Winning! I Stopped 2 Panic Attacks at Work :-)

more powerful than anxietyLiving with anxiety as long as I have and finally having the wherewithal to choose to recover from it, I sometimes have these truly wonderful, life- affirming experiences that remind me again and again- Anxiety is a bully and a beast and a liar, and I AM WAY MORE POWERFUL THAN IT.

I had a pretty cool experience at work the other day where my anxiety was triggered big time. And even after the big build up and all the crazy thoughts and feelings, I was able to stop a panic attack on the spot. Twice. It was just amazing…

I was doing a 12 hour shift in the Emergency Room, and as you may know, getting to the point where I can stay at work for this long and being ok, anxiety-wise, has been a real challenge.

I can finally say that I am doing well staying for those long shifts. This is something that has taken me about 2 years to master, with a lot of work and by implementing self-help strategies on my part.

So there I was, about 8 hours or so into my shift, and then I was told by my nurse manager that I had to attend a mandatory meeting.

I felt fine. I was happy to go. And then I walked into the conference room -and everyone from my department was there. Including the doctors. This was something I registered as threatening right away. A packed room with “scary” people in it (intimidating to my inner child).

I was immediately triggered to have a panic attack on so many levels:

1. The full-to-capacity conference room and me having to choose the only seat available- way in the back of the room- about as far from the exit door (safety) as you could get…

2. Being in the room with doctors and hospital administrators- this kicked up my authority figure anxiety. I immediately felt very vulnerable.

3. The room was really hot and stuffy. I had my uniform on as well as my unit jacket with long sleeves. There was one window AC unit across the room and it wasn’t helping much at all…

4. I had to sit directly behind my nurse manager- more authority figure stuff..

5. It felt like everyone sitting around me kept asking questions of the lecturer, causing the attention to be focused right near me. Making me feel like I was in a spotlight…

All theses things affected me right away. I went from having a fine day to 100% highly sensitized and feeling like a trapped animal. Complete with all the raging feelings and thoughts that nearly put me over the edge. It sucked…

But Thankfully, I was able to use my good inner Voice of Reason to calm me, and that was the really amazing thing.

Once I realized I was sitting there letting the thoughts escalate into anxiety symptoms– like having a hard time breathing and feeling faint and like I was going to start singing America the Beautiful – I reigned it in and did some good self-soothing. It went something like this:

“Little Jill, I love you. You are safe honey. This is just adrenalin. It does all this crazy stuff to your thinking…Remember it’s just a wave. It will subside…it can’t get any worse that this.

This right now- feeling scared and a little wacko- is the worst it can do to you…

None of that crazy stuff ever happens. You are fine. I love you. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

I didn’t believe myself at first. In fact, I took off my jacket so as not to smother to death and started to plan my escape. The anxiety was taking over and telling me I had to leave the room OR ELSE!

Do you know I went from the verge of a massive panic attack, to feeling fine again? After this first panic attack wave abated, the anxiety did a second surge, and I did the same self-soothing inner talk again.. I also made sure to keep my breathing in check.  And again it got better…

Thank you Lord! I left that meeting when it was good and over with. I was doing the happy dance inside. Felt a little wobbly from the adrenalin surges, but I was no worse for the wear.

And then I went back to work. Win! 🙂

Did you ever have an experience where you were right on the brink of a panic attack and were somehow able to stop it? I’d love to hear your stories…

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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2 Responses to Winning! I Stopped 2 Panic Attacks at Work :-)

  1. maz says:

    Go jilly the girl done good. My old mum used to have a saying and it does me good to remember it when I am surrounded by people and feel inferior. She used to say. Your no better than but as good as anyone. I am so proud you stomped on that anxiet

    Maz xx

  2. JillG says:

    Thank you Maz. Your mother’s advice is spot on- and I am finally starting to realize it for myself. Super proud of you as well, with your recent triumph judging at the farming show. 🙂

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