Anxiety Help: Sometimes You Just Need a Little Push…

When you have to deal with anxiety and panic attacks and all the horror that goes along with them, sometimes just a little encouragement can really help.

Here is a recent email exchange I had with a reader who was struggling with self doubt but at the same time really, really wanted to accomplish goal. In this case, it was taking a trip on an airplane with her child.

Follow along and see if you can relate to the story…


I am so inspired by your stories. I’m trying to practice my self talk like you do. This has helped a lot.

I’m leaving for Legoland this Friday for a week. I’m terrified and I’m dying to do this at the sane time. This is something I have to accomplish. Please pray for me. I can’t wait to get back to Houston and tell you that I went. We were going to go in August, but I didn’t want Liam to miss school. I was happy to skip it then.

I still get very anxious and often think everyone has it better than me. I try to stop these thoughts.

Our house sold so we are planning on moving into a rental soon.
My new house will be ready in June. I can’t believe I’m building a house. This past March, I didn’t care a thing about building because all I could think about was, “what is wrong with me?”

Please keep sending your emails. They always help me. I may need a klonipin on the plane to California.



Hi Allyson,

Thank you for the kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are going to be so happy in Legoland and so proud that you went! Do it with as much enthusiasm as you can muster up. The anxiety is trying to mess with your head.- recognize this!

Listen, I want you to read this โ€“ I mean really read it- and apply all this to yourself and your situation: Learning How to Be Patient with the Anxiety Recovery Process

And… if you need to take something for the plane ride, then by all means do. Help yourself all you can!


ps.- I expect to hear how you did when you get back! ๐Ÿ™‚



Thank you for your email. I’m ready to prove to myself that I can do this. I loved reading your excerpt about being patient with yourself during the recovery process. I haven’t been too patient.

Also, everyone used to come first and I always put myself last. Now, I’m changing this and learning to love myself. I have also gotten much closer to God with all this and I know He is helping me.

I love reading your excerpts about having a higher power in your life. It is so important.

I will definitely email you when I get back and let you know I did it!



Woo hoo! Now thatโ€™s the spirit! You go girl! ๐Ÿ™‚


What is the takeaway from this interchange that we all can benefit from?

Well, certainly it helps to learn to monitor your inner voice and when your thinking gets all catastrophic and crazy and tells you you CAN’T do something– do your best not to listen to it!

Instead, do some humming, do some tapping, get out and take a walk, share about your anxiety with someone who will support you and listen without judgment.

Heck, do anything (that works for you) but listen in to the anxiety monster who tells you all those horrible things. Use your good Voice of Reason to challenge the thoughts. Intellect wins over emotion every time.

It also looks as if Allyson is learning to value and love herself and have some patience on her journey of anxiety recovery. This is so incredibly important.

You HAVE to be on your own side when you battle anxiety. With self love and patience and using your anxiety self help skills, eventually, you learn to become your own safe person.

Self reproach, self pity, anger, and all that stuff really doesn’t get you anywhere. If you need a refresher in this respect, please see this post (warning: it is very negative): 10 Reasons Your Anxiety May Never Get Better..

I still get very anxious and often think everyone has it better than me.

Allyson has caught herself in comparing herself to others – and I am guilty of this too. I think we all do it to some extent. But remember, everyone struggles with something. We are not unique in that respect. And we are ALL worthy and capable of healing.

Finally I admire that Allyson has faith in prayer and in the God of her understanding. Prayer works, whether you believe in God or not. It is scientifically proven to help you. Prayer and faith can lighten your burden tremendously.

So pray. Pray every day– for yourself, your struggle, and for others who struggle.

In closing, can you see that sometimes anxiety help can be as simple as just a little encouragement and having someone to listen and not judge?

Use your trusted loved ones, or a special friend to listen to you about anxiety. Help comes sometimes where you least expect it.

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

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