10 Self Hypnosis Downloads for Panic Attacks, Anxiety Disorders and Phobias

hypnosis for panic attacksIn our last post, I gave you information and a link for hypnosis for panic attacks.

It is worth repeating, so in case you missed it, it’s right down below 😉

I thought it would be a good idea to compile a resource of hypnosis downloads to help with anxiety disorders in general. I also included some hypnosis for phobias as well.

Along with each hypnosis download is a brief description.

And so here it is, I hope this helps you! (You can access the hypnosis download by clicking on the name of it in bold)

Overcoming Agoraphobia — Gently re-educate your unconscious mind to be comfortable with new situations.

Overcome Social Phobia
— Much worse than just shyness, social phobia causes awful levels of anxiety in social situations. Hypnosis can help you relax and even enjoy them.

Overcome Fear & Anxiety — Sometimes, fear and anxiety can build up without you really knowing why. Hypnosis can help you feel calmer during your day.

Stop Panic Attacks — Stop panic attacks from ruining your life.

Overcome Dental Phobia — Nobody would claim that going to the dentists is much fun, but high anxiety can make it impossible to go at all. Relieve the pressure on yourself…

Overcome Fear of Driving — Fear of driving is more common than you might imagine. Learn how to gently retrain your mind to drive without anxiety.

Overcome Fear of Heights — A healthy respect for heights is natural, but when it develops into a phobia, it’s a real problem. Hypnosis can help.

Overcome Fear of Confrontation
— Stay calm in the face of disagreement, conflict and confrontation.

Overcome Fear of Death —  An intrusive fear of death can make life less enjoyable. Beat it today.

Overcome Fear of Vomiting
— Overcome Fear of Vomiting – Emetophobia

Overcome Fear of Flying — Overcome fear of flying by teaching your unconscious mind to allow you to relax in planes.

Hypnosis provides an extremely effective cure for anxiety, fears, and phobias as it provides the opposite of anxiety – deep relaxation – while teaching the mind a different way of responding to the feared object or situation. Hypnosis for panic attacks and phobias works by detaching the stimulus (trigger object) from the emotional response and ‘updating’ the brain with a new, more realistic response.

Try self hypnosis for panic attacks  and phobias today and start feeling better by retraining – ‘updating’  – your brain!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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  1. H says:

    Hello Jill,
    Speaking of which, I suffer with general anxiety, basically it comes and gos, I don’t often have panic attacks anymore just a lot of anxious and worried feelings. I’m looking for a hypnosis download/cd to help.
    Any suggestions? Thank you

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