Using the Power of The Mind for Anxiety

It really is amazing the things you can do if you have no choice. As a woman with a diagnosed panic disorder for over 20 years (and finally starting to take my life back, thank you!) I am only just starting to learn and tap into using the power of the mind for anxiety.

Last week I was faced with some choices to make in regards to my father’s health. This entailed getting him into and treated at a major cancer center in New York City- which is about an hour from where I live.

My parents are elderly and could not handle driving into or around New York City. You should know that in my 40+ years of being alive, I have never once driven into or out of New York City myself. I always took public transportation or I let my husband drive. For one I dislike highways, and also for many years I suffered from debilitating driving anxiety.

I am convinced that anxiety and panic attacks are bad habits we pick up from the incessant negative chatter that goes on in our minds. It feeds us fear and we don’t even realize it is happening.

I realized when I was setting up the numerous doctor appointments for my father in Manhattan that:

1. I was going to have to drive to each appointment and then back home with 2 nervous passengers. My parents are freaked out and public transportation would be too taxing on them.
2. There was no way on God’s green earth I could afford to be an anxious ball of nerves to do this.

I needed to be at my very best emotionally, to be able to handle all powerfulthe driving, as well as be on my best game to be able to talk to all the doctors, nurses and the surgeon with a clear head.

I know that with fear and anxiety, I can’t function well or remember and that simply was not an option. My fathers health and life is at stake.

For the past few weeks I have been feeding my mind some wonderful audio CDs I have called the 11 Forgotten Laws. All of the stuff talked about in this course can be applied to self improvement and even dealing with and overcoming severe fear and anxiety.

Getting through this week was very stressful, but we did it, thank God. I had to Do it Afraid again and again, and doggone it, I did good! I was able to use my very best anxiety self help tools to be ok and to function well.

I will never say that I love driving around big cities but I do feel a sense of pride that I faced this fear head on and came out just fine on the other side. And we still have a long road ahead of us – my Dad still has to have surgery and then a follow up appointment…

But with everything going on- I am all at once awestruck, humbled, and forever grateful for how wonderful my body and mind are functioning. I am not damaged, too anxious, or in any way ill- equipped to face the challenges at hand.

And neither are you…Remember, you really are stronger and more powerful than you give yourself credit for!

Have any of you ever had an “awakening” like this and learned how awesome the power of the mind really is? That when push comes to shove – panic attacks be damned– when you have to do something you really can just do it? Isn’t it awesome?

I wish you peace,

I am so thankful that somehow I was reminded to revisit the Law of Attraction– and all the natural Laws of Life lately to help me in my current situation. I plan to review these Laws in upcoming posts so we all can benefit.

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9 Responses to Using the Power of The Mind for Anxiety

  1. George Stewart says:

    I enjoy your emails and it helps me with my anxiety, i am far from where you are but i hope to get back to some sort of normalcy. It has been 12 years of suffering for me and i want this to stop.
    I hope your dad recovers fast!

    • JillG says:

      Thank you George,

      Your determination will see you through. Anxiety is a bully and a liar- once you start to understand this, everything changes. Little by little- you go out there and gently face your fears. Persistence pays off.

  2. maz says:

    I am so proud of you for just doing it. Again you are a true inspiration and even more you shared your thoughts and success with your readers. From my heart I am so glad you are coping with this and even better you were able to recognise your success.

    I drive 40,000 miles a year but New York City wow that’s a win win

    You take care and know I’m thinking of you


  3. Zoe says:

    Amazing Jill! Driving in New York city – thats an awesome thing to b able to add to you “conquered” list! Its amazing whAt you can do when there is no other choice. Praying for your dad:)

  4. Tonya says:

    Hey Jill,
    Having a really rough weekend. My daughter is turning the big 10, so lots going on, party planning, halloween functions etc. Lots of anxiety creeping in and trying to ruin my plans. So, here is my question. My anxiety seems to be fluctuating alot lately, is this normal? I can feel fine at 8 am, anxiety at noon, fine at 1, anxiety again at 2, etc. etc. Feeling like I am never going to beat this monster. I just feel nervous and jittery all day at times. I look normal and calm on the outside but my insides are screaming and feel so out of control! My therapist says I am “fighting” too much against my anxiety and just need to go with it, which I do try. I am really getting down about all of this lately. I am still too scared to try the prozac and but at the same time can’t go on feeling like this much longer. Any advice?
    My husband is really supportive but doesn’t know what to do either. My doctor said the prozac could make my anxiety worse at first and I just don’t think I could feel any worse and survive, I’m afraid I’ll have a psychotic breakdown in public.

    • JillG says:

      I have been where you are – my heart goes out to you.

      Your statement: “I just don’t think I could feel any worse and survive, I’m afraid I’ll have a psychotic breakdown in public” is showing me where your mindset is at the moment.

      When anxiety is at it’s worst, like it is for you recently, it’s very hard to “just go with it”. Your therapist’s suggestion is good, but it’s nearly impossible to stop fighting when you are scared to death, like you describe.

      You are not psychotic and you never will be, but anxiety does make you feel like you’re at your wit’s end, and that you might go crazy, so I understand where you are coming from.

      Yes, anxiety goes up and down. That is very common.

      My suggestion for you is to use your best anxiety self help tools. Get them out and use them- work them like your life depends on it, because right now the quality of your life is not good- you are too scared to enjoy anything.

      I would really suggest getting the Panic Away program – the program that will help you right away plus you will get access to an excellent 24/7 support forum with qualified therapists and really helpful recovering anxious people that can help you every step of the way.

      Keep going with your therapy, let your hubby support you, love yourself, take it one day at a time, or one second at a time if you need to, stay grounded. Don’t forget to breathe…

      And know, this too shall pass.

  5. Tonya says:

    Thanks so much for the reply! You have no idea how much your site helps me! I think my therapist has done all he can and there is not much else except try the meds which I just haven’t been able to work myself up to do yet. The whole anxiety process just confuses me so much! Some days I feel amazing and I CHERISH those days! Other days, it’s like being on a roller coaster ride, up and down. I get so angry and frustrated when it returns! I really don’t understand how you can be fine one minute and then anxious the next. I just hope I am not damaging my loved ones. I’m not even sure if they realize what I am going through some times, I hide it mostly. I sometimes feel like I am just going through the motions. It’s almost like I tune out everyone around me at times when I feel under a lot of pressure or stress. I completely shut down emotionally at times. I really don’t let anxiety keep me from going places or doing things I love, but I do have pre-anticipatory anxiety that I thinks really fuels anxiety’s fire. I repeat your mantra daily, this too shall pass. I did find out I have sleep apnea. Have you read any information about anxiety related to sleep apnea. how is your dad doing by the way? Take care and have a blessed week!!!!

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