOP panic attacks before they begin! I have read so much about “coping” and “accepting” the attacks and just wait for them to pass. Ugh. Why cope if you can STOP them!

    Panic Away was the first program I bumped into and it worked for a time. But the attacks came again and again, and it was hard to figure out what the triggers were. It was overwhelming….you know how it is…

    Anyways, I started this program almost for a month, and oh my I am finally starting to feel my body heal, finally! No more “coping” or “accepting sensations” BS. In the midst of an attack it is hard to remember to monitor and regulate the breathing pattern and ground yourself to your feet or other senses.

    Usually waiting in line at the bank or getting a hair cut are situations that trigger attacks for me. Today was a breakthrough! I was able to stop 5 attacks while waiting in the bank. (5 Attacks! I had no awareness I was being under attack so frequently! No wonder all my energy has depleted!) Yes it was uncomfortable but I overode it and moments after using the triple A technique I felt the symptoms subside. I felt powerful in the end as I succeded in stoping them, and of course always doing the “applause” step. 🙂

    I cannot wait to see how my body starts to gradually heal. I feel excited, hopeful, optimistic and powerful now. YAY!

    Thanks to your review and interview with Anna I was convinced to give it a shot. Thank you again for your efforts. I will come back in a few weeks/months to update. How are you today now that you have used this program for a while?

    Let me know please 🙂

    • JillG says:

      God bless Alberto, it sounds like you are well on your way! How wonderful that your spirit is enthused for your recovery. This will surely propel you forward my friend.
      How am I today? Thank you for asking. Well, my panic is gone. 🙂 Once in awhile I get a twinge, but I can now fully see it for what it is- an old mental movie of unconscious fear. Today I am mindful and grateful. I am so far away from that girl I used to be, trapped in the hell of my own thinking, in a prison of anxiety and panic. I believe this program helped propel me to where I am today. I wish you every good thing on your journey to wellness <3 Hugs to you, and cheers!

      • Alberto says:

        Hello Jill,

        Thank you for replying. Reading your message made me feel so happy! I am glad your panic is gone 🙂

        I want to briefly share my experience with you. I hope you can share this knowledge and story through this platform with others 🙂

        It has been 2 months since I started the program….and well…oh my gosh! Besides gradually healing, I have learned so much.

        No wonder I isolated myself, no wonder I was chained to my house, no wonder I avoided so many situations! I was so ill….so afraid…so full of anxiety. No wonder I had so many recurring panic attacks. Panic attacks were stealing my energy and only injecting me with more anxiety, more fears and therefore more panic.

        I was not aware there were many triggers that started the panic attacks: people, crowded places,dark places, loudness, food etc…

        I think I was getting used to the panic attacks/anxiety being part of my life but I always knew there had to be a way to heal them without medication. I tried medication when anxiety was at its worst but I never engaged in a medical treatment plan because I hoped to find a permanent solution. My panic attacks started 4 years ago and I tired other programs like Panic Away and Ashok Gupta’s Amygdala Retraining Program. Ashok’s Program is like Anna’s Thought Patrol, but his program is oriented towards Chronic fatigue and related conditions like anxiety. However, he does not address panic attacks (mainly because this is not his program’s focus).

        Ashok’s program has great value and gave me relief with his version of thought patrol and regular meditations, but the panic attacks were still there ugh! So, through these 4 years I tried 4 programs, and Anna’ s program is definitely the best for panic attacks. What she says makes perfect sense: We must STOP all panic attacks first so the energy can return and then reach the roots of the anxiety. And well, you know the rest.
        Oh my gosh she is so AWESOME!

        I have STOPPED ALL the panic attacks so far. Sometimes the technique works immediately and sometimes it take a few minutes for the symptoms to subside. Nonetheless, the technique always works.

        I still get alert signals and old fears appearing, meaning that I still need more retraining to do with the other techniques in the program. That is okay though. After so many years of ridiculous anxiety I find it okay to be completely patient with myself now. Anxiety and panic attacks destroyed my confidence, health, energy relationships, job opportunities and trust in my body. It gnawed my soul and took away so much from me. Hope, music and my family’s support always kept depression at bay. I had really low days and weeks but I never felt critically depressed.

        It is only natural my confidence and great things will return with time 🙂

        I feel this experience has actually been a blessing for me. I have learned so much, become so grateful, mindful and kinder. I have discovered peace and joy throughout this journey and I feel so grateful for that.

        Please share my story with others and spread hope and love out there. I am proud of you for creating this platform to help others.Thanks to you I decided to buy Anna’s program. Thank you x1000000!

        As Anna would say: I wish you love, light and laughter,

        Alberto 🙂

        • JillG says:

          Bravo, Alberto!

          I am so happy for your success! And yes, isn’t Anna just so awesome? She is a true angel on Earth in my opinion.

          Your happiness is absolutely palpable in your words, and it is just thrilling. How I understand your story, I could have written it myself. Panic stole my life- or at least it did, until I started to take my power back in my 40s. I was so grateful to have found this program.

          Alberto, if I may share, what has helped me ongoing after doing Anna’s program religiously for over a year (and still using it as needed once in awhile these days)- is to learn about mindfulness. It is amazing how we, as anxious people, live entirely in our head and in our thoughts. When you learn to still the mind, you can absolutely stop all worry and panic. Learning about mindfulness was a natural progression for me, having suffered from anxiety/panic/trauma for so many decades. I do hope you will look into it for you. It gives you back everything you ever thought you lost, and your life is richer and simpler.

          I wish you every blessing and much happiness always.

          Hugs xx,


          PS And Happy New Year!!

          • Alberto says:

            Hello Jill,

            Thank you for replying and sharing your story and experience. Reading your message only reassures we are on the right track. 🙂

            I forgot to mention that I actually did a Mindfulness program two years ago. I bought two books: “Sane new world” by Ruby Wax (hilarious by-the-way) and “Mindfulness” by Mark William. In desperation I did the 8 week program, guided by the book and mp3’s. I must say these books gave me great skills and they have tremendous value. After the 8 weeks I continued for a year more with regular meditation. They helped lower general anxiety a lot, but the panic attacks were still very present and intense. Mindfulness helped me “see” the alert signal coming and cope with the attacks, yet it was still very draining and horrible.This only confirms what Anna says: we must control the panic attacks first! Indeed, that is were all panic sufferers should begin.

            This makes perfect sense as panic attacks are a HUGE source of anxiety.

            Anyhow, the mindfulness program gave me awesome tools and Anna’s thought patrol just adds to it.

            (I also recommend Ashok Gupta’s Amygdala Retraining technique. He provides a very powerful tool in combination with NLP, Mindfulness and many more. His program is ideal for chronic fatigue and related illnesses. If you meet people with Chronic fatigue or related, you can send them to Ashok’s program. )

            Anna truly is an angel in this Earth. After watching all the private sessions webinars, I wrote her an e-mail just to ask a few question regarding my personal situation; she replied the next day. She provided an extra tweak and suggested a second alter picture for a particular situation of mine. And I must say it is sinking in gradually. She is just…so professional, kind, available and awesome! 😀

            Hopefully I will be able to help many others who are seeking for an answer 🙂

            I spent hours reading an reading and trying daily meditations and techniques and none of that truly helped. It’s amazing how in just 3 minutes she shows us the triple A technique; a permanent solution…Wow!

            I am so happy to have contacted you Jill. You are the only person I “know” that truly has successfully used Anna’s program and actually understands how I feel.

            Thank you again and again. Wishing you well.

            Big “virtual” hug,

            Alberto 🙂

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