Anxiety Self Help Tip- This Too Shall Pass

I used to go to Al-Anon and they have so many wonderful slogans that can be applied to all aspects of daily living- including living with and recovering from anxiety and panic attacks.

Today’s anxiety self help tip is using the slogan This Too Shall Pass.

The phrase: THIS TOO SHALL PASS helps us recognize that nothing lasts forever, neither joy nor tragedy, and we do get through our difficulties…

When you are in a crisis state of high anxiety and panic attacks it can feel almost unbearable. Using the slogan This Too Shall Pass as a touchstone can help you to remember that the feelings will eventually pass, and things will return to normal.

Nothing, no feeling, no crisis, heck, no anything lasts forever. And know in the meantime as you live through your anxiety state there are so many self help tools you can use to help yourself in the meantime-

  • prayer
  • positive affirmations
  • staying present, practicing present moment awareness
  • proper breathing
  • yoga or regular exercise
  • reaching out and connecting with other anxiety sufferers
  • making good diet choices, like switching out caffeine for Holy Basil tea
  • committing yourself to a great program and working it to the best of your ability
  • using self hypnosis for anxiety
  • using natural anxiety supplements like PureCalm
  • etc, etc, etc.

Yes you may feel badly. You may be in such a state of panic that you think it will never get better. But trust me it always does. 😉

I recall times in my past when suffered severe anxiety and panic attacks for extended feelings of time (I’m talking months) where I thought it would kill me or really affect my health.

One time was the post partum period after giving birth to my first daughter. This Too Shall PassAnother time was a period of about 3 months where I was completely overwhelmed with a job- I wanted to quit, my anxiety was off the charts and my medications weren’t working.

Another time was when we sold our house and had to live in my mother-in-law’s one bedroom apartment for 3 months. The kids were little and had no one to play with, Bob and I were fighting, work was horrible and I was out of my mind with anxiety. I really thought the stress would kill me at all these instances.

Of course it didn’t and This Too shall Pass was my mantra. I prayed and said this slogan over and over and over again. It really did help.

Using This Too Shall Pass in other ways

The slogan is great for those drawn out anxiety periods like those mentioned above, and it can also help when you are working on a program of anxiety recovery and getting out there. It keeps you from getting discouraged.

Today I like to reflect upon This Too Shall Pass when I am not feeling confident but know I have to show up anyways- say for work, (or an event at one of my daughters’ schools.)

As I am driving into work, I may feel anxious, but I can quell the feelings by reminding myself that even though it may be a hard or challenging day, in just 8 or 10 hours the shift will be over and I will feel so much better for having shown up.

And no one will remember this day really, so why make a big fuss over it? This too shall Pass takes so much pressure of my anxious mind’s need to control and feel like when I am in a room I am giving a performance.

I’m just showing up and living. Its ok to relax and wobble through anxious feelings. This too shall pass. The longer I stay, the better I feel.

You can use the slogan This Too Shall Pass (along with your tools) for all those little things in daily life- shopping, driving, socializing, haircuts, etc, etc.

Take comfort in knowing that all hard times pass! 😉

Did you like today’s anxiety self help tip of using and reflecting on This Too Shall Pass? Let me know how this helps you today.

I wish you peace,
Jill G.

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4 Responses to Anxiety Self Help Tip- This Too Shall Pass

  1. maz says:


    This is so right and my friend has always been there to tell me nothing stays the same forever

    This too shall pass just rounds it off nicely and it is so true as the bad days do pass. I think I’ll make it my mantra also for the hard times infact anytime it’s so grounding

    Thank you for reminding me

    Maz x

  2. maz says:

    I also have another wise friend called Jill


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