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trafficA reader with fear of driving and anxiety emailed me about a program I recommend. Here is our dialogue:

Dear Jill,
Regarding your recommendation on the Driving Fear Program: can you tell me what makes it different? I have tried every book, tape etc . My background is in social work and knew quite a few things to help…

Yet, here I am- not been working because of the highway, red light, left turn issue but moreover, the MEMORY of all that has happened to me in the car.

Years ago, Lucinda Bassett’s program was promised to work. Of course, here I am. I have workbooks, you name it.

I see the charge on the site is $87.00- although I just had a job loss, I would make it work. I am, however, unsure of more of the same.

Any advice is welcome and I thank you for all you do post! It is a blessing.

Hi K.,

The Driving Fear program works, but you have to work it.

Listen, you don’t have to buy anything, obviously you say you have more than enough information. I beat my driving fear alone, but it took 10 years. It was excruciating and it sucked and how I wish I’d had Driving Fear. It is wonderful. I feel the program would help save people who suffered like I did much time wasted.

Remember, you are free to make your own decisions on what’s best for you.

Oh, and one more thing K: People like you who are very educated/ intelligent often make things so harder on yourself because you over-complicate the recovery process.

Keeping it simple, if you will, really really helps. I think sometimes being very bright can be a curse when it comes to anxiety. Our brains work overtime coming up with scenarios. If you get a program for a specific goal, like to help with fear of driving, and then work it to the best of your ability, you will make good progress!

Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents.

Take care,
Hi Jill,

I just wanted you to know , I just ordered the program you recommended. It is incredible how the mind acts as I am “anxious” to try it as I have done so many for so many years. (with no success)

May this be my answer! I am more than willing to do the work and will certainly post publicly on my success.

Here is to a world opening….too much time has been lost.

Prayers and peace as we grow,
Good girl K,

Now work it like it’s no one’s business- but gently and with much self love. You deserve every triumph – and your mindset sounds great!


In closing, I am confident our friend here is well on her way to overcome her fear of driving. She has a good program to work to keep her focused and on track, she is willing to follow the program to a T, and she radiates confidence, determination and a can-do attitude. This is key!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

This is the program we are talking about:
driving fear program

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