8 More Low Self Esteem Solutions

Low Self Esteem SolutionsYesterdays post on anxiety and low self esteem felt good to write. It really lifted my spirits and I hope it did for you too.  Let’s continue the theme today 😉  This morning I thought of 8 more self esteem boosters. Enjoy.

How to Improve Your Self Esteem Despite Anxiety and Panic

1. Find something you are passionate about. Pursue your interests and hobbies, whether it be gardening, painting, or volunteering for a worthy cause. Spending time doing things you enjoy gives you a natural boost.

2. Put out positive energy. Believe that as you give to the world, so shall you receive. When you’re at a red light, look in the rear view mirror and wish that person well. When you’re sitting in a business meeting, silently bless your coworkers with health and happiness.

3. Learn to take a lighthearded view of yourself. Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is serious business, and it’s easy to have a gloomy outlook. Laughter really  is the best medicine. Laugh out loud and laugh often. Cultivate a knack for seeing the humor in things, and laugh it up.

4. See mistakes as opportunities for growth. They are not reasons to beat yourself up. As you overcome social anxiety, agoraphobia, or any anxiety disorder, know that you will have ups and downs.  This is part of getting better. Know you will get through it and I am here for you!

5. Always speak well of yourself. If you habitually put yourself down or criticize yourself, stop at once. With anxiety, you must be your own advocate—literally your own best friend. Treat yourself with the respect and kindness and admiration you deserve. Notice if you are believing your own Negative Self Talk. If so, Erase and Replace with positive affirmations. You are a powerful, competent, well adjusted person!:)

6. Take it easy on yourself if you are in a HALTS situation. If you are: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Sick. This is a time for extra TLC, patience,  and self love.

7.  Practice random acts of kindness. When you do something nice for someone and they don’t know it, the reward is an inner glow.  Yesterday on my walk with my dog, I passed a recycle can that had been knocked over and the bottles were strewn all over the road. there was nobody around and my first instinct was to just keep walking. But I did something better. It took all of 3 minutes to clean it up. As I walked away, I really felt good.

8. Don’t gossip about  or criticize anyone. Remember that everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle, just as you are. The hallmark of social anxiety is feeling that others are criticizing you, so don’t do to others what you would dread if they were doing to you.

Melanie Fennell is a noted author on the subject of Overcoming Low Self Esteem. You can check out her books on Amazon by clicking here.

Living with anxiety and panic can really take a toll on your self esteem. But there are lots of ways you can counter this. I hope you will take some of these suggestions to heart and start building yourself up! 🙂

Can you think of any more tips for how to improve low self esteem for us anxiety sufferers? I’d love to hear your low self esteem solutions…

I wish you peace,

Jill G

How have I managed to come so far when I was anxious & had low self esteem for so long? Simple, I use my Anxiety Self Help Road Map. I invite you to try this powerful method to put yourself in control of your fear- works like a charm. :)

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2 Responses to 8 More Low Self Esteem Solutions

  1. maxine says:

    “When you do something nice for someone and they don’t know it, the reward is an inner glow.” Jill G.

    This made my day.
    Very true. It is not always that when we do good deeds to others, they would know about it. Sometimes, it takes years before they finally realized you did something good to them.
    It doesn’t really matter whether they knew about it or whether they appreciate it or not, what really matters is that in your heart and mind, you did something great that makes your heart glow.

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