Qigong for Anxiety

monk gazing at the moon


I read a magazine article about doing qigong for anxiety and learned a very cool breathing exercise that can really help with nervous tension. I have been doing it myself a lot lately.

Yesterday for example I found myself very overwhelmed at one point. My husband has been not feeling well and let’s just say he is not the easiest person to be around when he’s sick. I had a few days off from work so I had to be home with him in his misery. This combination – and being jacked up on coffee- had me really wound up and anxious…

I was driving my duaghter to the DMV to get her driving permit when I noticed my anxiety was off the charts. I instinctively thought I needed to take a pill- it was that bad. And then I remembered the breathing exercise I read about in the Qigong for anxiety article.

I did it and with God as my witness I was feeling better in a few minutes. I did this as we were driving 20 miles on the highway to the DMV. I went from a wound up ball of nerves to calm and relaxed.

Yeah it was really that good. You want to learn this breathing exersice. It is part of a Qigong standing meditation called Monk Gazing at the Moon, and is super easy to do.

I didn’t have time to stand and gaze at an imaginary moon yesterday (lol) but I did do the breathing component. Here it is:

1. Keep your mouth closed with the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth.

2. Take a few slow deep breaths.
3. After you have a good breathing rhythm going, take a full deep breath.

4. Exhale 60% of your breath capacity, then inhale deeply.

5. Exhale the whole breath.

6. Continue inhaling fully, and then exhaling, at 40% then 100%, then 20%, and finally at 100%. (Really concentrate on doing the partial exhales and following up with a deep inhale.)

7. Take 3 more deep breaths.

Ahhh- so nice! 🙂    (Source)

This breathing exercise is good for when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or scattered.

When you finally do the full exhales after the partial exhales, the diaphragm muscle really relaxes and the result is a boost in feel good hormones.

I like to do this also while driving into work or whenever I want to feel calm and relaxed on the spot. I did it last weekend when I got called in to work for an emergency case at the hospital.

Have you ever tried Qigong for anxiety relief? Let’s hear it for the ancient Chinese healing arts!

I wish you peace,
Jill G.


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2 Responses to Qigong for Anxiety

  1. maz says:

    Well I can’t get my head around this yet but I’m working on it as we speak

    Looks like you need all your concentration and I can’t do it must be one of my mature moments

    Maz x

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