Anxiety Out Of The Blue

I had a little anxiety out of the blue at the grocery store the other day. It was not pleasant, but thankfully I chose to stay and not leave my cart full of groceries.

From the minute I stepped into the grocery store, I felt off. You know that uncomfortable feeling when you feel “potentially anxious” and don’t know why? Well that was me…

I woke up on Sunday after not sleeping well the night before. I worked on Saturday evening at the hospital and had a good shift. I got home pretty late and was asleep by 1am. For some reason I happened to wake up at 4am and never really went back to sleep.

So I didn’t rise and shine feeling great on Sunday, but I let it go and did the usual Sunday morning things & chores around the house. I decided to treat myself to a Yoga class at 11:15.

When that was over I showered and headed off to get groceries for the week.

Still not feeling great, once I was in the store, I felt extremely sensitized to my surroundings- you know, when sights, sounds, and things really bother you?

The place was mobbed as usual, which only added to the weird feeling I already had.

My thoughts were going into danger territory right away — Oh shit, what if I run into someone I know? What if I run into a nosy neigbor?

When I was about 3/4 the way through the store I noticed I forgot to get



Bay Leaves.

My first thought was, Oh just forget it -lets get out of here quick!

But I paused and said to myself- NO- You forgot the Bay Leaves last time. Just get that damn Bay Leaves, it’s not a big deal.

So I parked my cart to the side and just walked back several aisles to the spices and seasonings.

That was when I started to feel some depersonalization. I had to tell myself, Hey, just get the Bay Leaves, it’s Fine, You’re OK.

Whatever song was playing on the music system was bothering me. There was a man in the aisle that was handsome and when he looked at me I felt anxious.

Of course the damn Bay Leaves were really hard to find. They didn’t stand out and I had to go up and down that aisle 2 times to find them.

As I was standing in line to check out, I decided to really examine what was happening to figure out why I was having this stupid free floating anxiety.

I remembered that I was tired (bingo!), and also that I was feeling some PMS. (jackpot!) Those 2 things are enough to distort my thinking on the best day. Oh and I was starving too – and I know low blood sugar can make me feel anxiety symptoms.

Eventually I was driving home, and felt thankful. Thankful that I stayed. Thankful that I didn’t have a panic attack.

Do you ever have those days when anxiety seems to come out of the blue?

As you can see from my example above, although it sure felt like my anxiety came out of nowhere, it really didn’t. Once I was able to identify why I felt the way I did, (tired, pms, hunger) I really felt better about it.

This knowledge puts YOU in better control. You are not at the mercy of that curmudgeon anxiety.

If you ever get anxiety out of the blue, here are some helpful tips to help you:

Feelings that Increase the Likelihood of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Panic Attacks and Low Blood Sugar

Why Did I Have Free Floating Anxiety?

PMS and Anxiety- Tips to Take the Edge Off

When you feel anxious, you might not be able to identify what exactly is going on with you. That’s ok. Just do your breathing and affirmations and other anxiety self help tools. One you’re out of the situation, you can look back and figure out WHY you felt anxious.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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  1. Tara says:

    Can I ever really get rid of anxiety? It’s so scary that it can creep up even when times are going well:(

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