Mindfulness- Through Breathing

dandelionI listened to Jon Kabat-Zinn this morning on Oprah’s Soul Series. He talked about the practice of mindfulness, which is a way to maximize the opportunity of being here (right here, in the present).

Mindfulness is a very forgiving, compassionate practice whereby you stay present in the moment with an open heart through mindful breathing. You do not judge or resist or get caught up in liking or disliking anything you encounter. I learned that my health, wellness and well-being contract and collapse when I judge.

People are naturally frazzled, and anxious people even more so. So it is a welcome feeling to put gentle attention on wonderful, mindful breathing.

Almost immediately when we befriend the rhythm of the in and out breath, we relax. This is a way to calm, center, and heal oneself, both physically and emotionally.

Befriending one’s breathing for a minute or so, or anytime you think of it also creates a space to choose a mindful response instead of a conditioned, often negative or fearful response.

I have been practicing mindfulness quite a lot recently. I really stepped it up after a recent family health crisis. This practice leads to my stability and feeling firmly rooted in reality, where anxious thoughts simply cannot touch me.

Through mindfulness, I am optimizing what is good and special about me and my life. I am quite literally coming to my senses, which, as Zinn points out, is the only way to truly experience our inner and outer realities.

I urge you to give mindful breathing a try, it can really help you to center yourself and feel calm.

I wish you peace,


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