Pulling Hair? Trichotillomania Cure is Possible!


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A reader asked: Is there a Trichotillomania cure you know of? I can’t stop pulling hair on my head and I don’t know what to do.

Trichotillomania is the compulsive urge to pull out hair. Growing up in the 70’s I remember sitting on the sofa at night watching TV with my family and pulling out all the hair on my fingers and toes. My family thought it was weird, but nothing was ever said or done about it.

I remember sitting at my desk at school in 2nd grade and pulling out the hair on my fingers. Then I started pulling the hair out on my legs. This continued all the way into adulthood. It was something I always did at night when I got home from school or work. It was definitely a stress/anxiety reaction.

As many as 11 million people suffer from Trichotillomania (also known as trich) and this can be a chronic, often embarrassing habit.

Sufferers may pull out hair anywhere on the body, and it can be noticeable and very distressing when it involves the eyelashes, eyebrows or the hair on the head.

Compulsive hair pulling usually starts before age 17 and is 4 times more likely to occur in females than males. Treatment often involves antidepressant medication alone or in conjunction with behavioral therapy.

Is there a Trichotillomania cure for pulling hair? Thankfully YES! QuitTrichotillomania main website

QuitTrichotillomania is a system designed by former trich sufferer Valerie Barden, who spent 7 years and over $22,000 finding a real cure for compulsive hair pulling. And now she shares it with you.

QuitTrichotillomania is an easy to follow and implement video series that removes all your Trichotillomania symptoms in 3 easy steps.

Here is a short video from the creator of the program:

Who this program is NOT for

-You pull hair discreetly and it doesn’t really interfere with your life and you are not interested in a Trichotillomania cure.

-You are able to stop pulling hair on your own.

Who this program IS for

You will benefit tremendously from QuitTrichotillomania if:

-You want a solution for pulling hair out that does not involve taking prescription medications.

-You’ve tried therapy, psychiatrists or hypnosis but it didn’t work.

-You spend your day feeling the urge to pull. You are obsessed with tiny hairs and ingrown hairs and think about pulling hair constantly.

-You have noticeable hair loss on your eyebrows or bald patches on your scalp that cause you distress and embarrassment. You cover up with hats and scarves.

– Your social life (and dating life) are nonexistent because you cant find a Trichotillomania cure

– You feel hopeless and at a loss and know in your heart you would quit pulling hair if only you knew what to do.

QuitTrichotillomania is available for only $47 and comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee. So you have no risk and nothing to lose.

You can treat your trichotillomania instantly in the comfort of your home. Stop pulling hair once and for all and become more happy, beautiful and confident. Click here for more information.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

Stop pulling hair out today & give yourself the peace you deserve!Quit trichotillomaina


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