Hypnosis for Anxiety Relief

Today I will show you how to use hypnosis for anxiety relief. It is inspired by an episode I saw on the Dr. Oz show.

Hypnosis is a wonderful self help tool to learn and use to help manage your anxiety level. When you spend a few minutes in a rested, mindful state you feel much better & able to face your day and handle whatever it holds.

Follow along, it only takes a few minutes 🙂 …

The short exercise we will are about to do is self hypnosis for anxiety relief– and this can be used for an overall general feeling of anxiety and unease, or for a very specific anxiety triggering situation you may be in, whatever that may be (such as health anxiety, going to stores, driving, going to work, socializing, etc.)

1. Relax

Find yourself in a comfortable, relaxed position. This may be sitting in a chair, or lying down on your bed. Close your eyes.

2. Focus on your breathing for a minute or two.

Take slow, relaxing breaths- in through the nose, and out through the mouth. See this post if you need further instruction on breathing correctly.

3. Assure yourself.

Say to yourself- I am in a relaxed state. If at any time I need to come into the present moment, I can just open my eyes.

4. Picture yourself

Picture yourself in a situation that makes you anxious. Go into as much detail as possible in your mind’s eye.

(I am using a real life example from last week) Here I am at work. There is not much going on- so I don’t have any specific tasks to do. I’m just sitting here feeling weird, and the people around me start having a casual conversation. I start to feel very anxious and tongue tied. 2 of the people who are talking are so called “authority figures” to me (they are doctors). I feel very trapped, very small, and I want to leave the room. I hate how I feel. I am about to have a panic attack…

5. Next, float your healing self into the picture.

Float your healing self – the part of your being that is whole and perfect and Godlike- right into your anxious self. And fix the thought or feeling

I see myself starting to really calm down. I feel myself really calming down. Oh thank God! After all I really want to just be able to join in the conversation. And now I am! Hey, it feels good to sit here and just talk to these other people. I am completely safe. It is not a big deal. I can sit here and join in as I like. I can picture myself going back and forth, smiling and feeling happy inside.

6. Now picture yourself in yet another thought or situation that makes you anxious.

Use as much detail as you can. This time, float your healing self right into that picture to begin with. There is no fear here.

I walk into the Holiday party and it feels so nice to see everyone from work outside of work. I picture a few of my favorite people and go and sit with them. I enjoy myself and stay for as long as I like, eating, drinking, laughing, even dancing. I am really relaxed and happy. It is so nice and cheery and fun! I am so so glad I went!

7. Now picture yourself sitting with someone who you love and who loves you unconditionally.

See your loved one congratulation you on how wonderful you’re doing..

The person I picture is my late Grandma, and she is hugging me…

“Jill honey, you are doing so well. I am so proud of you. You are really becoming the person I always knew you were. I love you and always believe in you. I want you to feel relaxed and happy all the time…”

8. Rest for another minute or two.

Rest and just enjoy how nice you feel, and how good it feels to be calm and relaxed. congratulate yourself on mastering your fear.

Once you feel ready, open your eyes…

Ahhh! So nice…. 🙂

Repeat this little exercise often. It will really help you!

Your thoughts truly do create your situation. Using hypnosis is a great way to help change thoughts and feelings and help quell the fires of anxiety.

I you enjoyed this hypnosis for anxiety relief exercise, you will benefit greatly from using self hypnosis downloads for anxiety & panic. These are great to have on hand & they works like a charm. 😉

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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