11 Forgotten Laws of Attraction- Working with the Law

beautiful streamAwhile ago I promised I would talk more about the 11 Forgotten Laws – the program that I recently started listening to again. It is helping me tremendously both with my anxiety, and in getting through some recent family health crises in my life.

I first purchased and starting listened to this program in 2009, around the time I decide to change my life from crippled with anxiety to living a full and rich life of quality.

There are 12 Laws discussed in this program in great detail. Today we will start with Chapter One: Working with the Law.

Anything and everything you desire- including peace from panic and anxiety- submit to the law of life.

Working with the Law of Attraction

There are laws that govern the universe, and by working with the law, you can harmonize your life with these laws.

We do become what we think about. I looked at the results I was getting in life and they weren’t good at all.

In 2009, I realized that something about me needed to change. Heck I’d gone to therapy for years, I was medicated, and yet I was still anxious. Inside I was a vivacious, outgoing, people- loving person. What happened all those years ago to make me so anxious that I was emotionally crippled and incapacitated to do the simple things in life. Why was I so afraid all the time?

On some level of my being I knew I was questioning these poor results in my life more than I ever had. I was no longer just willing to let anxiety rule my life. So for the first time in my life, instead of looking for answers from somewhere outside of me, I began to look inside.

I wanted to learn how to think the right way. How to see my anxiety  in a different way- not as this huge insurmountable mountain, but as something I could do something about.

As Bob Proctor says, “Nothing’s big and nothings small when you’re working with the Law” (the Laws of the Universe). In other words, it doesn’t take any more work to go after the big ideas than to go after the small ones.

Well, living with anxiety was definitely a LOT of work and overcoming it to the extent that it had ensnared itself in my life was a big idea, and I desperately wanted to change that.

With the 11 Forgotten Laws program, learning how to work with the law puts you in harmony with Gods laws, and life just gets easier.

There is no coincidence that I started listening to the 11 Forgotten Laws CDs in 2009, just a few months before I started this anxiety self help blog. I was fully ready, willing, and able to try a different approach to living with anxiety.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time or are on my newsletter, you can see that even though I was practically disabled with panic disorder and social anxiety for decades, I am consistently making good strides, and I love to share my successes- and how I do it-  with you! 🙂

Back in 2009, I was sick of fighting and struggling. So much about anxiety is fighting and effort and pain. I needed peace.

You and I were created in God’s eye, and we are all given creative faculties to create a better life for ourselves.

The cool thing was I could apply the ideas from this program and test them to see if I could get results that helped me. And help me they did.

But I did have to learn to change my of my limiting beliefs. You know, those old tapes in my head that told me I was a coward, or mentally ill, or less than someone else.

There can be no progress without change. And I had to learn to change my thinking because either you take control of your thoughts, or your thoughts take control of you.

I learned I could master my mind and start to guide it intelligently- and into a place of peace and love and calm. I could guide it out of fear and restriction and anxiety and worry and panic- my old ways of thinking. What a gift.

I created my Free Anxiety Tips & Help page to give clear examples to my readers of a wide variety of anxiety information and suggestions- by showing them what did and didn’t work for me. It’s a work in progress. But I am so happy to have this good work to do helping myself and others, instead of wasting my life away in misery on the pity pot. 🙂

I continue to try to work on the ideals which I seek to bring forth, and use the practice of listening to the laws of the universe to guide my thinking in a positive way, my life is absolutely bringing forth the results I have planted.

It is said that all problems in people are mental in nature, and all will “yield up their solution where subjected to a broad and exact analysis.” I have acquired this ability through continuing to study the Laws of Life and their modes of expression.

I listen to the CDs and apply the ideas to my thinking in constructive ways.The more I listen and apply, the more these powerful laws govern my life.

My inner conviction is what determines the course of my life: My inner conviction is that I am healed. I am panic free and anxiety free. I am whole and perfect and well.

This whole process entails some effort- I must listen to my CDs regularly and make them a practice.  But all this is highly constructive. It leads to a steady increase in my personal power and authority to bring about a full life of quality, free from debilitating fear, and that is something I have desired since I was a child.

With every listening of the tapes, something becomes clearer than before.

Can you be what you want to be? Do you know your inner conviction can be bright and glorious and ever upwards too?

Any belief can be contagious. Have you submitted to negative and limiting beliefs like I have?

Some people think that anxiety is fully the result of heredity, environment or karma, or even Gods’ will. I am very guilty of this thinking in the past. We believe that the limitations of life come at us not from us.

You and I may be suffering at this moment. That is what it is. But- you and I are responsible for what we become- specifically by what we do about it. We have the ability to control our experience. By using this power, we create circumstances that are necessary to our healing.

Science reveals that the world of power, possibility and promise is wholly within us. Why? Because within us is the mind- the creative cause of all that transpires in our life.

The personal conditions that you and I experience are the direct result of the actions of mind that we yield with every thought we think.

The ideas in our mind liberate tremendous energy-whether positive or negative. Thankfully we can correctly learn to use these powerful forces and faculties that before we didn’t even realized existed.

This is the very key to success in living peacefully and harmoniously.

Tapping into and learning to harness the power of the mind allows us to achieve anything we truly desire- and that includes peace from nervous suffering and panic.

You and I are the master of our circumstances. Call forth your power, initiative and creativity and be that master. Your fate is in your hands. You and I both have this power and privilege.

I wish you peace,

Jill G

The 11 Forgotten Laws course, in my opinion is worth every penny for anyone who is truly interested in improving his or her life.  And with the 60 day money back guarantee I think that it’s absolutely worth a try.

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  1. Tonya says:

    Thanks Jill for the uplifting message! I am having a real down day! It has been 2 1/2 weeks since starting my med and today I just feel awful. My doctor want to increase my dose! Not really sure what to do. Have had 3 panic attacks today and just having the thought of not getting any better, I start to feel flushed and hot all over. I am really trying to change my way of thinking and be more positive but am not feeling really happy at the moment. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated! Hope you are having a great week!

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