The ABC’s of Coping With Anxiety

Coping With AnxietyAs you pursue anxiety treatment for panic attacks, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD, agoraphobia, or generalized anxiety disorder, it’s nice to have a little help along the way. Allow me to share with you the ABC’s of coping with anxiety:

Accept yourself and your anxiety.

Be kind to others. No matter how bad your situation may seem, there are many who have it worse than you.

Count your blessings.

Diaphragmatic breathing. Learn to breathe into the belly as an effective relaxation technique.

Exercise a little bit every day. Take the stairs at work, walk your doggie, do 5 push ups. But do something. Exercise is a natural stress reducer, so move a little. It feels good.

Face your fears and they start to diminish.

Get an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful promotes healing and wellness. It also feels great 🙂

HALTS. Be extra kind to yourself if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Sick.

Imagine that you can be anxiety free. Act As If you can. When you think you can, you can!

Just start. It can feel overwhelming to start anxiety treatment.After all, you’ll have work to do, and this is scary stuff. But just start.

Keep going. Every day in every way, you are getting better and better.

Laugh, laugh, laugh your head off whenever possible. Laughing releases feel good hormones in the body. Also, learn to laugh at yourself a bit too. Everything about anxiety feels so serious. By cultivating the habit of laughter, you develop a lighthearted attitude. This will serve you well in your anxiety treatment, and throughout your life as well.

Make it a point to do something nice for yourself during your anxiety treatment. Treat yourself to a manicure, a long hot soak in the tub, or a night in with your favorite book.

Never give up. You may stumble and have setbacks, but brush yourself off, and start over again. Never give up.

One day at a time. Always take it one day at a time. You didn’t develop your condition overnight and by taking your recovery one day at at time, you break it down into manageable components. Rememeber, you can do anything for one day.

Pray. Pray all the time, Pray every day, Pray for strength, pray for what you hope for and for what you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter what or who you pray to. Prayer works.

Quiet time. Make some for yourself every day.

Remember that the other side of fear is …freedom. Sweet freedom. And it is beautiful.

Share your successes and setbacks. A success shared is a success multiplied. A setback shared is cut in half. You can leave me a comment here or get involved in forums. But do share.

Tell yourself that you can do this. You have what it takes to get better.

Understand that setbacks happen. This doesn’t mean you’re not getting better. You are. Setbacks are part of recovery from panic and anxiety disorders.

Value yourself by taking a multiVitamin every day.

Weed out the naysayers. Stay away from negative people both on the internet and in real life. As you go forward in your anxiety treatment, you need all the support you can get. Negative people drain your energy.

X– Out any negative self talk. Learn to replace it with positive affirmations and positive self talk.

You are worth it. Don’t ever forget this. You deserve a life of freedom from fear. YOU ARE WORTH IT! 🙂

Zealously work your anxiety treatment program of choice. By now, you know I highly recommend Panic Away and The Linden Method.

I hope you find these ABC’s of coping with anxiety to give you a lift and to be helpful to you as you begin to recover.

In closing, remember to find an anxiety treatment program that appeals to you and get started right away. Don’t waste another day being crippled by your anxiety. I’m here to tell you: life is very, very nice without the tremendous burden of anxiety. You are so worth it.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

p.s. Here are my reviews of the best anxiety treatment programs. Pick the one that suits you and get going.

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4 Responses to The ABC’s of Coping With Anxiety

  1. Hayden West says:

    This is really AWESOME! I love the way you used the entire alphabet, but it also has a ton of great information. Ive struggled with anxiety early on n my life, and I can appreciate this information for what it is. Thanks for taking the time to write this!

  2. Taylor says:

    This is a fun way to speak on a subject that is many times hard to deal with form a lot of people, myself included.

    Its good to also have a list of tools and techniques that can help improve the quality of one’s life for these suffering from Anxiety.

    I know that exercise and breathing are very important to me to get out of a rut and put air back in my balloon so to speak.

    This is a great page to book mark and refer back to when I’m having a bad day.

    Thanks for putting this together

  3. Valerie says:

    Thank you for sharing these tips. Right now I’m having a set back. I’ve lived with anxiety for 11 years and for most of that time…I’ve been able to keep it dormant with medication. 15 months ago, I came off meds. I was doing great until 2 months ago. My anxiety was becoming more and more of an issue in my daily life so 3 weeks ago I saw my GP and he prescribed me some meds….big mistake. After almost 2 weeks and countless medications….I decided to go to therapy and do it drug free. Things were slowly getting better with a rough day here or there…but bc of one bad day…I decided to try meds again. Worst mistske ever. On Tuesday I took 30mg of cymbalta…by the next morning…I had a full fledged panic attack and I’ve been on edge since. To get through I’ve has to take Valium. I’m so upset. I’m definetky ready for drug free but now I’m set back bc of this. I’m a wreck all over again and on edge and am angry and upset. I don’t know how to handle it. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Hope everyone is in goof health!


    • JillG says:

      It really is all about intellect over emotion. First don’t beat yourself up, you have to try to get in a better space. I hope you will consider joining my newsletter- it is up on the top right of the page. You will get access to my free report that will help you right now. Good luck.

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