Anxiety Recovery – Update

Haven’t been blogging for awhile- life has been really busy here. Since my last few posts – where I had a horrible resurgence of anxiety, I’m sure you might have been wondering how I’m doing! I received a number of emails and Facebook messages wishing me well. Thank you for your kind comments and concern. I really appreciate you! 🙂

I got back on track right after my severe panic attack experience… I re- read my blog posts to help me, and I even burned a CD of my voice to listen to in the car on the way to work. I have been using this recording almost every day this month, along with making sure I am rested and fed and exercising and praying and keeping my thoughts positive.

It’s so wonderful that when you really, really fervently work your anxiety recovery, you do start to get better. And, that you bounce back quickly after a setback!

I can tell you when I was in my recent setback, even knowing what I know, I life quotereally was scared on some level that I would never get better this time. Anxiety feels so real when it is happening after all.

But even 2 hours after the event I was feeling better, just a bit shaken. I have worked almost every day since, and I haven’t had a problem.

I can also tell you that when I worked 2 days ago I was so calm I almost didn’t believe it myself. I felt that it was a trick but it wasn’t. I was just the regular me, no anxiety hanging around or making mountains out of molehills in my head.

Last night I was at a school event for my daughter. I was in a lecture hall that was set up in the way that used to make me panic. How wonderful to be able to sit there and feel completely calm and just enjoy the presentation, while feeling so much appreciation for the gift of calmness.

Sometimes I wish I could just forget all this stuff and live without all the preparation I have to do. But then I remember how far I’ve come, how well I’m doing…. And also what can happen when I don’t prepare for the possibility of anxiety.

I don’t kid myself. I am hard-wired to being sensitive and I have a long history with anxiety, so it is foolish to pretend otherwise. I know myself and that is a gift!

And to be fair it is much much less preparation than I used to have to do.

I do just a little and the rewards are great. Being mindful and positive and breathing correctly and listening to a CD to keep my thoughts on track isn’t really such a huge deal.

The benefit and payoff is living life free from the tremendous burden of anxiety.

If you struggle with keeping motivated, here is a post you should read: Self Motivation for Anxiety Recovery

Someone recently asked me How do I stay so positive?

I spend decades being negative about anxiety. Feeling bad, pissed off, misunderstood, isolated, depressed. What a crappy way to live. (and I have the wrinkles to prove it lol!)

If you are in a bad or negative space because of anxiety, please see this post:  Stop Being a Victim- You Deserve So Much Better!

One of the regular readers here recently said that anxiety, while it does suck, has made her a better person. I think I agree with that. I never would have asked for this by any means, but I really do like the person I am today, at 47 years old. I feel way more alive and positive and happy than I ever was in my 20s or 30s.

When I looked at the calendar the other day, I can’t believe how many days have passed between now and that last horrid panic attack event. Time goes so fast in the grand scheme and time does heal. But the important thing is I worked towards my goal and I got there.

So what is the takeaway for you today?

Just to keep on keeping on… Know that when you do a little something every day towards your anxiety recovery, it does get better. But you have to do something, and be consistent- that is key.

How do you deal with discouragement when it comes to having a setback with anxiety? Or when your anxiety recovery doesn’t seem to be happening as well or as quickly as you wish? We’re all human – these things happen. I would love to hear how you get back on track, and get yourself going again…

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

Update: I am much better now. I recommend & use the 60 Second Panic Solution. Please if you are suffering, get started now & reclaim your life from fear and anxiety! Click here to learn more.

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6 Responses to Anxiety Recovery – Update

  1. Bo says:

    A couple of years ago I started getting panic attacks several times a week. This lasted for about 10 months, and then subsided.
    I can attribute this to meditation, yoga, and listening to relaxation music. Seems to work for me.

  2. maz says:

    So glad you made it through the tough bit. Never doubted it because you know so much even though it’s goes out if your mind in crisis

    So glad life is sweet again

    Luv Maz x

  3. Terra Allen says:

    Welcome back, I have missed your posts! Just wanted to comment on setbacks. I have learned to not be so hard on myself & think of your life as a board game, where the journey is the fun part! If everything is perfect, the game would be so boring;) I am still learning that it is OK to just be me, quirks & all!
    God Bless….

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