Tapping for Anxiety Relief

Feeling fearful or stressed? Take an 8 minute break today and try this Tapping for Anxiety exercise. I have tried EFT and tapping in the past, but honestly never stuck with it.

Yesterday I found myself in a very fearful space and it seems no matter what I did, I couldn’t reason my way out of it. It was purely coincidence that I stumbled upon this video that shows how to do tapping for anxiety and fear.

Well then again I have been actively studying and applying the principles of the Law of Attraction so I like to think the universe bright this to me just when I needed it. 😉

What a wonderful release. Within a few minutes I could feel myself growing calm. When I was done, all I could say is Wow, thank you Lord!

Tapping is much like acupressure  (which is acupuncture- only without needles). It is completely safe, natural and has no side effects whatsoever.

Treat yourself right now to this 8 minute tapping session and release some of your pent up fears, worries and stress. I have done this video 3 times in the past 12 hours, and I even sent it to my parents.

Give tapping for anxiety a try- you will love it! 😀

I wish you peace,

Jill G.

ps. Thank you dear friends for your prayers for my father. I really appreciate it! xx

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2 Responses to Tapping for Anxiety Relief

  1. Lee says:

    Thank u so much for this! I have been struggling through anxiety and panic disorder for the past 4 months after experiencing a year of major life changes and an extremely stressful job which I subsequently lost due to the company downsizing. At first I didn’t know or even understand what was going on because I just woke up one morning, went about my day and out of the blue had a severe anxiety attack. My GP sent me for every possible blood test, checked my blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and even had an ECG done to check if I had any heart problems. All tests came back 100% clear which put my mind at ease because I was convinced I was dying of some incurable disease. I have been prescribed medication which I have been on for about 3 weeks now but I still have my off days when I can’t bear to walk out my door because the anxiety gets that bad. I am taking it one day at a time, doing some breathing exercises and I’ve also started meditation and lots of prayer. The worst part about this condition is that I am not the person I was before this all started. I was an extremely sociable person who loved going out, meeting up with friends for dinners and drinks, spending weekends having fun but that has all changed. I can’t bear to go out and meet up with friends anymore because I’m so afraid of having an anxiety attack. I have’nt even drank a social glass of wine since this started because I so afraid. My priority is to work through this as I am a single parent with a teenage son who needs my full attention. I have an excellent family support system but sometimes I don’t think they really understand the nightmare that I am going through.

    • JillG says:

      Hi Lee,

      I’m sorry you are suffering, but I’m glad you checked out fine physically. It sounds very much like you had your first major panic attack after being through a heck of a lot of life stress. You need to learn how not to fear this fear- the attack has traumatized you and that’s why everything seems different now. You’re wound up and just waiting for the next one to strike.

      About the family, I get it. They can’t truly understand because they are not in your shoes. Let them support you how they can and love you thought it.

      Please take heart and know that anxiety is highly treatable. I’ve been in your shoes and believe me you CAN get better. You can read more here: http://panicfreeme.com/4282/overcome-panic-attacks-free-download/

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