Anxiety and Worry Relaxation mp3 Download

worry be goneIn our last post we talked about moderate anxiety and what to do about it.

Once I decided to take my power back from anxiety, I focused on action steps I could take to help me get back to calm and relaxed.

I decided to purchased an Anxiety and Worry Relaxation mp3 download- from Hypnosis Downloads– as a little gift to myself (hey I deserve it!)

I had some work to do on the computer before going to work. I decided why not listen to this mp3 a few times to give myself this gift of reassurance? It was a very good decision!

I love the hypnotist’s voice on this mp3 – I think it is an Irish accent. It is so soothing. But even more important, what he says makes such good sense.

This audio took my mind from worrying from irrational to calm and relaxed.

The cycle of worrying was not hard to break with this wonderful mp3.

The hypnosis worked on such a deep level- at the level of my subconscious- it made me feel like a whole new person. The irrational worries I had literally melted away and were replaced with a warm feeling of calm confidence.

I went into work yesterday feeling cool as a cucumber. It was wonderful. And yes I had to work with the coworker I reported.

Guess what? It was fine. She was a little cool to me, but there was no drama, no confrontation. More importantly, I was fine. I was not nervous and anxious to be around her. I felt very confident and very much at ease.

It occurred to me as I was working yesterday, hey the mp3 worked great, why not listen to this every day before going into work? My new plan! (as with all self hypnosis, the more you do it the more it sinks in, and the better it works.)

Thank you God and thank you hypnosis downloads for this great new tool! I have it saved to my desktop to listen to whenever I need to.

Are you in knots with anxiety and worry like I was? Have a look at the Anxiety and Worry Relaxation mp3 Download here.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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